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Tesla Model 3 Gets New Battery Cells (4416) – Teslanomics Live for July 24th, 2017

Tesla Model 3 Gets New Battery Cells (4416) – Teslanomics Live for July 24th, 2017

– Hey everyone, thanks
for joining me here today on Teslanomic’s Live. I have a lot of fun stuff to talk about. And way too many questions to cover, in fact this was the first time I wasn’t able to be able
answer all the questions, I had to filter some of them. But there were a lot of
repeats and all that too, so thank you for sending
those in, in advance. I will be taking a live Q&A
at the end of this session, so please hold your questions until then, as I won’t be able to scroll
back and see everything before then. So first and foremost, there are some really fun,
big things to talk about but I gotta cover some of the news events. And the first one I want to talk about is this report from Bloomberg
that renewable energy is not a threat to the grid in the U.S. So this was a draft of
a study that was done by the Department of Energy,
which is now led by Rick Perry who was very skeptical and
being from Texas and all this wants to see more coal and
these kind of things in our grid because they, I don’t know, that’s their base that votes for them so they’re trying to play favorites a bit. And he ordered a study of it
to be done and the findings, which are still under review
by the department’s leadership, go against Perry’s arguments
that the base-load sources, such as coal and nuclear power
that provide constant power are jeopardized by Obama era
incentives for renewable energy making the grid unreliable. So this draft of the
report that was leaked basically said the opposite of that. And so you know just
some quotes from here, from Perry, he said, “I’ve asked the staff “at the Department of Energy to undertake “a critical review of regulatory burdens “placed by the previous administration “on base-load generators.” So basically saying, the stuff Obama did to try to make us have a cleaner, you know less CO2
emitting source of energy is creating a burden on the folks that generate a lot of the CO2 emissions and you know cause climate
change and those kind of things. So let’s try to understand that burden, so it doesn’t harm you anymore. So over the last several years, grid experts have expressed concern about the erosion of
critical base-load resources. So he ordered this thinking
that he would get what he wants and noting this is still a draft, so there may be some new stuff coming out if you’re watching this in the future, you know this may be a bit different. So this was exciting
news for us that believed that sustainable forms of energy are the ones we ought to pursue instead of the other forms of energy which you know harm the environment and regardless of that are
just not sustainable anyways. So I’m excited about this, because it just further
supports the evidence that renewable sources of energy are the way that we’re
gonna go in the U.S. here and that is kinda without, you
know even people like this, in positions of power like
this trying to stop us. So I’m excited about this and
I hope you’ll check it out. After this video’s done all
the links to these things will be in the description down below. And you can get them on the email list at as well. So the next thing I want to talk about is Tesla’s going all vegan and this is kind of an interesting thing where they will no longer have
leather seats as an option. But the car won’t be totally vegan, I’ll explain that in a second here. So Business Insider, and the reason I’m
calling them out on this or showing this is because
they had a pretty cool thing that you, they actually
surveyed folks here about what other manufacturers are doing and you know you can see them here, Lexus does not currently
have a vegan car interior. Audi, yeah, you know yes, no, basically nobody’s really doing it. Acura though, had an interesting statement where they said we do offer a
leatherette on our base ILX, however, even if the dealer installed the animal-free
seating services, the steering wheel is leather, which is true of Tesla as well. Now Tesla did say though that they, if the customer requests, could replace that with
a non-leather option. So they’re going vegan. I don’t know if this
is a good thing or not, I’m not too off-put by
having leather in the car. Maybe some people this will
actually be more damaging because they want those higher-end types of finishes in their car and they already give Tesla
a hard time about that. So we’ll see how that goes. So that was number two. Now another one that’s kinda fun is Elon recently made some Tweets
about being able to go from New York to D.C., that’s New York City to Washington, D.C. In 29 minutes in a hyper-loop. Now there’s a couple things
here that are kinda weird and I’m gonna do a video
on this in a couple weeks or it’ll be coming out in a couple weeks. So here’s the Tweet from Elon and I’ll try to maximize this a little bit so you can read it. He said, “Just received
verbal government approval “from the Boeing Company
to build an underground “New York, Philly,
Baltimore, D.C. hyper-loop. “New York to D.C. in 29 minutes.” So this is confusing to me because I thought the Boeing Company was making these underground tunnels in which you would drive onto them, it would lower you down and then take you at
about 130 miles an hour to your destination, you’d pop
back up and then drive away. And this seems to be something different, or it is, there’s some
other details there. So this is the confusion and
he didn’t really clarify. He did have another
statement here where he said, “City center to city center “in each case with up to a dozen or more “entry/exit elevators in each city.” So see again, if you wanted
to go from New York to D.C. I did a little bit of research here. That’s 226 miles between
the cities via the roadway. So granted you won’t have
to drive the exact roadway, but close to you know 226 miles. Currently it takes over four hours and if you wanted to be on a skate, that skate would need to
