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Super Wubble Bubble Ball Mentos Diet Coke Fun!!

Super Wubble Bubble Ball Mentos Diet Coke Fun!!

– [Carl] It looks like it’s working. (group whoooing!) (balloon sploshing & man laughing) (upbeat music) – [Carl] Oohooo, that is a lot of Mentos. – I literally sold Walmart
out of all these Mentos. – [Carl] You bought them out? – [Jinger] I went and bought
every pack I could find in the whole store. – Awesome, we have a huge
bowl and table full of Mentos, we have a fluid hydraulic pump, and a Super Wubble. We also have a ton of Diet Coke. Oh My Gosh! But I really wanna give a big shout out to the channel Guava Juice. He was the first one that we’ve seen, put Diet Coke and Mentos
inside of a Wubble. He’s our inspiration for this video, so when you’re done watching this one, make sure and click the
link down in the description and go check out Guava Juice’s video. Big props to him for such a great idea Jinger, there’s a storm a-brewin’. – More than one kind. – [Carl] I know, right. We gotta hurry up ’cause it’s gonna start
rainin’ here pretty soon. – And you can feel like my babies. – [Carl] You love Diet Coke. – I want them all for myself.
– [Carl] You love Diet Coke. You can just put your
face over the Wubble hole when it goes off. (laughs) The plan heres is that we’re
going to use the fluid pump, to pump the Wubble full of Diet Coke. But we’re going to use
a gallon size Baggie, and we’re going to fill
them up with the Mentos, inside the Wubble, so that once it’s completely
full of Diet Coke, we can pop the Ziploc bags open and get a spout of Diet Coke
shooting out of this tiny hole, or who knows the whole
thing might just go wooo-ooo and just get gigantic. Let’s find out. First step is I think we need to try and get the baggie full of Mentos. Should we fill it up first? I don’t know how to do this, it’s always just a guessing game. Change of plans, just wait. I think we need to get the
baggie inside the Wubble first, and then we can pull
the open and fill it up, and zip it shut. What do you think? – Yeah.
– Yeah, I dunno. That’s our guessing game. Jinger’s got the opening open, so now I think we’re
gonna put the baggie in, with the top still out. Now that it’s in there, now we fill it up. I think that’s gonna
work better, don’t you? – [Jinger] Oh yeah. – [Carl] Fill that Super Wubble up, with Mentos. This is gonna be crazy. Be careful. Our plan here is that we
can Ziploc the Mentos shut so that they’re watertight
inside an air pocket and then we can fill up
the giant Super Wubble with Diet Coke and then all we have to do is find a way to pop this thing open and then we’ll get the big reaction. Gage you have the handful of Mentos. That’s it, that is an entire
Super Wubble with a plastic bag full of Mentos. Alright, it’s time for the pump, and we gotta take the lids
off of all of this Diet Coke. Zip it shut Jinger. There we go. We gotta make sure
there’s no cracks in that, or it will be a total fail. No pressure Jinger. This entire video concept
is riding on your ability to use a Ziploc bag right now. – [Jinger] That sucker is sealed! – [Carl] It is sealed. Oh oh, we got a little rip, right there. So I think it’ll be–
– [Jinger] It’ll be fine. – [Carl] It’ll be fine.
OK, lets go for it. – I think it will make it explode more. – [Carl] It might spray
out all crazy, huh? – Yep – [Carl] If you haven’t
noticed, right over there, we have a giant balloon full of Orbeez and we’re waiting for them to swell up because on Kyle’s channel,
Kyle’s Toys & Games, he’s gonna climb inside that
thing for one of his videos. So stay tuned for that. So we have to stick that
one down in the tube, there we go, that’s probably good. And then we have to put this in, inside the bottle of Diet Coke, and start pumping it
into the Super Wubble. (Carl Laughs) – Here we go. – [Carl] It’s like a
crazy science experiment. Look at this. It’s working, Muahh-haa-haa-haa-haa. – [Kyle] It is working!
