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so that’s the prior flavor taking to Finland this is insane [Music] good morning san fracisco [Music] good morning I hope you’re having a great day because I have feeling that this will be something that I have never experienced in my life I’m flying to Finland on a private jet like a huge private jumbo jet which is flying from here San Francisco all the way Helsinki it will be an instant flight I only pain once on a private jet I have here in this little feet pretty crazy I’m like so today so let’s enjoy the day come with me follow me let’s freakin do this let’s let’s enjoy the day let’s live it to the fullest I mean first and then I’ll tell you more about what’s happening alright let’s go see we can find a pool from the hotel swimming pool and spa I just love swimming in the mornings and why Easter this private plane flying to Finland well the Burien speak a start-up conference called slosh is happening in Finland tomorrow and that’s why all the big investors from Silicon Valley and from USA are flying to Finland on that plane and I’m very thankful that I can be on that same flight and I can take you to this journey with me hungry morning how are you good how are you I have like half an hour before I have to leave to the airport so let’s see the street if you’re back love your camera thank you just beautiful you look scary I don’t think we can make a deal no way oh when I found media and hey what up you look dude oh good check this up it’s my fort machine Wow fart machine I need to thank these two the crane thank you so much how do you like my souvenir thank you okay thank you for taking care of my fart machine okay yeah that condition so these the first and only time this why these flying to Helsinki from here San Francisco this last event is happening in Finland and there’s a lot of people from Silicon Valley flying to Finland investors businessmen entrepreneurs speakers founders from Silicon Valley to Helsinki and those people are looking for something to invest in should be an interesting fight and on the plane there’s only hundred seats I’ve never been on a plane like that that’s for sure thank you so much have a safe ride yeah I go alright he’s a private terminal and look how handy is it’s to fly from here come in and that’s where you go in the planes no lines Oh got that it is freakin insane and first time rip surfing the airport so that’s the private plane we’re taking to Finland this is insane so let’s go and see the inside of this thing hi sir how are you good thank you welcome thank you this is me seeing the plane for the first time with you guys whoo oh I love it so there’s like hundred seats here yeah hundred seats an old business class can I just pick a seat yeah you can pick I’m the first one here on the plane should we go there [Music] hello pilots keep us safe I don’t want to go any closer to those buttons I want this plane to fly so I was here but I’m not gonna go and sit there no way this is freaking hard where do I sit man I have all these problems in my life where do you sit on a private plane that’s that that’s the questions I’m moving from here to here excuse me has anyone served on this plane before you know can I be the first one you go ahead so I will be the first one to do this here great filming so I still need to go and do my chicken so that’s why I’m getting out of plane and then coming back whoa I’m pretty sure you couldn’t do this on a normal Airport but there’s different rules on a private terminal he’s playing got some wind I can’t frickin believe this like we’re gonna fake this plane to Finland yeah damn right you and me we’re going so people start to our I hear oh look at this [Music] here we come so we are gonna board the plane it’s take of time real soon [Music] how are you great how are you welcome nice thank you thank you great bball on this flight you got everybody here we’re ready to take off so I have the honor to sit next to a stirrer Oh where’s my slush side why did you do that do what oh my god you need to control yourself there’s people on this flight you eat too much cabbage [Music] all right so there’s this beauty back so let’s open this and see what’s in it so they gave this as a present to everybody here on this file it’s saying welcome winter is coming Roger like on boxing air box and a Google minute great stuff thank you slosh that’s my name in there there’s my guy yeah [Applause] sir a troll is noise everybody are doing there is yummy all right it’s Christina it was my first slide boarding paper read in an airplane exterior crate wide yeah and we’re gonna do three hours sleep and soon in Helsinki we’re amazing thank you so much oh I will yeah great people what a great flight that was and if you like this video please subscribe for more videos I’m gonna be filming another video here in Finland and it’s gonna be about this loss so thanks for watching and see you again real soon


I love your joy of life! You can bring happiness and make people smile all the time. Everybody needs a Jarno in their life. I’m glad i get to know you. ☺️

Thanks Jarno, putting the alarm right in the beginning definitely wakes me up haha have to hear it every day already

Loved this vlog ! Loved the vibes and people of slush ! How awesome to get to fly with 100 strangers and have such an amazing time !!!

I was really interested in the Slush but I couldnt find any new videos so it was a bit of a surprise that one of the dudesons would upload videos about Slush! :O

Slush – it's about right. That's what Helsinki is like this time of year. Late November until Christmas.
Good to create happenings for that time. Well, we have a lot of pre-Christmas parties – like schools' and companies' Christmas parties .

I love Jarno,s energy and positive vibes he's always positive no matter what happens he always puts a positive spin on it

Tuo lentokone millä lensit oli 12 vuotta vanha, sen moottorit eivät ole hirveen tehokkaat mutta muuten yksi turvallisimmista lentokoneista koko maapallolla. Finnairillakin oli tuollaisia koneita 4kpl. Jos ihmettelet tätä mun tietämystä näistä lentokoneista niin olen lentokone bongaaja ja sain sun lennosta kuvan!!!🙂

Asuit lentokoneeseen sisälle ja ohjaamo oli tyhjä. Ilmailusääntöjen mukaan lentokoneeseen ei saa päästää ainakaan matkustajaa sisälle ennen lentäjää. Kait siellä sallitaan siivoojien ja stuerttien olevan sisällä mutta matkustajia vasta kun perämies tai kapteeni on ensin lentokoneessa sisällä. Lentomekaanikkosta en sitten tiedä riittääkö se matkustajan sisälle tulemiseksi.

i think I'm your 70,000 subscriber because I saw it was at 69,999 so i quickly pressed it so CONGRATULATIONS!

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