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Testing & Development of the Powerslide World Cup skate

Testing & Development of the Powerslide World Cup skate

Hello! Welcome back to this episode of Speaking Specs. It’s a super duper special edition of Speaking Specs.
Normally super duper is my word, Scotty. Super duper… Matthias is Mister Super, everything is super! Why we’re here today is, it’s a little bit of a follow up on of the Berlin-Or-Bust series, which I am currently starring in. That’s when you know you’re getting old, as you make yourself a series to star in., by the way. Yeah, exactly! What we’re gonna talk about today is a little bit more of the details and the specs of the new World Cup skate! The World Cup skate is from our power skating collection of skates. What that is, it’s kind of a little crossover between the hardcore race scene and the fitness skating scene. So you might have noticed what it basically is. It is from, let’s say here down, a race skate, but on top it features a cuff and in this case, it features a liner. So it’s designed with comfort in mind, but at the same time being very high performance! You summed it up really well, Scott! I think one of the things we notice here is that Scott is getting a little bit older. So his development, his time, his passion goes more into the products fitting his age and body shape. So that’s why I think he’s really keen on this product, he’s really happy with them and he’s skating it a lot. That’s why, here, we have like a little bit of a line of development. So, starting here! That was the first concept! We said “Hey, we want to have a boot which is very lightweight, with total performance, but also cool looking. So we went back to our, you know, really cool-looking Powerknit-upper and actually put some TPU-reinforcements on them. So the lacing system, when you pull it, you have pull straps really following the forces. They’re wrapping around really nicely and very easy and fast to close with this ATOP-system, which is easy! Just unlock it here and then you can pull it open. It’s very easy and very comfortable. Step in and it really wraps around your foot nicely. So what that is, it’s basically that this upper is paired on our compression molded carbon shell. It’s also heat moldable.
Which is all new for this shell! It’s all new. It uses a new risen, which allows it to be heat moldable. What you’re going to do,…
-How many degrees, you said?
80°C-90°C, yep! So basically, you may or may not have seen our YouTube-videos already on that, but that’s the first step where it’s gonna allow you to customize that fit and personalize it a little bit more. So it’s a really high-performing shell, TRINITY-mounting of course! So you’re going to get, a racing skate shell. This is one of the little details we want to look at, when we’re talking about the development. Because this one here is actually the very first sample, the very first prototype we had. When we learn, we made all these edges a little bit sharper. As you can see, a little bit moving down into the development stage, we actually covered up those edges, making it nice and smooth and comfortable inside. So this is one thing that I, I started on this skate end of April, so it’s a good few months of skate development and a lot of different samples and prototyping. I put a lot of kilometers on the skate, because actually all my training sessions and all of my “Meeting Matthias”-sessions, as I like to call them, have been done on a World Cup skate. That’s why I went back to a Swell skate, so I’d be able to, you know, have the same speed as Scott on this skate! No, honestly, I was really impressed. The first time I remember, we went out and Scott was skating in front of me?! I was drafting a little bit and…
-That’s pretty common, actually. It was quite impressive how the skate actually functioned and I was impressed how he could basically double push with all the speed techniques and how the the cuff function was really flexible! So he didn’t really sacrifice all the pretty good technique he still has and still could transfer all this to like a semi-racing skate, this was really good! So he had the same push, the same amount of double push, really coming out nicely of every stride. I mean that’s something that shouldn’t be underestimated. Normally I would never have skated on a skate with a cuff, but this skate, as Matthias just slightly demonstrated there: That’s a lot of forward flex and forward movement, basically, for a fitness skate. So basically it’s going to give you, more or less, your complete range of movement or what you’d be accustomed to on a lower boot. That basically sums up the outside of the boot. Then we have the cuff, which is very supportive. It has like a bridge system. So it’s really supportive on the side so it doesn’t give in so really stabilize you in this direction and still gives you the forward flex like you said and Then we have icon buckle, which is really nice wraps around really well, and then also gives you a snug and tight fit so then moving on a little bit this is something where I personally learned a lot over the development stages of this of This skate is because coming from the racing side of skating I didn’t have too much experience with liners and