go near 500 miles per hour in order to get there in 29 minutes. So that seems unlikely based
on what they’ve already shared about those skates, which means it will be
a hyper-loop instead, the actual floating, levitation
kind of vacuum-tube thing that he came out with a while ago. But then his statement
here about city-to-city with a dozen or more entry/exit elevators, that makes me think it is
the Boeing Company skates, so if you have information on this I’d love to hear your thoughts in a comment down below
after the video posts because I’m a little bit confused by this. I’m excited about it,
’cause that’s awesome, although I don’t live on the East Coast I think this would be just great for transportation out there and help, you know this new
concept he’s pushing grow and become even more prevalent. But I’m a little bit confused, I’m looking for details on this, if you have ’em, please let me know. And I’ll keep an eye on this story because I think it’s gonna
be a very interesting one in the future here soon. Okay, so if you’re new to the show here what I have is a few different segments and this one I have, I’m
just callin’ This is Cool. I don’t know what else to say, but I saw this photo recently and this was from something
floating around on, I think, Instagram, where it had a photo
of an electric vehicle from 1905, it said. And it’s real, so this is Snopes, if you’re unfamiliar with this. This is a website that
does research into things to figure out if they’re true or false. And so a lot of times when you see these things on the internet they’re just lies, right, they’re just fake or doctored or whatever. So it turns out that this, and you can see this was
the Twitter account here. History Lovers Club,
“Charging electric car, 1905.” Well it turns out that
that’s not actually the case. It’s not 1905, but it is
an electric car charging. So if I go down you can see that “The plugged-in-car featured in the photo, “which initially caught my
eye was a Detroit Electric. “A vehicle produced by
Anderson Electric Company “from 1907 to 1939.” So it couldn’t have been 1905
unless this is like basically the Model 3, sneak
peaks we’ve been seeing, way-back-when. “The photo’s part of a
group of promotional images “showing the auto on a trip
from Seattle to Mt. Rainier. “Other photographs from
the group show the car “wending its way through the
mountains of Washington.” So you can see those photo’s here. So this is pretty awesome. I think this is really cool. I’m not quite sure what to make of it, but yeah I mean it’s exciting to see that, that you know electric
cars were around back then. So yeah, again this is just my you know, today in What’s Cool. Okay, now the next thing I
want to talk about is my short. So for the short this is
the thing I don’t like or the thing I’m betting against. A term that people often
use to describe an act that they’re doing in the stock market. So when we’re talking about the economy a lot of times we’ll
say I’m short on that, meaning I’m against it or I don’t like it. And for my short this week, it is the keycard rumor about how to enter and exit the Model 3. So here’s a shot, this is from Teslarati where, “Senior Vice President of
Engineering, Doug Field “was spotted at the
Fremont factory driving off “in his Model 3, serial number 003.” congrats Doug on having
such an awesome car. By the way I hope to see you this Friday, I’d love to chat. And so one of the things here
is that there’s a keycard, now people were assuming or
saying that he was entering and exiting the vehicle with a keycard. So the way these work in today’s world is that you have to go up
to something and tap it and there’s a RFID chip. Now an RFID chip is a
radio frequency ID tag and there’s active and passive. So the active one requires electricity and it’s basically looking for
that matching radio frequency that it’s been programmed to accept and then it will perform some action, typically unlocking a door. And you can see the shots of him here with that stuff. Now if you go look, there are some issues with this. So first off, these can
be hacked really easily. You can clone them from far away. In fact this researcher
here had a quote about it, and they said that, “using Brown’s device “all a criminal has to do is
walk past you on the street “in order to clone your
RFID equipped cards. “even if they’re buried
in your purse or pocket “and thereby gain access to your office.” So here what they’re talking about are, are they typical ones
that you use on doors. Now there are some other technologies that I think are more interesting
that would be even better. If Tesla’s gonna go this route, like for example, I know
you can unlock your car currently with your phone, by going to the app and clicking a button, but there are also other locks
that are Bluetooth connected to where you walk up to
your door, let’s say, and it automatically
recognizes your device and unlocks before you
even get to the handle. I would like to see that, so that way I don’t have to carry a card in addition to all my other stuff and also I don’t have to then
actually take the card out and tap it to the door as
you see in this photo here. ‘Cause to me, that is worse
than what I currently do is just walk up to my car
and the door handle pops out. Even my wife’s Acura RDX, I walk up to it, I stick my hand down
underneath the door handle and it recognizes the key-fob is nearby and automatically unlocks. So I never have to take the key or anything out of my pocket, click a button or do anything like that. This seems like more work to me. Now I do agree that, and I don’t know if I
have my keys around here, but having a bunch of
crap on your keys sucks so I like that it’s slimmer, but I don’t like that it would
be essentially more work. Now if they’ve figured out
some way to make that better and to automatically just
work as you go up to the car then fantastic. But I think this is
pretty speculative here. Now if there’s more evidence of this, I would, you know love to see it. And this Friday of course we’ll find out. But yeah, this is my short for the week, I don’t like this idea and I hope it doesn’t become a reality but it’s not like a game-changer. It’s not really like something
