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Stephen GOGOLEV Short Program 2019 Canadian National Skating Championships

Stephen GOGOLEV Short Program 2019 Canadian National Skating Championships


his jumps are insanely good and he's only 14! he is already making history, can't wait to see him growing even more as a skater.

If he does not fall under pressure from the press (let's hope so), he's going to become one day the first canadian (male) olympic champion.

Incredible! He has quad lutz as well. I just hope he stays healthy and injury free to realise his full potential. If he does stay healthy, I'm betting he could be the first skater to land quad axel. After producing sooooo many great male skaters (Jackson, McPherson, Cranston, Orser, Browning, Stojko, Buttle, Chan) it's about time Canada got a break and had an Olympic champion. And for the record I'm not a patriotic Canadian (I'm British) but I just love great skating. Here's to your great future Mr Gogolev.

Какие противные комментаторы, на них смирительные рубашки надо одевать😂

It's amazing to watch his routine from 2018, then the difference here. This young man certainly has a brilliant future ahead of him.

The last minute of his program made me cry and I’m a 32 year old man – the way he skates with such abandon; the beautiful footwork. This song is perfect for him. He skates so much like Orser which I LOVE. I love seeing Orser’s fingerprints all over this! Stephen is my favourite current skater and I’m proud that he represents Canada.

Will be interesting to watch the competition between these two: Stephen Gogolev and Daniil Samsonov)) the ice will melt i guess


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