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TAU vs HC EVO – which skate is perfect for you? – Powerslide

TAU vs HC EVO – which skate is perfect for you? – Powerslide

Hi everyone! I’m Lorenzo and today
we’re gonna talk about the differences between the TAU skates
and the HARDCORE EVO. They have some features in common,
but also differences. Today we’re gonna find out why some
skaters prefer one instead of the other. OK, let’s begin with
the common points: Both shells are made of a mix of
carbon, kevlar and fiberglass. All the Trinity system advantages
have the same effects on both skates. We find the same cuff, strings and
buckles, which work very well. Both of them are rigid, reactive and
so perfect for freestyle skating! And now let’s see
the differences: The first difference is that
the EVO are heat moldable, but the TAU will be in 2019. The bottom of the shell is wider on the EVO than on TAU, especially in the toe area.
So, if you have a wide footprint you will probably feel
more comfortable with the EVO. From the other side,
if your foot is not large, you will probably
prefer the TAU. The TAU is flat,
while the EVO has a 4mm extra heel rise. On TAU, you will have the possibility to
move the frames a little more forward, while on the EVO you will have the possibility
to move them a little more backward. The toe area on TAU is really narrow,
while on EVO you will find a toe strap that will help you
to close this area a little more. The EVO doesn’t have an inner sole,
so you will find the bottom of the skate really hard and
super reactive as a speed skate boot. On the TAU, you can have the same feeling,
just taking out the inner soles. The cuff on TAU is a little
bit higher than it is on EVO and this will provide a
better support in general. As you can see, with the EVO there is
more frontal support than on TAU. But on the other hand, you will have
a better lateral support with TAU. So, these are the main differences
between these 2 top model of skates. In conclusion, I think you will
probably prefer the EVO if: While probably you will
prefer the TAU if: Stay tuned for a new video
and don’t forget to follow me on the social networks.
Ciao ciao!


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