that’s a show-stopper for me. Well, next I want to talk
about having some fun. And this is my son’s new Tesla. He’s only two, he already owns a Tesla. This is a Model S, a P90D. They had to make some modifications to it. Namely make it smaller, cut off the top so he could sit in it and he’s actually a little bit too small, he can’t quite reach the pedals. But I just wanted to say
thank you to everybody that helped me you know earn
the referral rewards for this as well as the Model 3
event that’s coming soon. So this is him. He was fascinated with the rims. He couldn’t, he wouldn’t
let go of the rims, he just kept trying to pull ’em off and spin ’em around and stuff. But yeah, thank you to everyone, here’s it charging. And you know, I don’t know, I’ll have more videos
about this coming out soon but right now I just wanted
to share this with you, it’s kinda fun. Okay, let’s see, and the big news that
I wanted to share today that I’m gonna go back to just this one just to, because I don’t
actually have any details or anything websites to show you. Well, maybe I do, I lied. So somebody reached
out to me very recently and they gave me some info
about the Tesla Model 3. And that info, hold on,
let me take a drink. That info is that, as my hunch I had earlier, turns out to be pretty accurate, in that the Tesla Model 3 will have
new, larger battery cells than the previous models. So let’s break this
down for a second here. And I’ll go back to the browser. So the way lithium ion batteries work is you know you have the lithium in there, and all the other metals
that store the energy and you know they
discharge pretty similarly to how any other battery works. But they come in these different sizes and if I look, you can see I’m looking at this link here which has a lot of details about how these cars, or sorry, how these batteries are made. And there were these different cell sizes and there’s the typical capacity, these are in milliamp hours. So, and correct me if I’m wrong, I believe that’s correct. So if you look, the 18-650, these are the ones that are
currently being used in Teslas. And not too long ago, Tesla
announced the 21-70 cells were new and were gonna be
used in some of the other ones, but that they were not gonna
be used in the Model S or X. So they have these different cells and these cells come together in modules and these modules come
together in the kind of big, giant pack, the skateboard
that you’re used to seeing. And those are all wired up and connect into the electric motor, the drivetrain, and then that’s how the
car goes essentially. Those are the high-level components. So the information I have, from somebody close to Tesla,
just received basically, you know I willed this into existence to use a phrase from Ryan, is that they will have new cells that are 44-16 cell. Not the 21-70s, not the 18-650s, but a 44-16 cell. And that would mean
that the cell is bigger and more energy dense, which means you can have less of them to achieve the same energy output. Now I had this hunch awhile ago, because what I kept seeing were things that appeared
not to be possible. How could you achieve over 300 miles on this car with 75 kilowatt hours? It’s not that much smaller
and more aerodynamic than the S is, but it
gets a ton more mileage, how is that possible? Well, if you have a more
energy-dense battery then you will lighten the load by, I don’t know, depending on how, what kind of level of
efficiency they achieve, you’ll be able to lighten the load, you know 40 plus-percentage. Now this also, was supported by the fact that Tesla is discontinuing
the cheapest version of the Model S, the 75 kilowatt
hour, rear-wheel drive, ahead of the Model 3 launch. A lot of people are speculating that this is because, they want to separate these two vehicles so that you know you’re
not looking and going, well I’d rather get a souped-up Model 3 than a base-model S. Which a lot of people are
probably on that fence, you know I know a lot of
you guys have emailed me asking about that same question. So here though, what I
think the reason for this is that the new base is gonna be 100, with these new cells and we’re gonna see upwards
of a 200 kilowatt-hour pack for the larger, larger models. Now, of course that means that they’ll get a much larger range, I haven’t done the math on
exactly what that would mean, but you know just
back-of-the-napkin type stuff, we’re looking at 450,
maybe close to 500 miles on a single charge. So that’s my speculation, right? The information I received is
that they will have new cells, the cells are 44-16s and that is you know gonna lead to, or that is how they’re
achieving a lighter load on the Model 3, which
gives them the range. And then so it makes sense that it stands to reason, as
my father-in-law would say, that they would use those
cells on the S and the X to give them even extended range over what they currently have, also making it a higher premium and really just kinda
catapulting this stuff into the next level to where the electric vehicles are
no longer limited by range. In fact you might even be
longer than a lot of other cars in a similar category. So that’s huge and I only have one, you know, one source right now, so I haven’t
corroborated this with others. So it could be you know bad information or not 100% right, but we’ll find out this Friday when I and many others you
know descend on San Francisco to see the final production models and what’s going on with them there. But I’m excited about this,
if this turns out to be true then that is a major, major win for Tesla and as well as the EV market itself. I assume they’d be selling these new cells to other manufacturers,
after they probably, you know make all of their cars, which they have a huge backlog of. So I’m really curious about that. Like I said, I haven’t
corroborated this with others, but a source close to
Tesla shared this with me, just recently, and I wanted
to share it with you guys. It’s not fact, they don’t have details, so chalk it up as a rumor, if you like. In any event it’s exciting and that was my big news that I was really dying to
