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Talking Tom and Friends – The Cool and the Nerd | Season 2 Episode 7

Talking Tom and Friends – The Cool and the Nerd | Season 2 Episode 7

[phone dial] Hey, Ginger! It’s me again. Call us back, OK… buddy? [beeping] -He still won’t answer, huh?
-I guess I can’t blame him. What we did was pretty awful. Ahem.
I have found my protégé! -Alohaaa!
-What? Come on, you chose Darren? He’s nice and helpful
and he wants to learn. Everything you are not. Fine! [crying] If that’s how it’s gonna be,
I’m out of here. No wonder he’s not the protégé. Just awful. Well, take heart! The “I’m sorry for choosing Darren
as a friend over you” custom hoverboard is almost finished. It has double racing stripes,
chrome stabilization fins, and I customized the motor.
Listen! [motor]Ging-Ging-Ging-Ging-Ginger,
Ging-Ging-Ging-Ging-Ginger… And as the pièce de résistance– Whoa! I wanna get… the board signed… by the coolest person… that Ginger knows! Well, I’m flattered, but I’m not sure
I have an autograph pen handy. How did this get here? Argh! Tom! Ah! Before you embarrass yourself further,
I was talking about your friend, Will-Z. [funky music] I’m called Will-Z. Uh… I knew that. Will-Z is the most amazingly cool person
in the known universe. -You know how to reach him, right?
-Uh, of course. Cool guys like me and Will-Z, we always stay in touch. -[phone rings]
-[voice mail] We’re sorry. Will-Z is too cool for phones
and no longer uses them. Yeah, you know, I thought he might
be too cool for phones. Cos, I mean, a lot of us are,
myself included. Phones. Pff. But how will I get
my hoverboard signed? Problemo zero, Ben. There’s more than one way
cool people connect. Aaah! Argh! [upbeat music] Ah! Argh! ♪ Whoa-ohhh! ♪ [laughs] Ah! OK, we’ve tried 56 different ways
to contact Will-Z. We’re just gonna have to go big. So, I’ve combined our best ideas,
and we’re going to reach out on FastaPic. The coolest social media platform. And we’re going to send
the sound of dolphins. The coolest mammals. Over a clip of a dune buggy. The coolest open-topped sand vehicle. [thumping music, dolphins chatter] If this doesn’t work,
I don’t know what to do. It has to, Tom.
For Ginger. For Ginger! Here we go… [dolphins chatter, thumping music] [suspenseful music] [food being scoffed] -It didn’t work.
-What? -No!
-It has to! I’m sorry. [funky music] What’s that music? Maybe it’s the cool ice-cream truck. That’s no cool ice-cream truck! It’s Will-Z! [all] Oooh! [all] Aaah! [Ben] Whoa! Aaah! He can do it! [Tom] See? I told you it would work! [Angela] That’s the coolest entrance
I’ve ever seen! [Hank] And he’s defying gravity! Gravity, you just got served! [squealing] Tai chi, bumblebees! Hit da grins! Whoa! If I’m not mistaken,
that’s the language of coolness. I can’t speak it,
but I can read it… a little. Huh? Ginger! Come in, come in. I’m not allowed, remember? You said this place is
for “friends only”. [sighs] [gasps] Will-Z! Hot potato! Butterfly! Round the corner! Ha-cha! Ginger, I should never have chosen
the evil-rotten-no-good Darren over you. Please accept this Will-Z-autographed
hoverboard as my apology. Wow! Apology accepted! Well, he hasn’t signed it yet. Oh. Apology not yet accepted! Will-Z, could you sign
this hoverboard for Ginger? Banana kickflip! Biz to the buzz! [laughs] Yeah.
[whispers] That means yes, right? -Ha-ha!
-Wow! I’ve heard about
the Ink of Bodily Coolness, but I never thought I’d see it
with my own eyes. -Hm-hmm!
-Whoa! This is the best apology gift ever! -Thank you, Will-Z!
-You’re welcome, Ginger. This autograph is so cool! Whoo! Hey! Ah, well, that’s a trap boar
heart wiggles? [all] Whaaa…? [whispers] Hey, something’s wrong
with Will-Z. I’m sorry, Will. They’re having a hard time
making out what you’re saying. Nozanto brocando? -Huh?
-Easy? Don’t worry, man. We’re gonna call
the best doctor we know. Oh, uh, that’s interesting. Oh, my, oh. Ah! It’s now perfectly clear to me. Give it to me straight, Doctor.
What is it? Examining people through
a computer screen is very difficult. OK…
But what is wrong with Will-Z? Oh, that. I’m afraid he has an extreme case
of extreme coolness. -Oh, no!
-Hyper bud easy? Can you help him? No, no, no. You’ll have to consult
a physicist, the coolest of all scientists. Do you know a physicist? Unfortunately, I don’t. -Flip-nuts!
-Please! We’ll pay anything! Oh! Now that I think about it, I do! Uh… Hold on while I transfer you. Oh, ow. Oh, no. [clatter] [Doctor]Er, just a moment,
your call’s very important to us. Hey, man. I’m, like,
Dr Internet Physicist– Wait a minute! Are you sure you’re not just
Dr Internet Doctor wearing a different hat? Oooh, cool theory, bro. I’ve never seen such
an extreme case of extreme coolness! It’s like his inner nerd is totally gone. -What’s an inner nerd?
-How would I know? We all have an inner nerd
