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Street Skateboarding Basics : How to Do a Powerslide in Skateboarding

Street Skateboarding Basics : How to Do a Powerslide in Skateboarding

We’re going to talk about another basic street
skateboarding trick called the power slide. Like most basic and fundamental tricks, this
trick is key to getting you use to foot placement, speed, timing and just the general feel of
your board. This trick unlike many tricks involves actually placing your hand on the
ground and using your feet to shift the board around. Then afterwards you can correct. In
this case, I’m going to spin the board and my body 180 degrees with amount of speed I’ll
approach. Bend the knees, place my hands on the ground as I shift the back foot making
the back wheels slide around 180 degrees. At this point, my body will be all center
and I’ll be pulling the board up into my legs. Though it sounds complicated it’s a really
easy trick to learn and can get you really use to the feel of your skateboard. Let’s
try one.
Notice that even if the board gets out from underneath you, you can add style and fun
to your tricks by trying to move the board back underneath your feet and roll away smooth.
Let’s try another one try to make this one a little smoother. Another key to this trick is to feel the bend
in your body, begin to twist your body as you bend your knees and before you place your
hands on the ground. Once you place your hands on the ground, your body is already turning
it will do the rest and slide the board around, let’s see another one a little bit faster.
This fun trick is a good way to learn how to maneuver your skateboard and have control
over it.


this guy makes horrible videos…how to fall on a skateboard? WTF we're not dumbasses just don't know how to fucking skate.

My gosh this dude has been skating for 20 years like tony hawk and doesn't even knows the proper names of tricks, please do a tutorial on how to kickflip, i bet you can't do it.

Hands on the ground, hands on the ground, lookin' like a fool with yo' pants on the ground….mainly because it says powerslide xD

thumbs up if this guy made like 8 videos in 1 day cause hes wearing the same clothes in the other videos 🙂 hahahahahah

hmmm instead of looking like a moron doing this on a skateboard i would recomend a longboard. and ALWAYS wear your helmets

This isn't a power slide I thought a power slide is 90 degree turn without hand isn't that a bird slide or something like that

Im new to skatebording can ppl give me tips my friend said this should one of the first things I should learn. I know the trick names and stuff but I dont know what I should learn pls help me

Wow that last guy was a jerk! Anyways take no offence, they're just trolls, his name is sucks at skating XD, but I'm no expert but I thought it was called a very also? Idk though, I'm new

okay what if you are going down a hill and you are about to go into an intersection or a car or a dead end

how about learning how to do it right ???
first of all that isn't a powerslide
second you can't do it clear so don't try to learn it to other people

we all know thats not the modern powerslide its the original bert slide so get off his back i bet he can skate better than all of u guys

Are those real marks on his board??? Or did he just rub it on a pole or something. He probably just wants to look like a "real" skater, BTW that isn't a power slide

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