share with you guys today. So next I would like to
move on to the Q&A section. And thank you to everyone
that submitted your questions in advance. And I will switch over to those now. So first and foremost, Jeff Price asks, “Will this be the last round
of free referral supercharging? “Got my assigned Vin yesterday.” Congrats, Jeff and, “Some friends want to
buy but my referral code “will likely expire by then. “by the way thanks again for the referral, “will be driving around
20-30,000 miles this year alone, “for work and supercharging
will be perfect.” Well, you’re welcome, Jeff. And if you or anyone else,
you know does want to, is looking to buy and you know
wants to use my referral code you’re absolutely welcome to do that. You have to be my friend
first and foremost, so to become my friend
go to and there’s a form there you fill out. The official friendship form, approved by Tesla, and then we’ll be friends and
then I can send you my code. So anyways, go check it
out, So to answer your question though Jeff, will this be the last round
of free supercharging? Who the hell knows? They change this thing every other week. I wouldn’t be surprised
if we have another change before the end of the
year, if not multiple. So yeah, I mean encourage
your friends to buy, sooner rather than later. I don’t know what else to say. But thanks for the question. John G. Asks, “I’ve been waiting on my Model S, “pre-owned for a few weeks now, “I need to cancel due to
family responsibilities.” That’s a bummer. “Do you or anyone you
might know have experience “canceling and getting
the $1,000 deposit back?” John, I don’t, it sucks that
you have to go through this. Or that you’re not gonna be
able to join the Tesla family, but hopefully they take care
of you and serve you well. I would contact your sales rep, that’s, when I was buying a
car that’s who I worked with and they were always really good to me. So Lester from British Columbia, asks, “It was previously stated “that day-one reservation
holders will receive “some type of bonus for
their early reservation. “I’ve heard people thinking
it might be a special color “or badging, other’s have thought “as much as free supercharging
or free glass roof. “What do you think it will be?” I think there will be free supercharging, I’ve never actually said that before, but just after actually
looking at your question and thinking about it more, you know people use supercharging
less than 10% of the time. Some people don’t ever use it. So it’s really not a huge cost to Tesla to offer it. You know of course they’re adding and they’re continuing
to grow that network. I think we have a lot of unfounded fear that you know you won’t be
able to use superchargers, they’ll all be booked. Remember a lot of these are
out in the middle of nowhere where very few people are
there, you know to charge. It’s only really the ones that
are located within cities. So those are kinda the
things to think about, so I’m guessing it’s free super charging. Maybe a special color, but yeah who knows? I would hope it would
be free super charging because that would be something everybody could take advantage of. A special color, you know
for example for myself, if it’s the signature red, I particularly don’t like that color, so I wouldn’t go for it. Thanks for the question. Dave in Chicago. Hey Dave, haven’t been to Chicago yet, but I do have some family
there so I need to come visit. “Any news about the cost
to upgrade the battery? “I love your posts because
they’re extremely up-to-date.” Well thank you for that and
thanks for the question. I don’t have any specific news, I assume this Friday we’ll
hear a lot more details on it. So stay tuned. Also I’m gonna be doing a vlog for the whole event on Friday. I won’t be, you know doing live streaming and that kind of thing. There’ll be literally dozens and dozens of major media outlets there, follow them, they’ll give you all the details. Come back on the next day and you’ll see my experience about it, I’m gonna be overnight, editing and publishing that video. So I’ll be up 24 hours right there. Thanks for the question. Jonathan in Austin asks, first let me take a drink. “On a previous video you
showed the electrical route “from your breaker box to
where the Model S is parked. “Are you going to install “a second connection for the Model 3? “Or are you going to
share with the Model S? “If you install a new connection “will you use the Tesla wall charger “or the NEMA 14-50 outlet
with the mobile charger?” So I am gonna share with the Model S. I’m not gonna install another one. Me nor my wife drive a ton for work. I you know am in my
studio here at my house, my wife’s only about
three or four miles away where she works, so we
won’t really need one. So I’m not gonna install one
because it is a good expense. But if I were I would probably
just install the NEMA 14-50. I like the idea of the Tesla wall charger, but the cost of it doesn’t
seem like it’s worth it to me. I may replace my current one
with a wall charger, one day, but you know we gotta redo the garage and it’s just a lot of work, so. Thanks for the question. Aitor Alonso from Bilbao, Spain asks, “Hey Ben, I recently saw the statements “about the Tesla master plan. “Creating a pick up and a bus “appear to be Elon’s next long-term goals, “correct me if I’m wrong.” Bus, I don’t think so, semi. And, “do you think that Tesla “should take on those challenges “or should it be focused on
building a strong brand?” You did have a lot more
on your question there, sorry I had to cut it off
to fit on the screen here. But I get the sentiment, so I think their plan makes sense. I think they actually, one of Tesla’s strengths
has been their strategy, from the get go, of making
you know a very expensive, yet sexy roadster, which very few people but a lot of celebrities
and other folks endorsed which really sparked the interest in them. Then they made this awesome sedan which really just
dominates the market now, in the luxury sedan world. And then you know their
