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Superconducting Quantum Levitation on a 3π Möbius Strip

Superconducting Quantum Levitation on a 3π Möbius Strip

A simple loop has two sides. You can’t get
from the red side to the green side without crossing the edge. If you cut the loop, twist
one end by 180 degrees, or π radians, and connect them again, you will have a Möbius
strip: a mathematically non-orientable surface with only one boundary. Now, you can travel along the red side to
the green without going over the edge. If you twist the end again for a total of
360 degrees, or 2π radians, you will have a twisted loop. You again can’t get from the red side to the
green side. If you twist the end a third time for a total
of 540 degrees, or 3π radians, you will again have a Möbius strip. Our demonstration is a 3π Möbius strip track.
By the time the superconductor has gone around the loop once, it has rotated 540 degrees
about its own axis. This animation shows you how to twist a loop
540 degrees to get a 3π Möbius strip track.


2 questions; 1. What is this witchcraft? and 2. When can we realistically expect F-Zero type racing events?

I’m looking for an education comment or something to explain and expand on what’s going on in this video but all I see are these silly comments 😔

I feel like time travel is going to accidentally be discovered by some guy on YouTube that makes crazy inventions like this.

Haha you don't know it but you created a gravity generator.

Wrap the track with copper coil and collect the energy.

Add me to the patents 🙂

Looks like the avengers forgot a hidden infinity stone. The kidney stone. When dipped in cold water will give the bearer frost powers and when soaked in hot steaming water gives fiery powers. Guess that stone is just floating along the Quantum Realm huh?

This makes me want to teach my ice cubes how to dance and learn to play some electric guitar riffs while that ensues.

This should be a burning man installation

Imagine if they discovered this superconductor first and used commonly for transportation like electric trains…then only now someone discovered wheels..they will say wow the wheels is the is very practical and less expensive. LOL.

Idk if someone gets my point.
poor english xD

I want some information regarding the material can you provide, like how do you made this magnet linkage as all. Can you provide your email addresses

So what if you made a figure 8 mobious strip then put wheels in the centre, would it need to be supercooled anymore 😲

I Tried to follow the instructions but drank the liquid Nitrogen, now my tongue is hovering over the kitchen worktop and i can't catch it

Me: "I asked for ice in this drink"

McDonald's guy: "my bad – "

*Swiftly builds superconducting quantum levitation 3π Möbius strip


"Your ice is on its way, sir."

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