Steve Puts a Ring on It [Making a Skateboarding Ring]

I’m trying to be a man it hurts but I do it for the subscribers!! Hey what’s up guys Welcome back today we are going to meet my friend ninja who specializes in upcycling skateboards making them into sweet totally awesome products he’s gonna show me a thing or
two I’m gonna make some stuff I don’t know what I’m gonna make but it’s gonna be awesome let’s go! Hey Ninja! Ninja: Hey Steve!! What’s up? So what are you making right now? Ninja:Skateboard ring Steve:One ring? Lets do it! Ninja: Okay! We have to make a ring that fits my
finger Ninja: Your finger size.. Ninja:Your size.. Try. Ahh, too small. This is good. Steve: This is good. Good size. We found a size. Ninja: Take off the grip tape. Steve:Ok, Shake Junt (Skate Brand) I like it. Watch me. Steve:Yeah Woah! (Ninja laughs) Ninja: This is very old tape. Steve: Old grip tape! Oww!! Steve:Oh, sorry sorry sorry!!
Ninja:It’s alright. Ninja:ohhhhhhh okay okay. You will try. Steve: Ok, yes!I will try. ooohhhh Ok.. Steve: Its a little hard But I ahhh.. I enjoy hard work. Ninja:You enjoy hard work? Steve:I like hard work. Steve: So we get this This little bat thing Ohh!! ok ok ok What am I doing here? Its so hard! I’m trying to be a man It hurts. Growl! Ninja: So next. Ninja:Do you want this color? Steve:Yeah yea yea This is a dangerous machine – I got it. Steve: Ok, got it. Just one cut. Your turn. Sanding. Three lines. Erase. Blue and Green. Steve: Got it okay Ok so, Ninja: Stop at this color line. So, stop at the green. Softly.. Softly.. Soft.. Softly Steve:Yeah, softly. Steve: Just like my girlfriend says. Just kidding, I don’t have a girlfriend. We should be wearing a mask but you are, handsome. Ok! Steve: Woah, cool! Done. You can do this. whoa okay Ninja: Try? And fall Its ok!! ohhhhh! good good!! Okay Up! Check it out! we made a hole! Ninja:Next stage Size rounding. Screw Yeah this is for all the times you
called me fat move it around like that? Ninja: Ya.. Steve: I usually Do the alphabet, when I’m… Nevermind. Ninja: Ok good! Alright I think, it’s good. Steve:Pretty good! Oh its too small? Ninja:Too small. I thought it was good. Good? Steve:I do. Ninja:Ahh, maybe Ninja:Try? okay Slowly , slowly Ok! Steve: All right! Ninja: Spin OH!! Steve:Woah! Ok, Okay! Oh! Ninja: You man!! Steve:IDK Why!? this size more Steve:More? Ninja:yeah
Steve: okay Ahh, this makes it soft. Wow, that’s super soft. We sand it yep just sanding away Ninja:This is Steve’s version My turn. My version Super fast! FINISHED! Steve:All that work.
Ninja: You did it! This is so cool my cool points just went up
by like three Steve: Alright, so we made our first ring. tell me about you like your background, why did you make these? Steve:Okay so where do you get the skateboards? You have so many skateboards. Give me, give me boards, please give me boards. Steve:Really?! Ninja:Pleaase Steve:PLEASEEE!! Ninja:So many skater give call Steve: yeah Steve: All right so uh Ninja is there anything that you want to tell our
audience? Right now is the time to tell them tell them what do you want to
say? Definitely. definitely check out this man like Ninja is my bro now and I’m ten times cooler
with this ring You don’t have to like skateboarding just to rock these rings or just to rock ninbro. Yeah I’m I’m very grateful to have met you thank you so
much for your time thank you Thanks Brah Alright, We’ll see you guys next time! PEACE!

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