– [Carl] It’s totally working. We’re about to find out if
this little split in the top is gonna be a bigger
problem than we realize. It’s startin’ to squirt
out a little bit, huh? It’s gettin’ complicated Jinger. – [Jinger] I know. – Ohh-ohh-Ohh. (Carl breathes heavy and rapid) – [Carl] What’s happening?
– Ahhh! – [Carl] You stuck the hose
in and it started fizzin’ up? – [Kyle] Yep.
– [Carl] O-oo-oo. That’s our first big mess, we’re gonna have plenty more
to come, here in a minute. I think we got way more Diet Coke than we actually need, Jinger. – Whoopsie, oh whoopsie. – [Carl] Jinger I think
you have a problem. – She ran, she ran the store out. – [Carl] Yep. It looks like it’s working. And this is our 3rd bottle
of Diet Coke goin’ in there, and you can totally see
the bag full of Mentos and it hasn’t burst open
yet, so we should be able to get an awesome explosive
reaction out of this. Diet Coke bottle number four. Oh my word. It’s getting bigger and bigger. We’re gonna move to Plan B, because the tear on the top of this Wubble is getting worse and worse and worse. So we’re gonna try and get
the Diet Coke into this bowl to salvage what we’ve used already so we don’t waste too much of it, and then we’re gonna
pump it into that Wubble and do an emergency transfer. – Cool! (clapping) – [Carl] Oh, Jinger, be careful. Be careful my dear. (jinger grunting) (carl laughing) Our life is so crazy. – Oh-Oh-Oh.
– [Carl] Look out Kyle! Look out.
– Everyone look out. – [Carl] I think we
have way more Diet Coke than that bowl is big. We’re about to find out
aren’t we, yeah, oh my word. – Ah-ha-Ha. – [Carl] We are making a huge mess. – Oh no! – [Carl] As usual on Carl
& Jinger, a major mess. Now let’s tear that open and perform a little emergency surgery on this Wubble and get those Mentos out. Let’s not break that bag,
careful, careful, careful. The Mentos transfer is complete, now we just need to seal
that bag and get it inside. Did this one tear? – [Jinger] No, it didn’t, I
think it looks really good. – [Carl] Looks good, okay, and
then now we just gotta pump that Diet Coke over, and I
think we’re back to a good spot. This one is working much better than the last one with
the tear, don’t you think? – Oh yeah. – [Carl] Yeah, we got
a good seal on the top and we’re going way faster now. (laughs) – I just–
– [Jinger] Oh my gosh! It’s, it’s–
– [Carl] I know, I know. – [Jinger] It’s goin’ everywhere. – [Carl] This is I think the last bottle, this’ll be one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12
bottles of Diet Coke, and like a whole ton of
Mentos, I think that’s enough. I really don’t want to
risk this thing popping, and it is big, enough! Alright, there it is. We have one giant Wubble. Do not pop that, Kyle, oh my goodness. Let’s not pop it. Let’s not tempt it. Let’s just get ready here
and set this thing off. Everybody ready to see this thing go off? – [Kids] Yeah!
– [Carl] Oh man! Mentos and Coke–
– I don’t know– – [Carl] In a Super Wubble.
– It still be hard to open. – [Carl] Can you grab it from the side, outside of the Wubble? You got it?
– No. – [Carl] Oooo–
– No fun. – [Carl] The suspense (gasping) – It’s opening!
– [Carl] Aaaah, okay, ready? – It’s open, ‘kay ready?
– [Carl] Ready. Just dump that thing over,
ready, set, here we go. I’m gonna back out. Dump it over. – What? – Like what happening? (jinger breathing heavy) – It’s in there.
– [Carl] It’s in there? Is it getting bigger? – There’s air pressure comin’ out. – [Carl] Open that thing up, open the top up with
your fingers, I dare you. – There’s just a lot of pressure in there. – [Carl] There’s just a lot of pressure, did it absorb the power of the Mentos? What the heck in hecks? You guys! – What in the world, ah!
– [Carl] Nothing happened. – [Jinger] Look it.