roll-out strategy here, I think is great. I think they’re doing it right. The one thing I’m really
confused by is the semi. Now I understand that
these are big-ticket items, but I don’t know where
they’re gonna build them and I don’t know if they
even have the capacity and really the economics
of that just have to work. You know that industry, the
way it works is you have to, the economics are the thing. You know unlike the consumer market where the flashiness or the
aesthetics can draw people in. In the trucking space, you know companies are gonna care less about the how the damn thing looks, it’s just gonna be is
it economically viable? And if so, that’ll be the winner which actually plays to the idea of them installing
these super charger 3.0s that will have a 300 something-kilowatts, you know speed of energy transfer so they can charge even faster. That would make sense if you had semis and you put these out on trucking routes. So yeah, I think they
know what they’re doing, but thanks for the question and I love hearing from people from Spain ’cause I’m such a fan. (speaking Spanish) Okay, Dave Glotfelty, “Any idea we’ll see a
major car magazine write-up “after the delivery event?” absolutely, but you know, instead of those major car magazines, just come watch my vlog. And I know I haven’t done a vlog before and it’s gonna be the first go and not as good as it could be, but hey just come watch my vlog, forget the major car magazines. Anyways, thanks for the question. Joe asks, “My future
Model 3 will be parked “in my garage for at
least 15 hours per day. “Will a standard 120 volt
outlet be all I ever need? “Would installing a
240 outlet in my garage “be a waste of money in my case?” I don’t think 240 is the right number, but yeah, I get your point. So the thing that I would say is yes, you should install the NEMA 14-50 outlet, which isn’t a 240, or
maybe it is, I forget. But yeah, whatever, I would install that or the Tesla wall charger. Because the 120 volt,
I believe only pulls, something like three
to five miles per hour. So 15 hours, you’re still only getting, you know maybe 50 something-miles
of charge on 15 hours. So yeah, I would go with the big one. It still will take you, depending
on the range and all that, you know six to seven
hours to charge fully if you were down to zero. So I would do it for sure. Cameron from San Clemente, hey, another So Cal native. “Do we know when Tesla will be announcing “features and pricing for the Model 3?” This Friday, stay tuned. Mr Handball asks, “Any
chance those expected “to receive their Model 3s this November “will at least have a chance to sit in one “before making full
commitment to purchase? “Us tall guys, 6’3”– Not me included. “have some concern as
currently Tesla’s happy “to have you test drive the Model S “which is comfortable to fit, “but 12 inches longer than the Model 3.” So a couple comments on this, one, the way I understand
it, because the way EVs work and basically the whole car is underneath, their ratio of the outer footprint, you know the length,
the height of the car, essentially the shell of it on the outside compared to how much
interior space they have is really second to none. And I know I think Lucid is
coming out with something that’s a bit better, maybe in 10 years, who knows if and when that thing happens. But anyways, I’m hoping that we’ll
all be a bit surprised about how roomy and nice
it is on the inside. But chances that you’ll
actually be able to sit in one are actually pretty good. I’ve heard a lot of rumors about this where they’re gonna be
shipping out Q3 of this year, to the stores so you can
actually test drive one, and sit in one and all that. So I’m not sure exactly how
the process is gonna go, but I will say there is a chance if those rumors are to be true. And of course as soon as I get my Model 3, I will be doing all kinds of videos including having some of my taller friends sit in it and tell me, you
know and share that experience. So thank you all for those
questions that you submitted in advance. I am going to now take some questions here from the live chat. So if you have any, please go ahead and ask them now. Let me go back just to the webcam shot and I will be awaiting your inquiries. So let’s take a look. Oh man, there’s too many. “How would you have a
self-driving motorcycle though?” That’s a great question. With a gyroscope. (laughing) Oh man, it looks like you guys are having a fun discussion here. Let me see. Courtney Gamer, hey welcome back. “I’m gonna pick up my
Tesla Model 3 from Fremont “and bring it to Chicago, I
already got authorization.” Good for you, congrats. “They said for all-wheel drive “I would get the car mid-summer, 2018. “Does that sound right?” You know I don’t know, that’s awesome that they told you that, but that’s the first I’ve heard of them giving this info out. If you find more, I’d love to see it. It depends a lot, like so for example, when you placed your
order is very important and that’s probably the
most important factor. Whether or not you’re a Tesla owner also. And then where you live,
so you know I’m surprised that they’ve given out
any details about that and expect that we’ll hear
more I guess coming soon. “I misunderstood the Fremont factory, “they have a lot of opportunity spaces, “they can at least double
their amount of assembly lines “in the dark places of the factory.” Okay, cool, when I was there
it didn’t look like that. It looked like they were
pretty much maxed out. “Did you hear about the syndicate charger “for the big-five from Germany,
you’re thoughts on that?” I’ve not, I’ve not heard about that. I do know that a lot of the big companies are trying to keep up with Tesla and try to make electric
vehicles and all that. So but that’s about all I’ve got. And Eli asks, “Any news
about Elon Musk’s Neuralink?” I haven’t heard anything new. I’m excited about it,
in fact a friend of mine who I did an interview with, Joe Scott, he has a channel called Answers with Joe is pretty good and he goes
into that quite deeply. So I would go check out his channel if you want some more info on Neuralink. “Hey Ben, do you think
