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stupid idiots do stupid idiot things

stupid idiots do stupid idiot things

Graice: Slug bug. *abosultlely obliterate’s Guy’s bicep* What kind of cookies are my neighbors
gonna like? Guy: just walk into the street please Guy: Oh, I don’t know if you know this
but I quit from Burger King. I don’t work there anymo– Graice: I didn’t even know you worked at Burger King. Graice: Basically we are going to my neighbor’s house today.
I’ve never talked to them. I have two neighbors in mind. They always have fun
without me and I can hear them because we’re neighbors. Oh my gosh this guy is really trying to kill us. Frick off. So
basically today we’re going to a neighbor’s house and we’re giving them
those cookies that we just bought at Walmart and I’m gonna see if they are
good people and then I don’t even know what I’m gonna say. Guy: I got a good shot of those Graice: thank you, we didn’t get enough shots of those in the store. So then I’m going to give them the cookies and then I’m gonna be like, “Do you wanna be my friend?” Guy: your check engine light is on
Graice: It’s always on. It’s a symbol for my own mental health, my check engine light is always on. Guy: so we found a box of stuff and Graice wants it. This is a felony. Guy, directed towards the vinyl basketball poster of my brother, Steven, from his Senior year: Hey Guy: It’s dark.
Graice: We don’t have money to pay for lighting, so – Clothes, nice
– Oh, no – Ooh Graice: Do you think I’m gonna fit into this? – Oh my gosh
– Is that underwear?
– That is underwear What if my neighbors watch my youtube channel? Hand washing tutorial. – They’ll think I’m rich
– Because you have tinfoil? You know how expensive that is? This is it! I literally thought that this was the house that’s behind mine but I’m
so stupid because I don’t know, about, like, symmetry. – What happened? Are you just not–?
– There’s three packages on their table next to the door so, like, I’m, like, 90% sure
that they’ve been gone for a while. Let’s just go to a different house! That was successful, guys, I made friends. They’re 40 and 50 respectively, but… Guy: That took you three minutes to talk to them.
Graice: They
were actually nice, okay? I was expecting to be like ‘get the heck out of my yard.’
– You should give the cookies to the neighbors that you robbed. – They’re not home.
– You sure?
– No. Say Hi YouTube! We’re back at–where we were– Liam’s house. Liam: Who wants some ranch?
Everyone else: is confused. [Ride or Die by The Knocks, ft. Foster the People] *sings best song on Planet Earth (Rocketman by Elton John) buy Guy sounds horrible so it probably won’t get copyrighted.* coke “You guys are dumber than I thought.” Guy: Climb in, get in where you belong. *worst sounds you’ve ever heard* ready, 3, 2, 1 *THE worst sound you’ve ever heard* What is the truth? What is the truth? *attrocity* Graice: OK, that’s enough of that. Everyone else: loses minds I’m literally gonna walk
home if you don’t play this. *Graice gives in. Why she did it is questionable* – Thank you.
– Oh my gosh. – Bye.
– Bye!
– Shalom.


What does this remind of Avril Lavinge’s complicated music video. 😂Also what I’ve collected from this video is that guys seem to be more fun to hang out with and better friends then girls 🍵🤭

Your new style makes me so heckin happy, just you hanging with your friends with 10/10 indie music I’m in love

That song…mmm! I love it! Btw love you and your videos! I’m glad you are doing the content you love and keep at it!💜😁🤞🏻

instead of cookies you should of given them one dumpling, just one. :edit thanks for the pin, i look forward to your new videos 💖

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