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♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ ♪ (Rage Against the Machine,
“Guerrilla Radio”) ♪ – (Finebros) Today you’re playing this. – Oh my gosh, PlayStation. – I think this is a PlayStation 1. This is old, dude. – “February 1996.” That is older than me. – (Finebros) And this is the game
you’re gonna be playing on it. – Oh my god, yes! No, I remember this one. Oh, so much memories.
Nostalgia like crazy. – Oh my god. I think I’ve actually played this
before on the Nintendo 64. – I’ve seen this.
This is so funny to play. Depending on what type of levels you do, you’re either doing an obstacle
course kinda deal thing, or you can go to, like, freestyle it, and you get points
for doing certain tricks. – (Finebros) We’re gonna
give you two tries to accomplish as many
achievements as possible within the first level.
– Okay. I’ma be the best skater there ever was– I mean, besides Tony Hawk. – ♪ Lights out ♪
– Oh, I remember. I remember. – This is very ’90s. Oh my god. – This song. – Can’t even get on a skateboard
without falling off IRL. – I know who Eric Koston
is, but that’s it. – “Elissa…” oh, a girl. – ♪ It has to start somewhere ♪
– Wait, what? From building to building?
Okay, that’s crazy. – So you see me, like, hyped too. Like five years old. – You see, I would pick Tony Hawk. But… he’s goofy, so I don’t– I don’t go goofy. Kareem Campbell’s pretty good. His spins are good.
That’s all I care about. I just need to do spins. – That guy has a bowl cut.
That’s immediately a no. He has a lot of air and spin. I’m gonna go for that, ’cause
I know what those two words are. – I’m gonna go to Steve, because
his stats are really balanced. – I want to be Eric Koston.
Can I– okay, here we go. Select the one guy I know, so I’ll be him. – Oh, I’ve played this level. I know there’s a part
where you can break the glass and you can get into a secret area. – “SICK Score!, Pro Score,
High Score, Collect S.K.A.T.E.” Oh, I remember that. – “Find The Secret Tape.” I don’t– I’m just gonna go. ♪ (Anthrax, “Bring the Noise”) ♪
– Oh my god, oh my god. No, oh my god. Oh my god. See it? Wait, wait, wait. I already forgot how to do– Wait. Shoot, I already killed myself. – Okay. “Crouch and go faster.” Oh, this is so clunky and weird. Triangle. Oh, okay. I opened that place. – Oh, here I go. Ooh, I’m going this– whoa! I’m so cool. Oh my god. (chuckles nervously) This is a lot harder. Oh, I only have two minutes? Oh. – Okay, so I’m gonna– So there’s kinda like net?
Okay. I see now. Oh, oh. – Okay, uh… that’s a grind. Oh, (chuckling) okay. All right, get back up. – Oh yeah. Bail out, fam. Oh my. – Um, how do I flip and stuff? Oh, there’s so much blood.
I’m so sorry, my friend. – Wow. A-hoo. Am I supposed
to knock down the barrels? – Oh, wait, wait. There’s
some barrels over here. Hyah! – Oh, yes. Okay, I broke it. – Eh? Oh, I’m shredding. Lookit. No, I’m not shredding. – Oh my god. How did he live? – I want to– oh, and there’s a plane. No, I want to get the pilot
wings, but it’s not working. That was blood. – Oh, 180 ollie. I’m a pro skater. – I want to go to the helicopter. And break the glass,
’cause that’s possible. – Okay. I need to stop
doing tricks as I’m landing. That’s the problem. – What? Did you see that? Watch this one. All right, that was–
it was this guy’s fault. – Okay, there’s a thing here.
I don’t know what A means. Oh, that’s the SKATE thing! – There we go! I remember that place. And there’s, like, snow outside. And is that the secret tape? It IS the secret tape. – No, nine seconds. Get up.
You have to do this. – Okay, time’s about to run out. (timer beeping)
I don’t know if I did well or not. – No, wait. No, no. Wait, no. Yes. Four out of five. – (laughs) Total score: 1582. – Screaming. I didn’t
