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talking technique inline speed skating (pascal briand vlog 130)

talking technique inline speed skating (pascal briand vlog 130)

how do you call the track where we go? it’s the track : Lliça d’amunt is there a team training on this track? yes there is a team it exist many year ago and now they gro again and they train more and more its good for you to go train there before racing in Lagos? is it first time you gonna race on track? yes for a 200m track , yes i did some track race before but on a smaller track from my club it s a 150m track its really different is lagos the only master race on track? no no there is a lot more but its a race i wanted to do for a while cause its a Europa cup cause it’s 3days in a nice area and my team go there every year i wanted to go always but i was always working but this year…Finally….i can go i stay focus but i loose contact always it’s cause of this track also it make you feel a the little mistake you make specially during the push it’s easy to feel when you make a mistake also when you land your skate it’s directly hard to…. how to you say this? land the skate when you land your skate its easy to feel if you do good or not the 1st thing you need to work on is… the landing of your skate it must be way more smooth way slower i go little much like…hum hum hum your push so so smooth you look super focus your left leg is quite good you finish the push quite good but with the right leg it’s so so ….little bit too short push for the right leg, i notice i do better…when i do like this when i pull down my right shoulder , the push is better my push is more to the side also when you try to get more speed the most important is coordination its not only about push hard and full power the most important is to keep a good quality in your coordination you can then go faster the grip really suck yes grip is really bad here for me it’s not that bad casue my speed is low so i dont fight the limit of the grip but for you when you passed me it make me feel unsecure we can feel directly the limit of this track but it s nice here still it s a technic style we need to learn do you like the slipping feeling? on quad skate we feel this a lot so i needed to learn how to keep control on vesmaco track you dont have this anymore lagos is vesmaco? yes it is the push feel always good so it’s much easier to skate really easier? yes a lot when i m affraid… it’s because…i skate bad and i loose balance or there is Something i can’t feel good me too if i have pain in my legs and i shake in the corner, i m a bit scare it’s not a big deal , its normal i just wanna say it s a signal to be carefull it s not a problem the more you skate fast the more you will get trust on your wheels….on your leg on your tehcnic and you can go faster and faster but it take time even for the best skater when i was at my best i didn t remember i was scare before trust came with time we cant go directly in lap time 14,2 year after year we get progress and trust at high speed for the master when we start we also need time to go slowly to the maximum speed and if you start to skate in master like me at 37 years old from level 0 it’s difficult we have a good condition physically with it not adapt to the level of technic that is why we need to work on technic also for me too i regress at technical level that is why i need to work it still so i get more confident in the turn


I loved this video! Being able to directly compare your skating to his made it really easy to learn from both of you. In the slow motion it was very obvious where Oscar was losing/wasting energy.

Thank you, as always, for the content!

Gracias Pascal. Gran video, una vez mas. Fué un placer verte y patinar juntos en Barcelona. Y como siempre, cada consejo tuyo, es muy valioso. Gran amigo y maestro 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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