the Tesla sharing network “is likely to follow
after the Model 3 launch “allowing users to rent
their cars by the hour?” Yes, but I think follow
after the Model 3 event as in like years, I don’t think
it’ll happen anytime soon. “What do you think about Faraday Future?” I like competition in the
market, I hope they make it. I know that they’re, I
think bankrupt right now, or they’re out of business
completely, I hope not. Yeah, it sounds like Faraday
and Lucid are having troubles and I could be misinformed on that. But I hope they make it,
I hope they figure it out. “Ben, what do you need to
charge a Tesla in your house?” So, you can actually plug
into a standard wall outlet and as I mentioned it’ll take forever. But you need to install
a NEMA 14-50 outlet or a Tesla wall charger and you can go, if you just Google for
that Tesla charging, there’s a whole page
dedicated to what you need. Now different countries
have different setups and so yeah, I would check those out, depending on where you
live, so there’s that. “Any chance to some truly
advanced voice-assistance “in the Model 3?” Jarvis, yes, I would love that. I do think that the Model 3 or the Tesla current voice
commands are lacking. But I understand why,
they need to make APIs to go into some of the more
hardware aspects of the car. So yeah, so there’s that. “What do you think about
the shorter back seats “in the Model 3?” So, yeah I saw that photo too, it didn’t look too bad to me. Who knows, what it will be like once, you know you actually sit in it, but yeah, I think it’ll be tight just like a smaller car would be, even in the Model S I
think it’s kinda tight. So yeah, I mean it’s not gonna be good, but hey it works and I don’t typically have that many people in the back seat. “Do you think we will hear
more about the Supercharger V3 “at the Model 3 event this Friday?” I doubt it, I don’t think so. I don’t think we’re gonna hear about that. “How about battery swapping
for the Tesla semi-truck?” That’s cool, “special stations along
popular trucking routes might make this viable?” Yeah, I agree I think that’d be cool. “Do you know about any plans for India?” Last I heard they were in talks and that the Indian government was saying some stuff about
them being able to not have, to meet some manufacturing requirement that they thought they had, so anyways. “Hey do you have any idea about
when we’ll get information “about payment options for the Model 3?” Well I imagine this Friday we’ll hear a lot about the Model 3 and that could be part of it. If not as soon as people start getting the actual configuration invitations out then it’ll happen, so. “Is California still charging tax “if you pick up in another state?” Yes. “I would like to pick up in factory.” The factory’s in California, so I’m not sure if I understand
your question, but yeah. So I think what you’re talking about if you go to Arizona and buy a car and then come back to
California and then register it. If you do that within two
years you have to pay sales tax on the entire vehicle
in California as well because they don’t want you
avoiding paying taxes on cars, so there you go. Let’s see, what other
questions do we have here? “What is your take on the 18 inch wheels “versus the 19 inch?” I like the 19 inch, I think
you know they look nicer, but yeah, we’ll see. I think that the bigger
wheels have smaller tires which wear out faster, if
I understand correctly, everyone’s been telling me this after I had to replace all my tires on my Tesla just recently. So yeah, there you go. “Do you think the Model 3 owners “will have the keycard or the key-fob?” Yeah, I addressed that earlier, I hope it’s not the keycard,
I don’t like the keycard, but you know it may be. It’s a rumor out there,
it seems odd to me, but anyways. “Do you think the browser in the Model 3 “will be faster than the
current in the Model S?” You know I don’t think it’s
the browser that’s slow, I think it’s the internet connection. Hopefully the browser is more compliant and you can do cooler things. Like right now the reason
Spotify doesn’t work on the browser is because the browser
doesn’t have a connection to the speakers in the car. So you can’t play things, play
audio through the browser. So I hope that the browser
just has those things, you know it’s more updated. But anyways, there we go. “Can you post the link to
the live event on your site?” I will be, as I go there
I will be posting it, but I’m not sure what
you mean outside of that. “Will you use the self-driving feature “as soon as it rolls out?” Man, I don’t know. I think it’s one of those things that I’ve been telling a
lot of people about this. The first time you get
in a car with auto-pilot you will, it’s scary, but then after maybe 10
times you’re okay with it. And maybe after 100 times it feels normal and after 1,000 times,
it’s just second nature. So I think the self-driving
is gonna be the same way. I think the very first time
you let your car go somewhere you’re gonna be in a parking lot asking it to go park or something. You’re gonna be very,
very you know nervous and cautious with it, and then after you do that a dozen times, it’ll feel more normal and
then eventually, you know. My big dream with that is
that I can go to a restaurant and get out of the car and hit
a button and have it go park. I don’t need it necessarily
drive me there and back, that’s like cool, but you know until that’s
really, really good I don’t think it’ll
really be that awesome. But parking is a pain in the ass, especially here in Southern
California, so there, there you go. “Model 3 in Europe by 2020?” Absolutely, think it’ll be
there in maybe late 2018, early 2019. “Wouldn’t it be cool if
you could choose to pick up “your reservation at the Fremont factory?” Yeah, that would be cool, I
wonder if you can do that? “Could it be optional to use
the keycard or a key-fob?” Yeah, I don’t know, maybe? I think that’d be weird if they did both because it’d be extra
work and all that stuff. Oh, man, “what’s my thoughts
on the aero wheels?” Their hideous, they are so hideous, the aero wheels on the S are even worse. They tried to put one
