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Street Skateboarding Basics : How to Do a Boneless in Skateboarding

Street Skateboarding Basics : How to Do a Boneless in Skateboarding

We’re going to talk about a simple street
trick a fundamental of skateboarding called the boneless. The boneless is simply running
with the skateboard, lifting it up with one hand and jumping on it and riding away. While
it’s not a very advanced trick, it will prepare you for landing after making high ollies and
get you in the practice of traveling straight and compressing your knees when landing. What
you want to do is take a few steps, lift the board in front of you as if it would be in
a position where you would stand on it, then jump on the board, level it out in the air,
compress your legs and roll away as you would in an ollie. Let’s demonstrate. With practice you can make your bonelesses
even higher. This will prepare you for ollieing higher and for landing on higher objects when
you do learn how to ollie. Let’s try another boneless let’s try to make this one a little
higher. Just remember the key to the boneless just like the key to the ollie is compressing
your legs. When you land, this will stabilize the board, add style to your tricks and keep
you from getting injured.


thats a caveman bra u can tell u dont skate haha and in a cman who bends there neks that much like really haha

dude… get your fucking facts straight, it's a caveman… my little brother plays THPS and knows more shit than you

Dude you have been slated so much in the comments if i was you i would remove the video or name it 'Street Skateboarding Basics : How to Do a CAVEMAN in Skateboarding' because that was a caveman not a boneless.

he does the caveman well, but im pre sure you do the boneless while riding, nd kick off the ground to put yourself in the air, while holding the board, but my god, i gotta bust a caveman some day 😛

@ImmortaLTech1423 I know what a boneless is i was confused that expert village would call a caveman a boneless.

boneless my ass! you start rolling not running, and you grab the side of the board, and push up with your foot

thats a caveman boneless is one foot and one hand on the skateboard… correct me if im wrong but i know thats not a boneless

@cblanks27 REALLY!? if it hadn't of been for the other 1000 comments saying this then i would have been notified by yours!!

@RainingBlood1982 Posers are people who skate and act like there good when they are not. Like this guy.

@talondude72 Oh now I see what you mean I thought you called him a poser cause he don't know about tricks and such, so I was like am i a poser then? Cause I really don't get into much street skating I just know how to board slide, Heelflip, Ollie, Shove it that's all the stuff I know from street. I am more vert lol 🙂

the way you are explaining this is like a caveman.. you have to start out on the board for a boneless.. I just dont know how to do it lol

thats called a caveman no,t a boneless get your tricks right you 30 year old and do you have any mates who skate or are you a indy sado

dude sorry it is not a boneless it look like an easy  caveman with no problem.               NOT A BONE LESS !!!!!!!

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