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Thanks !! 200 Subs !! How to make Hoverboard Battery Charger 42V Urdu, Hindi & English CC DIY

Thanks !! 200 Subs !! How to make Hoverboard Battery Charger 42V Urdu, Hindi & English CC DIY

Best Channel in Electronics World. Subscribe Maaz Electronics and press bell button to get notification of new videos Assalam Alaikum , Hello Friends I am Syed Maaz Gilani, you are watching Maaz Electronics today i bring video for you is 42V battery. receive request from Saudi Arabia Mr. Riaz Gull. he have 42V battery, he is unable to charge it because charger is damage. today i’ll show you how you can make charger for
42V battery. before start video, i want to thank all of subscribers, we came to 200 subs, our journey runs like this InshaAllah. if you are all give response like this. then we will be successful. i have a humble request to all, support us like this. Please Like, share our videos to your friends. so they can get benefit from our videos. now let’s make charger video. i’ll tell you what you need for this. Let’s Start. to make 42V charger we need these things. first we need transformer. you can use silver or copper winding. this transformer is in silver. i’ll show you. this is silver winding. written also here 24+24 and at bottom written 12V. it give 24V and 12V current. if you didn’t watch our previous video regarding transformer watch it. then you can know how much it has voltage, ampere and current. this is 3 ampere transformer. if you want to use good transformer. to make reliable charger use copper winding transformer. this is also 24+24 transformer. these transformer also use to make amplifier. after that you need these 2 capacitor. this is 6800UF 50V. attach these capacitor in series. one capacitor give 50V and other also. both give 100V. attach in series to gain 100V. after that you need a bridge. this is very good quality bridge. this is 50 ampere bridge. you can add heat sink on his back side. you need a wire to use in output. fist we use transformer in silver winding. as we have requirement from Riaz Gull for 42V hoverboard battery charger. this transformer is best for this charger. now we check how much voltage is giving. for this we need a series wire. i’ll attach one side here and one side there. i turned on from series board. after turned on we need a digital meter. i’ll select on AC mode. now we check voltage. one prob i’ll attach here. second prob on ground. here 27V showing. after that second prob attach with last end wire. now 54 voltage showing. we need 54V. to charge 42V battery we need 48 to 50V. let’s start wiring, first we attach bridge with transformer. before attach you should know which terminal is for AC and DC current. here positive sign and AC volt sign here. this is positive terminal and this is AC terminal. this opposite side AC terminal. from positive this opposite terminal is negative. now i attach my transformer. see friends we solder this. after solder we check the voltage. voltage coming or not. we don’t use this ground wire. solder it little bit. now we check dc volt here. turn on series board. now select meter in DC mode. see 48.8 Dc voltage coming. with this our battery charge it. now attach capacitor with it. first of all attach capacitor in series. attach first capacitor negative with 2nd capacitor positive. after that 1st positive attach with 2nd negative. to attach we use any wire. we solder it. now i twist cable like this. now i make connection capacitor with bridge. we attach both negative and positive. now check voltage again select DC mode in digital meter. positive prob attach with positive point. negative with negative. now 76.7V coming. when load came on capacitor the voltage decrease to 60V. now i discharge the capacitor. after discharge now attach this output wire with capacitors. for this we can use any thick copper wire. solder wire ends. we did all wiring. don’t worry nothing happened with it, after do this all, fit it in a wooden box or iron box. peel of the other end of wire. you can also attach ampere meter with it. we test it again it is working or not. turn it on and again check again voltage. i attach negative with negative positive with positive. see 76.5V coming. this will charge battery good. i’ll check spark how much load. not difficult you can make it at home. Hope you like my video. Please subscribe my channel ” Maaz Electronics” Like and share to your friends so they can also watch. Thanks to watch. Allah Hafiz , Bye.


I'm sorry Mahaz mana apka vedio ni dekata abi deka yo su nise Mahaz ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌💖💖💖💖💖

Maaz bahi ya jo apny baat ki ha ka"do 50 v ka capacitor ko series ma lagany sa 100 v voltage mily gi "..ya blkl galat baat ha.
Capacitor ka upr jo voltage likhi wi hoti ha wo ya indicate karri hti ha ka itni voltage cap bardasht kar sakta ha isay upr voltage aii to cap phat jay ga. Sara factor capacitance ka hta ha jni zada capacitance cap ka upr lkhi ho gi micro farads ma utna hi cap apkay bridge ya half wave rectifier ki outupt voltage ma sa fluctuations remove kar ka voltage ko filter kary.
So be sure sir ka cap ka upr jtni rated voltage lkhi hti ha wo uski limit voltage hti ha.
Yaha apna batay ka dono 50 v ko apas ma jorny sa 100 v ho jay gi asa blkl ni ha srf ap na unki capcitance barhai ha

Bahi mna sab kch prha ha ici liay ka ra hun
Allah ka fazal karam sa elcetrical eng hun ……
Rhi baaat 100v use hongy .phli to baat ha ka ya jo transformer ha isko CENTER TAPPED transformer kahty han js ma aik primary ar 2 secondary coils hoti han ar ap na 48 v ka transformer use kiya ha 100 bn hi ni skti .
Then apko phly b btaya ha ka cap ka upr jo voltage hti ha wo uski bearing voltage hti ha uska yani mtlb ka apny 48 v usko di to chukna us pa 50 v lkha ha wo return 50 v kary ar jasa ka apny yaha 100 v bearing voltage kardi iska mtlb ya ni ka apny 48 v input di to100 v output mily gi ap ka case ma agr 100v sa exceed hui input voltage to cap phat jayn gain us sy neechay ap agr usko 90 ya 95 volts per b dono ko charge karin ga tb b capacictance jtni aik cap ki ha utni hi rhy gi ar cap usi ka mutabiq chrge hoga

Dir sir a kitna amp tak charge koraga maxium amp or a voltaj zidia to naihogie 42v ma abna 70v baniya osma to koi luksan nai hogie plz reply

Bhai aap Hoverboard ki battery kaise banaye us par video banaye..meri hoverboard ki battery kharab ho gayi h.. 36v battery thi.. or without bms me kaise banaye…?
Plz reply bhai..

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