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I’m Liz and I’ve got to get launched in
the Lamborghini oh yeah hang on tight Sharer’s here we go whoa what is up sharer’s and welcome to the
vlog today is gonna be super fun it’s a beautiful sunny day out and I have a
really long selfie stick check this out whoa can you see me from all the way up
there I’m just hanging out here in the front yard I got my lime green share the
love shirt and this thing is super awesome if you won’t want to you can
find it on the swag stores even share calm so go check that out
hey Liz where are you I think she’s inside let’s go check let’s go find her
oh and there’s the Sharerghini sitting in the garage oh we should definitely
use this in today’s vlog oh it’s not like but if we should use this Cherokee
me in today’s vlog let’s go inside and go find Liz oh there she is hey Liz Oh
what are you doing you an otter hanging out oh hey baby otter how you doing oh
hey little is how you doing oh wait you’re not a dog sure so we got liz we
found baby otter but we got to go find Stephen Lizzie yeah where is Stephen
Orion I thought he was outside too bad and see him anywhere did you see him out
there well we’re outside let’s go outside and go look for him I guess hey
break it we’ll bring the giant selfie stick and we’ll see we can go find it
let’s go oh it’s cold oh there you should put some share the
love shirt yeah oh that looks so cool ah there’s Stephen hey there you are we
were looking all over for you what how do I get out here otter oh
that’s so cute he’s riding on the little scooter that’s so awesome he’s being
such a good boy otter such a crazy dog that’s how we walk around the
neighborhood we put him like in a little box and every stickable in the electric
scooter we go for a ride he loves it don’t you love it on her see how do the
chairs stay out of this chair is baby he’s being a little shy today I’ll just
say hi it’s okay otter step we feel a little shy today so make sure you come
in hi otter in the comments hi otter hi baby otter
sure to check out this trick I learned bunnyhop 3 2 1 well two people two
people in one scooter Oh others like what’s going on what
happened they crashed ok Liz now it’s your turn I think you could give it your
best try hey that was pretty good Liz but I think only your front wheel left
the ground I hit your back one stayed on the ground the whole time sketch out one
more time yeah try that again should I get both wheels off the ground you ready
Liz alright let’s see what you got looking at that back wheel this time oh
that was so cool see what I said to the sharers if you
guys smash that like button we can use a Lamborghini in today’s video then smash
that like button what do you wait yeah you haven’t hit the like button and
smash you right now it will pull out the Sharerghini Lamborghini
that’s right shares the Lamborghini is now called the Sharerghini because
you all voted on it and we even have the matching lime green share the love T to
match with the lime green Lambo yes have you guys smash that like button yeah cuz
I would run to show you a Lamborghini sweet I got the keys let’s do this thing
oh yeah a little bit shared you think it’s so awesome get ready to plug your
ears sharers cuz this thing is loud ready to start it Carter oh yeah let’s start
the Sharerghini at 3, 2, 1 let’s do it whoo nice and slow all right
looking good I’ve got the shirt out of the garage we are all ready to go
it is a little cold out here I’m gonna need a sweatshirt too whoo that’s much
better this sweatshirt is a lot warmer and by the way this year Sharerghini is super
cool and Stevie knows all the facts about it so Steven
oh yeah sure so this shara Guinea is a 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo it’s an LP 560
– 4 which means it’s got 560 horsepower it’s four-wheel-drive it’s super fast
and the engine is back here is the v10 engine sits back here and these vents
are open there’s no glass or anything oh that’s so cool you like stick your
finger right in there and then if we open up the door and go inside you’ll
see that there’s lime-green stitching all over the car we got it on the door
here we got it on the seats here we got it all on the dashboard here lime green
stitching everywhere and that’s not all shares is a button inside and when you
push it and makes the car go super extra fast
yeah shares and today we’re gonna press that special button hey Liz are you
ready to go super fast today oh yeah and one more thing my favorite part of the
whole car is this check it out the truck is in the front I love that so cool see
you put all the stuff up here let’s close it up and let’s get going Liz you
ready to get in yeah I’m ready but I’m so scared let’s do this thing let’s go okay Liz let’s go for a little ride and
then we’ll do some launches all right I’m ready here we go
let’s do this who were they gonna Sharerghini with it’s
