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Street Skateboarding Basics : How to Fall in Skateboarding

Street Skateboarding Basics : How to Fall in Skateboarding

We’re going to talk about an essential park
of street skating and also an avoidable part of street skating and that’s falling. When
learning how to skateboard it’s inevitable that you’re going to fall. The trick is to
learn how to fall properly to avoid serious injury you can start by practicing how to
fall in a grassy surface at the end of a pavement surface like this. The trick when falling
is to prevent putting your hands down, putting your hands down and straightening your arms
puts all of your body weight on your arms and can possible break them. When you see
yourself falling even though you have the instinct to put your hands out it’s important
to tuck your arms and roll on your shoulder. This will prevent you from serious risk injury.
Let’s practice on the grass. First we’ll demonstrate the improper way to fall, I approach the grass
the board stops I begin to fall and put my hands out. This can potentially break or spring
or both of my wrist, now let’s see the proper way of falling. Once again I approach the
grassy surface this time I’m going to tuck in my arms and roll on my shoulder. By rolling on your shoulders your body absorbs
most of your weight and it doesn’t come down on your arms. Take it from someone who’s broken
both of their arms skateboarding learning how to fall is an essential part of learning
how to skateboard.


too bad we'll never see "and the judges had no choice but to give him perfect 10's as he did the rare, hard to master trick, falling!"

fall dont straighten out yo arm and tuck it on to let your shoulders,Ribs,and face absorb the impact and get you straight to the hospital

two shoulder (rotator cuff) injuries. wrist jacked up as heck. bad knees. endless ankle turns. maybe i am just too old for this stuff.. lol

found the title so funny. When going high speed on concrete taking it to your shoulder is a terible idea though. you'll screw your elbow AND shoulder up

This is so helpful cant wait to show it to my friends at the skatepark.
It means instead of straining my wrists I break my collarbone instead. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

Yup, this guy is right. By putting out your arms you put all the force through your arms and can easily damage your rotator cuff / labrum. I am learning this in biking. Trust me you do not want to rip anything in your shoulder because you have an outstretched arm. These things do not heal.

But it all depends on how fast you are going, a slow fall you will be OK putting out your arms.. You should be wearing a helmet of course to take any impact to your head when falling.

What happen when you land on your back and the skateboard is still moving and it hits a stranger in the ankle? That happened to me once. So embarrassing -_-'

I fall alot but I fall on my knees. My brother says I don't know how to fall? I don't wear any knee pads or any safety gear. Anyone know any tips?

Yeah… I got hit by a car once and got my arm dislocated a year ago, and this isn't going to help me at all.

This is actually REALLY REALLY important. Im glad They made this vid. friend of mine fell with his arms out, broke his wrist and his elbow shot out the back of his arm.I know the title is silly but these guys are really helpful. Keep up the good work doods.

Dude, if you approaching a ledge with high speed and fall and you do it the "Proper" way, you are most likely to hit your head. I would rather have broken arms than a damaged brain.

this is very dangerous.  this method has a high chance of making a brain damage.
I think U should not extend your arm fully for sure, but u have to use your arm to absorb impact.  Probably best place to learn falling is HapKiDo school, because they practive falling every day.

I really suggest people not to fall this way.  Look for martial art video or HapKiDo video and learn how to fall, before u venture with your skateboard.   This is really really dangerous!   I will try to make a video on how to properly fall on skateboard too.

Use a helmet if you think your going to fall off -_-
Smh skateboard logic.. So many skateboarders are so self conscious lol

When your falling you dont think to muc about tucking and rolling your adrenaline kicks in and your first reaction is to put ur hands up

you landed on your elbow, then you rolled. If this was at high speed you would have done serious damage to your elbow

This is how we learned to fall in ju-jitsu, too, when I was taking martial arts, for the same reason–don't want to break your arm. Alternatively, we also learned to fling our arm up and roll so we could fall sort of on the side of our back, especially when we were thrown really hard.

Came here after watching one of Braille's videos where all of the techniques they used involved starting the fall on your hands. Couldn't agree with this video more, I've fractured my wrists a few times falling on them, extending your arms is a bad idea.

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