– [Carl] They’re in there. – [Jinger] What? – [Carl] We got the right
Mentos, and we got Diet Coke, exactly like you’re supposed to. They’re in the Wubble.
– What, happened? – [Carl] ‘Kay you guys have to tell us in the
comments what we did wrong. – What did we do? (laughs) – [Carl] Look at the kids all let down. – That’s it, I’m gettin’ the Mentos and we’re gonna make all this
Diet Coke explode, right now! – [Carl] A-ha-ha-ha, okay, sounds good. I think what happened was
because we used the fluid pump, it extracted all the carbonation, or released all the carbonation
out of the Diet Coke. But we have a bunch of Diet Coke, we still have a bunch of Mentos left over, so let’s just shoot ’em off, right? Whatever, I can’t
believe that didn’t work. What a fail. [All] Woooaaahhh, yes, yes. – [Carl] Now that’s workin’ it. – That’s a little more satisfying. – [Carl] We wanted that
to happen in the Wubble. Man, oh it’s all gone hun– – All gone–
– [Carl] It’s all gone. Look at this thing, it’s
like a big alien orb. And it’s leaving a Diet Coke
slime trail everywhere it goes. Look at that. I kinda wanna roll it down the slide. (clay & jinger laugh) – Ready– – [Carl] We gonna go all at once? – Set, go. [All] Whoa!!! – [Carl] There we go. (exciting laughter from all) That’s more like it. Huh-huh-huh-huh, wai, whoa, there’s always a moment in
everyone of these videos that kind of crosses
the line of weirdness. Watch when Jinger picks this thing up. ‘Kay ready, here we go. There’s no good way to do it. – Think good thoughts people. (carl busts a gut laughing) (everyone laughs) – Hurry. (carl laughs) – [Carl] Are you gonna make it? (Jinger grunting) (carl laughs) Oh, (carl catching breath) this is the slide we’re
gonna send it down. – I don’t get what joke
you’re talking about Carly. – [Carl] It looks, it looks funny. – [Jinger] Here we go! – [Carl] (lost under Jinger)..Kyle
it’ll knock you over. Here it comes. (swhooshing) Whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa.
– Ouch! – Did you go down the slide with it? – I was sureing, to be really cool. – [Carl] What were you thinking? That slide has a really
tight angle to go head first. – I think I threw my back out. – [Carl] Are you serious? Way to take one for the team, Jinge. – I was just trying to get the shot. – [Carl] I wanna, with the Go, oh you had the GoPro in your hand, huh? – I was goin’, I went down head first and I did something like this. – [Carl] Well ya because look
at the shape of the slide. Sometimes the things that
you try work out awesome, and sometimes they kind of flop and fail. That’s okay, we will
always make it a fun day and a fun blog as best we can. Just remember that every day is a new day, so make it an awesome
one, as much as possible. Extracting. (sploosh) Whoa-haa-haa-haa-haa-haa. Whoa, whao, no way, I… That was so much better than
I could have ever planned if I even planned it. Oh my Gosh! I got that right when I hit record, I think I got that on camera. Slo-mo instant replay right now. (slo-mo sploooooshing & laughing) (fast reverse laughing) (super slo-mo sploooooshing & laughing) (carl laughing) – I’m so sorry. – [Carl] You are just
struggle, struggling today. – This is a rotten day, that. – [Carl] It’s a rough day. We have a huge mess to clean up. There’s Mentos everywhere. – And I’m having to go get in the pool. – [Carl] She wasn’t
joking, aha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. – All better! (laughs) – [Carl] Are you all better? Ooooh, (jinger laughs) alright guys click anywhere on the screen
in order to subscribe, and watch more videos. We love you. Thanks so much. And just click the bell
to turn on Notifications, so that you know when we
upload something else, and watch more videos, and check
out Kyle’s channel as well. Oh my gosh, they’re all jumpin’ in. Is everybody jumping in? With all their clothes on. You don’t have your cell,
you’re not gonna do it? Me either, right, high five. Alright, whoa, there he
goes, nope, oh he’s fakin’ Alright we’ll see you guys next time. – [Pool People] Bye!

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