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Swurfer Surfboard Swing

Swurfer Surfboard Swing


If i were to go there on that one set up Swurfer you people set up I would be so scared of heights I wouldn't even be able to look outside my apartment window.


I THOUGHT IT WAS LIKE 20-30 DOLLARS ITS FREAKING 128 DOLLARS ok im good i Will make my own one.. least.. I'll try..

Who else has the money (bc ur birthday was a while ago) to buy something buts doesn't wanna buy….but you REALLY want it

There’s another thing like this it’s called a normal swing just stand on it and grab the ropes that’s what I did and have done everything they have done in the video while they were on it

I remember this
Whe left to go church and we ate outside an i have no where to sit but the swing like a chair but arvee and daphne wants to sit (oh yeah i dont think we ate yet) when going home got my 4 times of sleep

The ad is ligit my friend has one of these at his house and it’s supper fun and it’s been outside for like 5 years and it looks brand new

Don’t tie it strong enough?

Disclaimer: Vat19 is probably not responsible for any injuries caused by the Swurfer.


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