hidden away deep inside. If you lose your inner nerd, a vortex will open up and suck you
into the Cool-verse forever. Oh, like the one on our ceiling right now? Oh, no! -Stunky trip-zits!
-What do we do, Dr Internet Physicist? How should I know? Erm… Do you try using your inner nerd
to wake up his inner nerd? -No!
-Gotcha! [Doctor]Oh, you better hurry! Will-Z has become too cool. It’s up to us to nerd him up! But, luckily, we have someone
who may be as nerdy as Will-Z is cool. Huh? Huh? Why are you guys looking at me? Oh! You all think I’m a nerd? Well… That’s just fiddle-faddle! See? Would a nerd say fiddle-faddle? Yup. It’s inThe Nerd Handbook. Oh, really? Well, would a nerd recite pi to the 50th
digit while Irish step dancing? [fiddle]♪ Three point one, four, one,
five, nine, two, six, five… ♪ Yep. “Irish Step Dancing
and Reciting Pi.” Page 37. Well, do you feel any nerdier? Stunky trip-zits! Whoa! All right guys, don’t panic! We need to go full nerd! Hank, what have you got? -Nerd glasses!
-Perfect. Quick, put them on Will-Z. Snickles! -[guitar riff]
-No! Turds! He’s still extremely cool! I have something
I should probably show you. ♪ Yodel-ay, yodel-ay, yodel-ay,
yodel-ay, yodel-ay, hee, hoo! ♪ ♪ Yodel-ay, yodel-ay, yodel-ay,
yodel-ay, yodel-ay, hee, hoo! ♪ Hey! Tom, yodel with me! I can’t! I don’t know the words. -Woah!
-Woah! His legs! Grab his legs! Tom, what about your inner nerd? I’m not sure I have one. Due to the fact
that I’ve always been so cool. You’ve gotta try something! Miopoptical motorman! Miming! That’s it,
I’ll act like a mime! Oh, yeah, that’s super nerdy. Oh, no! I’m trapped
in an invisible mime box! Freep! It’s not working, Tom! Mime harder! Ugh! My mime box! It’s shrinking! -♪Yodel-ay, yodel-ay…♪
-Crushing me… ♪ Hee, hoo! ♪ I can’t hold on! Aaah! Jama-labra, bro-maaan! Nooo! [sad music, Angela sighs] The world got a little less cool today. All we have left of Will-Z is
his autograph on Ginger’s hoverboard. And I won’t be able to ride it
without being sad about him. I’ll bet he’s the coolest guy
in the whole Cool-verse. You know, you guys only knew him
as cool Will-Z, but he was just as fun
when he was little Willy. That’s how I’ll always remember him. I remember our first year at camp. Everyone left to go banana boating,
but not us. We spent the day in our cabin,
singing thePajama Palstheme song. -Pajama Pals!
-Why didn’t you mention that before? Cos it’s stupid. I forgot about it. Both of you, so out of touch
with your inner nerds… Well, OK, I guess so, but, you know, that day in the cabin singing
thePajama Palssong wasn’t cool or uncool,
it was just fun. Well, maybe you could sing
your song now. This is for you, Willy.
Wherever you are. He’s in the Cool-verse! Remember? ♪ It’s true of all the boys and gals ♪ ♪ From Jens and Neds
to Megs and Hals ♪ ♪ You won’t find a better friend
than you find in pajama pals! ♪ ♪ Pajama pals! ♪ [Will-Z]♪ Pajama! Pajama! ♪
♪ Pajama-jama pal! ♪ ♪ Pajama! Pajama! Pajama-jama pal! ♪ ♪ Pajama! Pajama! Pajama pals! ♪ [all cheer] Willy! How’d you make it back? Well, when I heard you singing
from the Cool-verse, I just had to join in. And when I did,
they immediately kicked me out and sent me right back here. Wow, Tom. Your inner nerd was so uncool,
it almost destroyed the Cool-verse. Yeah, good thing I remembered
that one time I was nerdy, or I could have ended up
in the Cool-verse next, you know. Whatever you say, Pajama Pal… Hit it, Angela! [electronic music] ♪ If you dug through the world ♪ ♪ Yodel-ay, oh-ee-oh! ♪ ♪ And you got all muddy ♪ ♪ Yodel-ay, dee-oh! ♪ ♪ I’d hose you off and clothe you ♪
♪ Yodel-ay, dee-oh-dee-oh! ♪ ♪ Cos I’m your buddy! ♪ ♪ Pajama pals! ♪


Will z:nozanto brocanto
Will a:easy?
Tom:don’t worry bro I’ll call the best doctor we know
Dr:hmm hmm I know
Tom:give it to me straight doctor

Pajama pals i think i watched a cartoon like that when i was a kid but its in the tip of my tongue and i coudnt remember it any more so much memories in my childhood

hhhhhhhhhh it s true of al boys and gals from gens and nerds to megs and hals you w ont find a better and find in pajama pals pajama pals pajama pajama pajama pajama jama pals

Banana Kickflip. Bizz to the Buzz. Trap Boar Heart Wiggles. Nozanto Brocando? Hyper Bud Easy? Flip-Nuts. Stunky Trip-Zits! Stunky Trip-Zits! Snickles. Miopoptical Motorman! Freep! Jama-Labra, Bro-Maaan!

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What i thought
If you talk to the walls, yoo yee yoo ye yo, and you are alright, yo yay oo, i would be right there for you, yedello yoloy cause im your funny, pajama pal

What it says
If you dug through the world, yodel yo hio, and you got all muddy, yodelli yo, id hose you off and clothe you, yodelli yo, cause im your buddy, pajama pals


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