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Tech Hacked Water Bottle

Tech Hacked Water Bottle

– And let’s do six shots of espresso. Got a long day ahead of me. – [Woman On Speaker] All right. Anything else? – I said six, let’s do eight instead. Hey what’s up, guys. Keaton here. So what I got is a smart water bottle that literally does everything. It’s a water bottle, it’s got
a speaker, a battery pack, got some lights, a microwave, an oven, it’s also a hoverboard. It’ll take you to school,
it’ll tuck you in at night. It does pretty much everything. And, of course, before we
drop this video drop a like if you’ve ever left a
dislike on any of my videos. I just want to know who’s out there. And if you’re new around here add me on Snapchat right up there. As always I Snapchat you back after every single video drops. Let’s check it out. This is the Hydra SmartBottle. I’d normally say it’s expensive, but since it does
everything, it’s not too bad. If you guys want to check it out links below
(ding) It comes in a few different colors I just happened to get the red one. It’s the summer. Kind of wanted to show it off. So what you get is, honestly,
more than I think you need. You get this extra top here. This is the normal top. You get this part here
which has the speaker and radio built inside. Then you get the actual water bottle part. You know, can’t forget
it’s a water bottle here. Then at the bottom we have a USB port because it will actually
charge your phone. Craziness. And it’s got a decent
sized battery in here, too. And then it’s got a light. So you can light up your water as well. Literally craziest product ever. It can hold a decent amount of liquid. This one just happens
to be 20 fluid ounces. (water sloshing) Oh, so refreshing. This is 20 ounces. What I typically do is I got
to Starbucks in the morning, fill this thing up with
a bunch of espressos, don’t even know how much the drink costs, add some Red Bull, some Five Hour Energy, and that’s usually what I
use this water bottle for. (slurps) Ahh. Now this thing is pretty
smart, we already know that. So if you just want to be basic, and not use any of the cool functions, you just take the regular cap you screw it on. (clanking) No water is coming out. It’s also got a speaker which to be honest sounds pretty loud. Just screw this thing. And then here, power button. – [Hydra SmartBottle]
Hydra SmartBottle active. Bluetooth active. – It’s such a different voice. It’s quite refreshing if
you want my honest opinion. (rimshot) You can also take calls,
raise and lower the volume. You guys can see why this water bottle does pretty much everything. If you get cut on the playground this thing will give you a Band-Aid. (snap) Just broke it. No way! It’s a straw.
(laughs) It’s got these clips
so you can stand it up and let it get super loud. And then there’s this top
part that clicks in here. So if you don’t want the water bottle part you just click that in there
and it will disguise it. It’s honestly crazy. And now we turn Bluetooth on. – [Hydra SmartBottle]
Hydra SmartBottle active. Bluetooth active. – It’s like the coolest voice ever. And I got it paired to
my phone right here. We’ll play some music see how it sounds. – [Hydra SmartBottle]
Bluetooth paired successfully. (phone clatters) – I’m gonna extend this first. You can do an AUX port in
case Bluetooth ain’t working. Recharge the speaker here. Change tracks here. Play, pause there. You got to control the
volume on your phone, that’s the only thing. (pop music) I am thirsty. Let me take the speaker off. This thing’s awesome! I love dancing. And I got a water bottle, too. The speaker’s pretty good, not gonna lie. But to show you it fully assembled we’re gonna get the power
slash light part here. So you can see how much
battery is left on here. And this thing will actually
charge an iPhone 6S Plus almost one and a half times. If you have a iPhone 6S it’ll
charge it around two times. Let me get it going here. Show you this thing works. Boom! That thing’s charging. And now let’s do the light part. Yeah. You see the light going on here? You see the lighting goodness here? This thing does everything, guys. And the last feature that
I just found out about is the water bottle technically
has a secret compartment. So if you take this end and
you screw it on to the bottom you can literally put
whatever you want in here. Pretty crazy, right? So, for example, this would
be perfect for music festivals because you can put your tickets in here, put some floss because I know
it gets a little bit rowdy. Stuff the floss in there. Get some Band-Aids. Then you just… You screw that thing on and no one will know you’re prepared. (ding) This thing’s pretty cool. Let’s go outside and test it out. – [Woman On Speaker] Hi,
what can I do for you? – Hey, can I get a venti
iced caramel macchiato light ice extra caramel and let’s do six shots of espresso. Got a long day ahead of me. – [Woman On Speaker] All right. Anything else? – I said six, let’s do eight instead. Holy wow. Yeah, good luck. Can I get a few napkins
for this caffeine mess? Geez, wow. This right here is called
the Keaton cocktail. Caramel macchiato,
eight shots of espresso. A lot of you guys ask what
drugs I do for these videos. None. I just drink this every morning. Let’s get a little ice in there. Get some Nos. And then two Five Hour Energies. Extra strength. Right to the top. Beautiful. This right here, honestly,
the drink of champs. Might be the heart attack of champs, too. (gasps) I can taste the energy! Whoo! Let’s go film! That’s pretty much it for this video. If you guys enjoyed it make
sure to drop a comment, sorry. A little caffeinated right now. And as you guys know I am
responding to your comments at the end of every single video. So today BlazingTank102 says, “Legend has it Keaton won’t reply.” Well, BlazingTank102,
(slam) I thought so. If you guys are new on here
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yeah, I’ll see you soon.


haha, drop a like if you disliked last video. That actually makes up for the 30000 times you say it on all your vids 😛

You can adjust the volume. Just hold down the plus or minus button. Tapping the button skips songs. Also it would've been neat to see the radio function. Great video though!

Alot of you guys ask what drugs I use for these videos proceeds to say none but just gave his self a zip worth of caffeine yeah you right lmaooo a damn crack head lol

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