on my car the other day and it didn’t work, anyways. Yeah, so there you go. (laughing) “Connecticut changed it’s rules “and 3K is only for purchase
from authorized dealers.” Okay. “For electric all-wheel drive “do you need to replace all
the tires at the same time “like gas all-wheel drive?” I don’t know, yeah I would assume so. On mine, it’s only rear-wheel drive and I replaced all of them just because they were all
dead anyways, but yeah. “Any chance that Tesla could
have an app store eventually?” Yes, yes, yes, yes, I love this idea and I absolutely think they need to do it. Of course that makes it more risky because potentially
somebody could do something that would interfere with
the car’s ability to drive or takeover the car and all that, but that’s already in existence, so. “Ben, could car companies
make an agreement with Tesla “to use superchargers?” I assume sure, from a business standpoint, but then they would have to have a way to actually use them and that would mean their cars
would have to be compatible, I don’t see it happening. But yeah I mean sure, from a
business standpoint, why not? Jason Perez, “Ben, will you be meeting
up with other YouTubers?” Yes, I will be and yes
we will be doing videos, so we have now this is our
second time meeting up. The first time was at the
Tesla VIP factory tour. This one is called Tesla-con 1.5, we’re calling it because
it’s only been a few months since the last meetup. In fact only like, geesh,
like two or something. But yeah, we’re gonna be
having a dinner and chatting and doing all kinds of
fun stuff like that. I’m gonna try to get a lot
of interviews with folks. I want, if I can, just to get shots with all the 30 people that are
gonna be getting their cars. As well as I know some other big YouTubers like MKBHD are gonna be there and some other folks. So I’d love to, I’ll try to do a lot with a lot of folks as I go, in fact, I’ve got a whole vlogging
rig setup that I’ve got. I mean I’ve been ordering
all kinds of parts. I’ve got extra batteries galore, all kinds of crap just for this event. Yeah, yeah, I’m planning
on doing quite a bit, so stay tuned for that. Let’s see, “Why does the media always
talk about when Tesla crashes?” Well, you know it’s like anything, people love to see things fail and there’s a lot of skeptics in the U.S. You know it’s funny because
a lot of the skeptics, typically a lot of the
skeptics that you find, with something like Tesla, real brand-new technology
that’s disrupting you know an American Institution, is usually they play the foreign card and they say, ah you know
the Japanese whatever cars are gonna ruin our economy, this-and-that. And then the free market, if you really believe in the free market you just say well look,
make a better damn car and then people will buy it. Here they can’t play that card because Tesla’s the most
American car manufacturer that there is. So you know they just have to go on, oh, electric vehicles
are gonna ruin the world, it’s like anything. There’s always the haters
and the skeptics, at first, and then eventually everybody’s on board and it’s just you know
that’s the way it is, the same with the iPhone. You know a lot of people
when the iPhone came out, said, well it doesn’t have any buttons, this things horrible. You know this things just
a fad, this is gonna die. No one will ever go
with an all-glass screen and not having a physical
keyboard and blah, blah, blah. And now look, you know, there’s no way. So Tesla’s the same thing, people love to hate on things that are new or that are scary or whatever. I like to embrace them for the most part, I’m still a little scared
about AI and that kinda thing, so anyways I could go
on and on about that. “Who gives you that awesome haircut?” My wife, she’s a hair stylist. (laughing) I hope you’re not being sarcastic. “What do you think the price
should be for the Model Y, “around Model 3 price or Model S and X?” Well, I think it’ll be a little
bit more than the Model 3 because it’s more vehicle. And yeah, but I don’t think
it’ll be S or X prices, that wouldn’t make any sense at all because it supposed to be
the more economical version. Yeah, I’d love to meet up with Bjorn, I messaged him, yeah so there you go. I haven’t heard back, so yeah
I’d love to meet up with him. “The Model 3 will have
the most parts assembly “of any vehicle currently in production.” Yes, I saw the video by
Marques about Project Loveday, it was awesome. Of course he’s as good as they come, so yeah, there you go. And yeah, I’d love to meet up with him and chat a little bit more, so. And you know I’m still wondering about when they’re going to actually have the Project Loveday winners announced, because I put one in, as
you may or may not know. And it got you know some praise, I’m not you know the best
at those kind of things but hey, I gave it a good shot. And so we’ll see, hopefully that’ll go well
and they’ll recognize it. I’m also curious to see
all the other entries and stuff like that, so. Yeah, okay well thank you
everyone for joining me. Again, if you have any
questions or anything else please go get on my email
list at You can also ping me at on Twitter and I’ll try to chat with you there. And as always give this a big thumbs-up if you liked what you saw. And stay tuned on Thursday for my regular scheduled video where I will share some more
in-depth analysis with you. By the way, next week, officially, is it next week? What day is it? Yeah, next week I’m gonna switching to three videos per week. I know you guys have asked
me for this for awhile and I’ll actually be doing that. So what we’ll have is
on Monday, Livestream, like this. Then we’ll have a
Wednesday analysis video. Then Friday, we’ll have
a more fun, kind of video that’s either an interview with somebody or just kind of like a
different style of video, something that’s just a bit more, less detail analysis and just more fun. So stay tuned for all of that coming soon, here on my channel at Teslanomics. So thanks again for watching everyone and I will see you guys here next time. Peace out.


