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The All Skates Trailer – Pledge Me

The All Skates Trailer – Pledge Me

5 seconds! It’s the best feeling having the silver fern on your chest and representing your country at the highest level, in the most excellent sport. It’s not a knitting club you know, it’s something quite different. It’s awesome to be supporting a sport that supports females. There’s definitely something different about roller derby. I want to feel like I’m an All Black of roller derby. Hi, my name is Meat Train. Yeah hi, my derby name’s Orkazzmic. Hi I’m Jem Molition. Hi, my name’s Terror Satana, I’m Skate The Muss. Hi, my name is Haki Pow Pow. Hi, I’m Lady Trample. It’s a lot of pressure, I feel like I got to work my butt off this year. I sort of don’t think ‘I’m just lucky,’
I deserve to be here. I’ld do anything to be in that top 20, to
go skate with the best in the world. The chance to represent my country is just so unfathomable to somebody like me. I’ve got to take my training seriously because I am going to be up against the elite of the elite. (Cheering) There’s this worldwide love for roller derby
and if you’re a part of it then you’re welcome with open arms. It’s like made us way closer, when it’s like a sibling it can be kind of explosive. It would be weird not having her there now. I was 50/50 about whether I would do it again, and I think I’m insane for saying yes, I really do. I have to be realistic, it’s quite possible
that I could be left behind because of my hearing,
and that would be devastating. Sometimes, you just don’t get selected. If I did make it into Texas and got to do the haka, representing my country, it would give me an immense sense of pride. Regardless of how you package it, you know, underneath, people are still smashing the sh** out of each other. Ah, I can’t even imagine,
now we’re going to have to do it. It’s scary. I hope you like what you’ve seen so far, my name is Hurricane Hori, we really want to continue following these strong women,
but we really need you’re help. So if you’ve got a spare $10 or a share, even both, would be much appreciated.

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