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Street Skateboarding Basics : How to Land Flip Tricks in Skateboarding

Street Skateboarding Basics : How to Land Flip Tricks in Skateboarding

We’re going to talk a little bit about the
basics of landing foot tricks. Before you start to practice foot tricks, you should
practice landing. Landing is important to avoid deck breakage and to roll away smooth
from tricks. You want to have your feet in the correct position to setup for the trick
but the most importantly is landing. One way to practice landing foot tricks is to flip
the board with your hands and try to time jumping over and landing at the same time.
This will get you use to timing and landing your feet in a correct position. Let’s try
a simple flip of the board, see if we can land our feet on it just to practice landing
a foot trick. You’ll notice I had to time it perfectly. As soon as I flip the board
and saw it falling and flipping I began to jump in the air before the board had completely
flipped. Timing is everything. Let’s try it again you’re going to flip the board, watch
as I jump before as the board has completed its flip. Catch it in the air and roll away
smooth. An important part of landing flip tricks is to catch the board with your feet
at the height of the trick and then roll away, landing on the board after the board has already
falling can cause you to loose balance and will hurt your style. Let’s try one more just
for practice. Keep practicing, before long you’ll be able to do flip tricks and roll
away smooth and happy.


Ok dude, sorry but you suck… Show a flip trick, everyone can explain it, but not everyone can do it… You'r just doing a Caveman and you explain how to do a FlipTrick?!??! WOW

Dude or you could go learn how to skate by yourself like most ppl did. theres no skate school dumb ass in cargos

seriously…? "could cause you to lose balance………………….and will hurt your style!?" this guy is fucking retarded…

@L33tDef3at cuz its fucking hella funny to watch someone who cant actually do half the stuff hes talking about well. have you not noticed all the people in the background of his other vids not even giving him a few minutes to film stuff cuz hes such a loser… obviously has no friends at the parks he goes to lol

my kickflip is perfect says my friend who can do a double kickflip but i cant spin the board fast enough and if i do the board falls b4 i fall and it goes bhind me. wut am i doing wrong?

Mhm. I think i tried this before fro fun, i never thought it would help me on flip tricks. eh. I will try it some time soon.

@randomstuff405 Yeah sure secret identity I agree whit you on hating on what he is wearing but I came here so I could learn to land my kickflips and varialkick flips better but he just showed me something my grandma can do I thought by fliptrick he meant like kickflip,varil,tre flip something like ….If he knew a kickflip he would atleast demonstrate it in a how to land flip tricks and he is skating for *20 years* and he can't do a kickflip.

thanks dude ill try this i was trying to kickflip for about 6 months now and i cant even land one foot on the board :@ i can only ollie ๐Ÿ™

you guys are hatin' but better go skating and learn your shit, he is just trying to help. if you dont like it practise in the grass or holding on to a fence or something, or just quit skating.

I did, he's still better. You sound like a pissed off skater who never can get spopnserd, So, U really shouldnt be talking to me, saying im the idiot.

Really? Ur hooked up? By who? I would post my skating, but I don't have anything to record me doing stuff. So why not stfu? Why not hop on the treadmill and run a mile?

Chris ho, he used to be hooked up by PopcornSkate… Not sure about now, but i remember seeing his video. So, nice try with the whole "never get sponsored thing" but, you ended up looking a knob.

Has he ever done an ollie before? Watch his ollie video. A kid in my town who's been skating for 2 weeks can ollie better than him.

I know how to skate i didnt know filp tricks only ollie i was doing ollie i left my skate board at my grandma house its Changed to a roasted chicken :c

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