so cool it’s so loud I know it’s so noisy all right Lizzie you ready for
like a little wash we’ll do like 25% faster than that oh my gosh there’s way
too fast guys okay listing the move it from me she’s
getting on this she’s getting out of here I’m gonna go in this thing Lizzie
you know how to drive that thing I know how to drive it I think
there she goes sharers oh yeah Liz’s riding the moped I’m gonna hop in the
shower Guinea I’ve actually never been launched in here so I actually might
freak out Carter I’m gone I mean I’ve driven this car myself but getting
launched by someone else that could be kind of scary
all right let’s buckle up let’s do this moochers I love riding in the chair
Guinean so much fun engines right behind you it’s super loud and there’s like no
roof on it so it’s just like so much fun it’s like it’s the best convertible ever
wind starts blowing in your hair and it gets crazy like mine oh yeah sharing a
theme we got a clear runway are you ready for a lodge oh yes let’s do this
this is gonna be crazy oh and let’s do one more thing let’s put
it in sport mode to make it extra fast oh yeah sure
let’s do this I see let’s do this here we go in three two one whoo oh my goodness whoa that was crazy
Carter oh that was so much fun sure is Liz might have gotten scared to be in
this Lane but will got to get her back in because we do a full speed launch
with her it’s gonna be crazy oh yeah full speed launches are crazy my launch
is probably what like not even 50% yeah that was like maybe half speed we can
still go a lot faster oh sure it’s Carter got so much you know what Carter
I’m gonna want you but I’m not gonna want you at 50% I’m gonna go a lot more
than that oh boy let’s do it I’m so excited oh yeah let’s do the shares will
Carter be prepared to be rocked by the shaver geenie
oh yeah I’m so excited let’s do this thing Oh feels like I’ve made a roller
coaster right now this is gonna be totally crazy
Sharon’s would you do a launch in the Sharerghini or would you be too scared
comment right now that was pretty crazy a little more
right now oh yeah that was fast I didn’t even expect you like surprise me ready
for a little long oh yeah let’s do this oh we gonna get it ready okay that was so much fun riding in the chair
Guinea is like riding on a roller coaster and just like launches you and
it’s like jerking it’s so fast and then the winds blow in your hair and you
can’t like hear anything once you’re going really fast it’s like crazy it’s
so much fun yeah it was that can you ready to go maximum power like
absolutely 100% max power oh yeah she’s gonna love this Sherrod Guinea
rollercoaster oh you kidding she’s gonna love it
no she’s gonna be extreme insurance what do you think is gonna love it or is it
gonna scare her like crazy comment right now hashtag Liz and if she’s gonna like
it or she’s gonna be scared I wonder where she went maybe she’s still on the
moped let’s go look for her well there’s the moped so I guess she’s probably home
Liz where are you oh there you are Liz don’t get ahead of me but I crashed
would you grab so just totally share is how you did such a good job and give
this video a thumbs up for you driving the moped for your first time then you
crashed I know it was just a little crash it crashed into a pole and then
what I hit my head on the pole bodies wearing a helmet sounds ok what do you
how did you crash the puppet that’s crazy
come on let’s go up to the end of the driveway Stephens back in the Lambo and
the Sheri Guinea I mean oh there’s the Sharerghini it looks so good I’m
doing the power this time Liz popping there they go have fun Liz here we go there goes even a Lamborghini what Liz
doesn’t know is Stevens about to do maximum power it’s gonna be so crazy liz
is definitely gonna freak out and be like super scared I like the speed we’re
not even moving Liz I know it’s me here’s a little power test that was like fifteen percent power bins
ready for a hundred percent power I don’t know if even I thought before
we’re going pretty fast 100 percent oh my gosh there’s the Sharerghini who they
made it how was it was he still alive yeah we’re scary at first but then it
was so much fun oh you liked it yeah sure it’s big thumbs up on this video
for lives getting launched in a Lamborghini for the first time and major
shout out to all of you who commented to give us this crazy idea to launch list
remember if you guys have any crazy vlog ideas comment down below we love them oh
yeah we absolutely love them and until next time shares you know what to do
stay awesome and share the love


Hi my name is Dante Connell and I would be and I would like to be a part of 2 senior I cannot be a part of it because my mother would let me do it so please be nice and do something for me

Like a race like Blacktown share a Guinea always with something fast I felt the Carnegie Lamborghini and Hathaway swimmers from Lucas house YouTube

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