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Surfboard Repairs : Removing Dings from Surfboards

Surfboard Repairs : Removing Dings from Surfboards

Alright. So, let’s start off by prepping and
filling this ding repair. Right here we’ve got a couple of fin gashes that usually, you
know, happens when someone runs over you in the water. So, what we’re going to do is we’re
going to first cut out all the loose fiberglass that’s in there separated from the foam so
we can get, you know, get a nice patch going in here. What we’ll do is we’ll start off
by grabbing your mat knife and just slightly turning it through the fiberglass tearing
it up and ripping it out; most of the time it’ll just come out with your finger. Just
rip it in, just like that; that should be sufficient. You just come over here, grab
the other one. We just want to make sure that all the loose fiberglass is gone, because
if you patch on top of that sometimes it will just separate underneath your repair. Not
really bonding it any more. So, I’m going to go ahead and show you how a real man does
a ding repair. I’m going to use my machine. So, I put my mask on and then we’ll just let
it rip. So, right there what we did is just made the area around that, you know, that
patch just course and that way our, you know, our filler is going to bond real nicely and
it’s going to stick in there. The foam itself is coarse and that’s why obviously resin sticks
to it. So, we don’t have to worry about that. Just kind of blow it out. That’s pretty much,
you know, it just gets all the loose impediments out. You know, at home if obviously you don’t
have a four hundred dollar machine around you could always use a little sanding block
with some sand paper. After you cut it out, just, you know, just a couple of strokes like
that would really get it done. So, now that we have the area prepped what we’re going
to do is go ahead and mix up some Q-Cell and then we’ll fill it in.

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