12:30 that is horrible protection. When i send the car data to your keys and back, i get full control. You can be inside a shop with a friend of mine with a long-range antenna and i will stand next to your car with my long-range antenna. The car will think, the key are close by. Because my antenna is close by and i'm sending at low power the information of the actual key.

@Teslanomics Has Tesla announced when the Model 3 will hit the showroom floors for the rest of the public to review?

I will not be riding the Hyperloop at all. I don't even want to try it. Even though I trust Elon Musk with our future tech and mobility. I am personally terrified of closed spaces to include tunnels (lack of air, no way out), submarines (locked in). I'm not willing. I'd rather go for a pleasant autonomous drive with a view. Regardless of how long it took me to get there. I am never in a hurry.

I thought on the Tesla semi trucks were gonna be built by Mercedes and the tech and powertrain furnished by Tesla. Am I wrong?

I'm annoyed by people who are knit-picking and critiquing every little thing about the Model 3. I just wanna know something. Did people display all of this "I know what I want" behavior when the Nissan Leaf was being released? Oh, I have the answer. No you did not. Why do it to Tesla? People don't know what they want trust me. Been in marketing and retail for years.

Great show. We are in for exciting times with all this shift towards electric vehicles and all this new tech. one quick picky thing though. I feel slightly nauseous watching your videos with the shaking background. I enjoy everything else.

I wanted: 1. Big battery (which they have); 2. Silver; 3. auto Pilot,
4. Dual motor,
5. Bio Defense Air Filter (Ken, Travous did they mention about this?)
Thanks a lot
How about Software limited Battery? is the big battery installed? I
can software upgrade to big battery later? because too expensive up
front. Thanks

@hyperloop Could very well be that he plans to transport car from skate to hyperloop carrier and then back to skate again.

120 volt 15 amp outlet does 3 miles per hour which I used for 6 months before I installed a 240 volt 50 amp outlet. Which you install depends on miles you drive per day and if you can charge at work.

I'm expecting to get my Model 3 some time in March. However I'm not sure which configuration will be best suited to join Tesla's ride share program for maximum bang for the buck. I want to use it myself but am eager to share as this will probably maximise the effect this vehicle will have on climate change. FYI I live in Toronto, Canada and have a day job that doesn't involve driving.

IMO, to replace battery size is NOT an easy task, as a mater of factor, a daunting one. Gigafactory 1 investment by PENA is on 2710, from battery manufacturing background, I do not believe that is going to happen in next 5 years (at least) for the Model 3. It may be used for the semi-truck with totally different platform.

@Teslanomics: Sorry if I ask a question that has been asked before: Is there already a concrete date for the Semi Truck event? (Past the "in September""?

To retain any kind of US industrial competitive edge requires the government to restrain itself by not restricting the electric grid by forcing any type of energy source upon it. Another words don't be playing favorites and abid by the fact the true capital market place will natural chose what power types will achieve the lowest cost to the end users. I love solar myself and nodoubt 'moore's law' applies to solar panels since the basic raw materials and manufacuring techniques are involved as semi-conductors are. Another words solar panels will become the most competitive energy source available.

4416 or have you meant to say this battery would have a '0' at the end of it… 44160 = 44mm width & 160 length because otherwise 4416 is in reality, a tiny little battery…

1907, Tesla himself was alive and well and I would think that during that time he had already produced his plans for an electric car. Thus it possible that if the builder we're using Tesla plans, then we're looking at the forerunner of today's new ​Tesla. Just a thought or two…

I`m surprised that you`re surprised that they had an electric car in 1907. According to jay leno 1895 til 1905 was the heyday of the electric car.During that period electric, steam, and gasoline cars were competing for public use. When the electric starter appeared on the 1911 cadillac gasoline cars won out.

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