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Street Skateboarding Basics : How to Ride Fakie on a Skateboard

Street Skateboarding Basics : How to Ride Fakie on a Skateboard

We’re going to talk about another basic of
street skating which is riding fakie or riding backwards. Once you already learned how to
push forward which means placing your front foot on the front bolts and pushing off with
your back foot. Then you can learn how to push off forward but ride fakie. The key to
learning how to push off and ride fakie is to learn how to push regular and then learn
how to shift your feet while the board is rolling. You want to place your front foot
where you back foot normally is for pushing off and after you push off pivot on your front
foot, place your back foot on and then look in the direction from which you are leaving.
Doing this in one swift movement is the key to learning how to ride fakie successfully,
let me demonstrate. The front foot is slightly further back than what you normally be for
pushing forward. After I push, I pivot the front foot place the back foot on the tail
while still pivoting the front and looking in the direction that I’m going. Let’s see
that in a little faster, push and pivot. The trick is make sure your back foot is on the
board and that your body is stable before you completely pivot your front foot around.
Always make sure you end up in the same position that you would be riding forward except in
this case you are riding backwards. This is how to ride fakie and it will prepare you
for further tricks like the fakie ollie and the fakie 7.


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He just said "look in the direction that you're going" and then he pointed down the road the opposite way he was rolling… Smart…

First off…let me say I dont care what you people say about…oh your a noob, or whatever. I have been skating for 9 years now…and this is one thing i still cant understand. i can do the tricks, but couldn't care less what they are called, but this has been bugging me.I Normally ride goofy (right foot forward)…if I am going forwards, but have my left foot on the nose, and right foot behind me, and ollie…is that a switch ollie, fakie, nollie? WTF is it? most of these videos contradict.

HAHA XD! his videos are so funny. harder tricks he cant seem to do and the easier bits (like this) he makes sound hard so he looks good.

@BeyondEvil308 what you are describing to me is just a fakie ollie. i am goffy footed as well. a fakie ollie would be like rolling with your back facing the way you are rolling ( your left foot on the nose and your rignt foot somewhere in the middle of the board) a switch ollie would be you riding switch (your right foot on the tail, and your left foot somewhere in the middle of the board while riding forward with your chest facing the way you are going. a NOLLIE is a switch, fakie ollie

@BeyondEvil308 there is other words for it, some ppl call it a nollie in fakie. others might call it a backwards ollie. its preference im goofy too and its a problem i have asked myself

Problem with this method is that you learn how to ride fakie by using your main foot in the back to balance and guide. This will cause problems later when you start to ride a ramp and go up normal then come down fakie. This is because if you keep pressure on your fakie foot to guide while coming down your board will slip out and you will fall on your ass; a problem I have just run into.

Nope, this is fakie. Fakie is when you stand like you normally do, but going backwards, as shown here. Switch is when you don't stand as always (regular standing goofy is switch and vice versa).

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