even get good points. – I didn’t do too hot. I got 5,000 score. But that’s just because
it was my first time, you know? – My tricks were really bad,
but I got some stuff. I almost got the SKATE,
almost got the pilot wings. I think I could win. – I did horrible.
That was like an atrocity. – I only got the secret tape. But that was my first try,
so it’s not that bad. – (Finebros) Now you know
the controls a little bit, so let’s see what other
achievements you can get. – Got it. ♪ (Bad Religion, “You”) ♪
Okay, I know there’s– Should be one right there. One right here. – All right. I got the S. Cool, all right. – All right. Well, I got that, so. – Grind. Or not grind, heh. – Ooh! That was cool! – Okay. There’s barrels. And there’s a letter. Grind this. Pilot wings. (sighs in relief) More barrels. – No, go that way. Wrong… Are you– what is happening? Are you okay? – Okay. Find the barrels. Oh, I see the barrels. Gotta hit them. Yeah! – Boom. ‘Kay, I need one more. – This letter right here is mine. – I’m just gonna go for
a score right now. I have to. – Oh, wait. The A’s right there. Okay. – There’s a T. – Oh, that’s gonna be a hard one. Okay. I think you have to go up here. Oh. Oh! – I’m just gonna do some
sick moves, not bail like that. I need to get some speed. – Barrels. – Ugh. Argh! Oh, I got 50 bucks.
I don’t know what I did. – E. Okay. Where’s the last letter?
Oh, it’s over there. Okay. Okay. – That was sick. – Boom. – Oh, there’s SKATE. I see it. I see it. – Okay. Okay, look. I got it. Cool. – Boom. – Gotta just break it. Wait, no. Are they? What? How are they– how do I get to them? Oh, I got there. Okay. (nervously) No, turn around.
(whispers) Okay. Turn around, turn around. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, okay. (frustrated) AAH! NO! – Nice. Okay, cool. I’m gonna get this A if it kills me. I got a pilot wing. That worked too. Come here, A. Oh my god. Come here. (growls in frustration) I’m gonna scream. This is so hard. I missed it! Oh my god, I’m gonna cry! – I’m just gonna go ham, boy.
(sucks air through teeth) All right, high score, 10k. – I’m gonna… jump up! And I got it! I got SKATE. Okay. Now let’s get the barrels. – Oh wait, I got it. I got 10,000. – Woo! That was really good. – I NEED them. STOP IT! AAH! (whimpers) I don’t like this. (weeping) – (sucks air) I’m pretty sure
that’s not even all of them. Oh! That was all of them. Okay. – Mm. Don’t let– oh! Yes, I landed that. Oh. Oh. Pro score! Let’s go! – One second. See, no. Did I make pro? No. Didn’t get any of the achievements. But I got 50 bucks. I’m rich. I can go get McDonald’s. ♪ (“Guerrilla Radio”) ♪ – It was a pretty fun game. The trick variety was
way better than I thought. – I liked it, but I’m just
not good enough at it to enjoy it to its max. – Achievements, like, it makes
someone want to keep playing and then get those achievements. Like, it’s really fun
for a skateboarding game. – I loved playing. That was awesome. Big nostalgia trip. If I still had a PlayStation,
I would probably have it. You know, just reminisce. – Thanks for watching us play
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 on the React channel. – Have a suggestion of
what we should play next? Tell us in the comments. – Subscribe for new
Gaming episodes every week. – I gotta bail, bros.
Catch’a on the flip side. ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪


Be on the lookout for outlast 2! It is coming out in the fall of 2016. Can you make them react to the outlast trailer and the game when it comes out!! Please!!!

Watching this gameplay reminded me of the band "No Doubt" lol You know, I LOVE this channel, it's so eclectic and each videos are like, an experience, I usually don't praise stuff I only do that if I really like something, keep it up =)

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