what I actually learned a lot with this development is the Function which aligner can have on your skating not only on comfort but actually also on performance, too yeah, this was the first prototypes and it was based basically on a Second skin liner from my fit. So it’s a very low profile liner. It’s to size it. So it’s stretchable on the front Very nice still heat moldable. So all the area here can be heat moldable It’s not too much padding, but really good and effective padding So once he molded or even was out he pulling it’s really wrapping around your foot nicely And then here we have like a one-piece tongue also EBA embossed and which is a nice thing for the speed, too It has like a flex cuts build inside really shapes around your foot nicely doesn’t have like a lot of sick and bulky edges So really fits perfectly around your shin, it gives you all the flexibility again same so supporting the cuff function So it’s really working nice on top of him. Then we have a lacing system and with a lacing system You can already pre adjust your forward flex or you can’t give more stability and really enhance your performance again Like Scott was saying with a good liner so basically one of the challenges we faced was normally a liner isn’t coming into a state which is already tight-fitting like at the compression molded carbon shell so we had to play around a little bit with the Materials and the and the amount of padding we use the chemical sheets We used and things like that inside the liner to make sure we weren’t sacrificing any comfort because to be honest putting a liner inside the boot is making the boot more comfortable then let’s say more traditional lasted our Construction and so that was one of the things which we did a lot of developments I mean we have different stages of the liner here, but it was that in reality five different prototypes. We tested on the liner and one thing we actually Paid a lot of attention to is the abrasion of the liner against the shell Because this was really important because normally I’m saying urban or a fitness skate. There’s maybe not so much Movement going on and things like that so all The time in the skates is maybe not quite the same like a guy going out and skating for Even 70 or 100 kilometers on a Saturday morning So we really had to pay attention to that over a longer period of time and what you can see actually on the final version It is a little bit roughed up of course, but this is a this is a microfiber outside So really high quality really strong and abrasion resistant to basically hold up over those longer distances but at the same time we’ve kept all this heading and things quite thin to not take away too much of The volume and things like that. Yeah, that’s Again, here we have a little spot against You know the hinge so first we saw this will help and then we had a wider one So this will help but it was too much and then we had like a full like a microfiber which is really abrasion resistant on the outside and like Scott said a lot of the inside also had changed to well still looks very similar to the first editions a lot of different things went on on the inside was different sizes of padding different foams and Also, like he said different chemical and he’d multiple sheets to make it work really perfectly with this shell and with this system So I mean yeah that kind of wraps up the boot I would say I mean we don’t need to talk intimate details about the rest of the skate but the reason why we’ve chosen nearly cast a magnesium frame on here is because I believe it’s probably the best marathon skating frame which is fitting this tiger group a little bit softer a little bit more comfortable and A little bit shorter at 12.5 inches, which is if I’m honest perfect for me right now Instantly when I put this skate on I thought okay It’s not a bad goal to Not only develop the product the same time but race billing with a goal to see how fast I can Actually go on a skate like this So yeah couple more kilos to loose few more weeks of training few more times beating Matthias a little bit less beers and make sure you keep watching our building of Series because as you have seen already, we’ve had a few different styles coming in We will talk a little bit about it there’s a little I don’t know if you can see how close but I do have a Strike control in there and we’ll go into more details about that lady later But why I chose that on this skate as opposed to all my custom boots and yeah, stay tuned for more But for sure, it’s also coming with a 20 D system So Scott is still you know, betting on this one and it gives him stability and a good control and a better power transfer Thanks for watching and stay tuned and watch me beating Scott not gonna happen You


Beavis and Butthead make me laugh so hard I have to watch these again sometimes to catch what I missed…

This was fascinating! Would love to see more test versions of products to help understand the revolution and thought process.

This format would also be AMAZING for the Powerslide/USD aggressive line of skates…

Deep-dive videos into aggressive products are hard to find, and these tabletop breakdowns are really helpful for customers.

We Love To Skate!!!

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