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Street Skateboarding Basics : How to Find Focal Points when Skateboarding

Street Skateboarding Basics : How to Find Focal Points when Skateboarding

Now we’re going to talk about an important
part of fundamental street skating and that is focal points or where to look while skating.
We are going to cover where to look while you are pushing and where to look while you
are setting up for a trick. When skaters first learn how to skate they usually have problems
with balance because they invert the gaze all over the place. The important thing to
remember is when pushing off first look down to make sure your feet are in the right position.
Once you pushed off look forward in the direction in which your skateboard is heading glance
back down at your feet to make sure they are in the correct position. Then back forward
the way that you are rolling. So I begin to push looking down at the skateboard and looking
down on my feet, push off then I look forward glance down to see if my feet are in the right
position and then look forward again. Just keep your focus in the same direction it keeps
you from losing balance. Focus is also important when setting up for a trick, in this case
setting up for an ollie. Once again you want to look forward while pushing then look down
on your feet to make sure they are in the correct position for the ollie. Then while
ollieing look forward and look forward while landing. I know that my feet are in the correct
position so I can look forward while pushing look down on my feet and make sure they are
setup for the ollie, perform the ollie and then look forward again. This will keep your
focus in the right place it keeps you going in a steady direction and keep you from losing
balance and falling off. It will also add style to your tricks and getting use to moving
straight line when performing.


haha I felt like he was looking down at his feet a little to long the second time, I was afraid some car would come out and hit him while he wasn't looking

wow i never knew this i always skated with my eyes closed and my hands in my pocket while drinking hot chocolate, this makes thing alot easier thank you……..thank you very much lmao

I know this is supposed to be for complete beginners, and everyone has start on the ground floor, but I honestly don't remember having a problem knowing where to look when I was first starting out. Do you? This is like making a tutorial for where to look when you're walking.

1. copy and paste
2. send this to 2 other videos.
3. hold your breath for 10 seconds
4. press refresh twice



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dude this cant be learn step by step , this will be reflex in time. dude you know preety much but as teacher of skateboarder you suck.

why does this fukn video exist? everyone knows where to look when ur fukn skating…beginner's can't balance cuz theyre beginner's….

man all of u are retarded.this guy has to do this stuff.y do u leave comments lik this?if u hate him so much go to his house and olest him1i promise u guys r 100%retarDED

i guess ignorance is bliss cause u just now proved it.what did u have to call ur dad to help u spell that word? so sad

no one believes that u skating.u know y?u probobally dont cause ur to ignorant to see it.its because thats not u.i bet u just learned how to use the f word didnt u?

wow ur proving points on youtube left and right and ur to stupid to see it! just stop man i was just screwing wit u anyways.unless u want me to chop on u

if you abbreviate as much as you do, no one will know wtf your saying and have to read it like 5 times wich is annoying.

or no?
maybe to ur dismay at "common sense"…do u know ppl who start to learn bicycle or roller skate tend to look at the paddles/wheels cos they're scared of falling?

my 2 cents of "common sense"

From the sound of it, and his balance, it was a decent ollie. Stop trying to follow the majority of people on here (idiots) and quit the hate. He's just trying to teach…

@Dragonmaster286 The point of the video was to show where you're supposed to look while skating. Learn what a main idea is.

i dont agree with looking at your board while doing the trick, you should practice it until you can do it by feel so you can look at the spot where you want to land instead of at your board but w/e

ill need this for choosing right skateboard, how to focus, cos i always misbalanced and nearly crash and burn 😀

yea i m from the netherland and 19 years old i want to learn how to skate and i learn already some basic thing but when i set me feet everytime on the right place somthing goes wrong so ive checked some clips but like all people got there own style how to stand on a skatboard please can you tell how i sould stand on me skatboard! i know i m little noob in this but i already can do a olie!:P so only the standing if diffcult because i lose also me balance !

i cant look forward cos i'll loose balance.i sort of look at an angle that let me sees wats infront of the board.lols…if this helps.XD


I'm no pro! i have been skating about 4/5 months now and i find that my friends ride different to me its all down to comfort mate, whatever feels right but it will make balancing alot easier if while moving your body all faces the same way (your feet facing sideways on the board and your body doing the same) Try putting one foot in the middle of the front screws and the centre of the board. (i know its rubbish but its hard to explain without showing) Hope it helps!

@robloxunlimted You sound just like my friend. In fact his name is Hackin4me. Oh and RiseOfGameing. He can't drop in. Having courage is probably the most important skating rule. Without it you would be to scared to do anything. RiseOfGameing is scared of dropping in and Hackin4me is scared of going to a ramp. When you fall once, you'll be to scared to try it again. I tried the Vert, and I fell and hurt my leg, but I got enough courage to do it again and now I can do it!! Believe in yourself…

@EatCheezOrDie Same with me today I attempted the mini ramp and fell on my first attempt laughed it off tried again and did it! Skateboarding forever!

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