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Tesla announces collector’s edition surfboards

Tesla announces collector’s edition surfboards

Tesla has announced a new zero emission
item unrelated to its core car business it’s selling collector’s edition
surfboards on its website electric reports the enthusiast site noted that
the surfboard was added to Tesla’s website late Friday night that being
said the $1500 boards are a very limited quantity only 200 were being made
available for sale so it is possible the boards have already sold out while we
can’t confirm the status of the boards a threat on the Tesla subreddit lends
credence to the notion that they have sold out a few users and noted
inconsistencies in the number of boards available right before the page went
down given that information it is likely that they sold out within a few hours of
being announced so hopefully you got yours before supplies dwindle down to
zero the boards were made in collaboration with lost surfboards and
were inspired by Tesla’s line of electric cars and they aren’t electric
hydrofoil boards or anything funky like that the limited-edition tesla surfboard
features a mix of the same high-quality matte and gloss finishes used on all our
cars the deck is reinforced with lightweight black dark carbon fiber
inspired by the interiors in our cars and featuring tonal logos in subtle
contrast gloss surfboards might seem an odd fit for a car company but this is
hardly the first time Tesla has created collectors apparel and accessories for
example its website sells a line of clothing for men women and children
ranging in price from about $25 to $120 for a jacket

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