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Surfboard Repairs : Surfboard Repair Equipment

Surfboard Repairs : Surfboard Repair Equipment

Alright, so let us start off looking over
some of the materials that we will use for these basic dings, you know. Obviously, it
is a step process. What you want to do first is you want to prep and fill the ding. And,
for that what we will use is just any kind of normal, you know, mat knife that you could
get from Home Depot. Any straight edge, you know, even a razor blade will work in some
of these instances. You definitely want sand paper. Golden rule about surfboard repair,
resin will not bond to anything that is not prepped which means it has to be coarse and
sanded. So, if you think you can just pour the resin in the hole and it will bond, it
will not. At least sand it first. Resin will bond to it. That is what sand paper is for.
You got one twenty, two twenty. The prepping usually starts with the fifty grit, which
is a much more coarse sand paper. You can find that at any, you know, home improvement
store or Home Depot. I mean, all of that stuff. The second, you obviously you need fiberglass
and resin. That is over here. Gloves. You definitely want to use gloves when it comes
to using these materials. What we have is, this is lamination resin. You could get that
at any kind of plastic store. Surf shops actually carry most of this ding repair stuff nowadays.
After the lam resin, there is hot coat resin. Which is surfacing agent resin, which is sanding
resin. And, all that that is is laminating resin with a surfacing agent in it that you
add. But, obviously you could buy it as a hot coat. Brushes to apply the resin, you
know. We got squeegees to squeegee out the resin after you saturate it. And then, obviously
you need acetone to clean your tools and yourself. We’ve got fiberglass, which is obviously really
important. This is a four ounce fiber glass. And, what you do is, you know, you use the
resin to apply the fiberglass and get it to bond to the surf board. And then, this is
what is called Q Cell, or micro balloons. And, what it is it is just a finely chopped
fiber glass. And it, what I call it is a surf board bondo, you know what I mean. And, that
is what you are going to do. You are going to mix it laminating resin, and you are going
to fill that in. And, it is just going to take up the space that was taken away from
the surf board. All ding repairs, the fiber glass that you put on is actually on top of
the surface. Once you get it back to its normal state, that is when you do your structural
damage, you know. And, apply those products. From our tools and materials, let us get into
the real safety part of this process.

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