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The Best Apple Arcade Game – Skate City Gameplay Review

The Best Apple Arcade Game – Skate City Gameplay Review

ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, for those of
you that are interested in skateboarding games guess what we’ve got something
exciting to talk about because we actually have a new skateboarding game
that’s right well many of the console skateboarding
games have went the way of the dinosaur with EA skate series just being
tragically absent for many years and he refusing to give any new information
about that series and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater well it died a horrific death
with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 being one of the most abysmal games I’ve ever
played but today we have a very cool and exciting new mobile video game to play
this is skate city for the Apple arcade Apple arcade of course being the
subscription service that Apple announced paying $4.99 monthly fees to
allow you to play all sorts of great indie games as well as some first party
titles that Apple have shared the revenue streams with so without further
ado let’s go ahead and check out skate city and see if it holds up and see if
it’s worth your investment show you my volume situated but for the most part a
few familiar if you played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or the EA skate series you
will be familiar with this the game play plays similar pairing it with a joystick
Bluetooth controller I’m actually using the joysticks similar to how I would
with EA escape or I flipped them to do tricks and Holly and that type of thing
differs from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater isn’t that I’m not using the buttons for
the tricks I’m actually using the joysticks and the combination of the
shoulder buttons to do movements on the phone itself or you tap different
portions of the screen to pull off the tricks and then you use invisible thumb
sticks on the bottom lower portion of the screen to pull off special moves and
things like that but let’s go ahead we’ve got a customized skate shop menu
here you earn cash – complaining different
challenges throughout the game let’s go ahead and customize our scanner room
cranking sorry back to other back down the screen there and you can tell I’m
playing with a screen very far away from me so it’s a little tricky there we go
that’s what I wanted all right yeah I’m a little paler than that let’s go there
not a whole lot of options that like said not a real in-depth creative skater
here but it’ll suffice let’s get a skip like sure and I’m here to match my Close
Encounters of the Third Kind shirt close enough sure I’ll buy it oh that’s an
expensive shirt whatever get a hat this could be disappointing because I know
I’m not gonna be able to turn this hat backwards so yeah that’s the
disappointing that I don’t get the trademark backwards hat in this game so
yeah what can he do plain-jane skateboard wheels yeah I’m not gonna
bother customizing those or the deck you really don’t see them in this game
pretty much so in my opinion it’s kind of a moot point so to speak glasses and
things shoes our colors it likes it it’s not the most
in-depth creative skater as you can tell so that’s good enough we’ll go there skate so I’ve already went ahead and
unlocked the levels we’ve got Los Angeles we’ve got Oslo we have Barcelona
these have a bunch of real actual skatepark spots and streetscape famous
spots and then it’s all kind of matched together to create like one long level
let’s go with Los Angeles you can do challenges or you can do free scape mode
which is pretty cool go ahead and just do the free skate mode to give you a
view of what the game kind of looks like this is like a 2.5 D style it’s all
side-scrolling there’s no turning and 3d camera motion any kind of like that you
can control the skater you push bend down pull off certain moves the camera
is fixated and less you can actually record your skate session here and kind
of edit together your own little spots of meet videotape but while you’re in
this mode you can actually zoom the camera in and zoom it out and you can
also hit slo-mo and zoom it in so you can kind of have like these cinematic
little movements downside is when you zoom in that quickly and that close you
really can’t see your other surroundings that well so you gotta got a really be
sharp on your toes and know what’s coming as far as what obstacles and
tricks you want to pull off and they like that but you can do basically any
common skateboard flip trick as well as grinds in here and grabs the grabs you
do have to kind of level up and purchase later so right now I’m only gonna be
doing flip tricks grinds and manuals maíno’s kind of work similar to how they
did in Tony Hawk you’ll land and then you’ll kind of hit your controls there
to kind of steady your balance as you can see
I’m not doing very well Hey and then you can also tap certain sections of the
screen on the phone or tap the shoulder buttons to rotate the skater so enough
about that let’s actually just play a little bit so this is the normal
standard view like I said it’s all side-scrolling free-flowing game you
just kind of go and go and go and I keep hitting the slowdown button there just
because I’m kind of used to it but this free skate will kind of set up is pretty
handy because you can really work on the level kind of master the spots because
once you complete it you circle back and it just it’s a never-ending loop so to
speak so you keep going back and I just keep talking to the camera and not
washing the screen so let’s go ahead and throw a little line together here this
is a famous skate spot it’s been in a bazillion skateboard videos it’s a very
big gap and yeah it’s a flight of stairs it’s kind of downside of that 2d view
sometimes you you don’t really get a sense of what’s coming up whether it’s
an incline or head stairs the music in here is uh it’s it’s subpar
it’s not the best it definitely doesn’t measure up to anything like he is skater
Tony Hawk’s well I have actual licensed music and things like that it’s just
kind of like some generic lo-fi hip-hop which sounds alright it’s it’s just kind
of chill vibes no no really issues with it other than that it’s
clearly them gonna be as good as licensed music but other than that it
does it does alright sound effects everything sounds good
sounds like skateboards flippin smacking around on the ground there we go lots of different obstacles stairs rails flips ledges manual pads picnic tables
you name it there’s all sorts of different streets in this is only a
street skating game so if you’re going in there thinking you’re gonna do some
nine hundreds or anything like that well there are some pretty big gaps in this
game you’re not gonna be pulling off anything like too crazy but then as you
tell it kind of goes to seeing beach venice beach looking area here and as
far as the combo system it’s not really to Arkady you can pull off some crazy
stuff but it’s not like Tony Hawk where you’re gonna have like 134 tricks
chained together and you just go out endlessly this is a little more grounded
in reality so keep that in mind and I like I said once you got to really
get to the end of the level it kind of circles back and then you’re back to
where you started so I’m just gonna hold the push button the whole time and you
see just every time I alia do anything like he catches up to me very quickly so
it’s really best to focus more on just like going straight and never grinding
or doing any kind of manuals I didn’t adapt because all you need to do is I’ll
focus on speed and going going going like I’m not gonna you know do trick
there I might do little baby lip tricks here and there but and this I got to get
a whole lot of air because that actually slows me down and so let me down so much
I lost that is one thing once you build there’s no there’s no hope to actually
win this the computer doesn’t ever crash so you’ve you’ve essentially lost this
the moment you crash during a race because you’re never gonna catch up with
a guy though those are the type of challenges like I said they encourage
you to try to perform well and do all sorts of tricks and score points but in
reality it makes it very difficult to actually win the race let’s go back to
Los Angeles that’s kind of that’s my skate Mecca
there I’m the most familiar with that architecture and layout yeah show you
how this cup chase differs from a normal chase that we just did they’re not gonna
run see 1000 do-over okay but yeah he is uh he’s the t1000 terminator – for sure
he is the fastest couple I’ve this guy’s running like a 40 – 40 for sure
hurtling things are like alleppey and he’s a track and field star fix it look
how fast he closes the distance on you like again you don’t want to do a whole
lot of bouncing around and grind and do it all sorts of tricks cuz he he’s there
just like instantly on you oh my god alright let’s do it one more time see if
I can not get arrested third time’s the charm
fastest cop alive trying to kill me police brutality but it’s not really
pleased for you Tommy huh but just how quickly he closes distance like it just
makes my blood pressure go up like this guy is an unstoppable force like
there’s doing no I got to keep it that safe safe spot okay I have to redeem
myself last try I promise man I don’t know why keep it that specific trash can
it’s not like it city farther or higher than anything else
I’m just not paying attention the downside is like I put this PlayStation
4 controller in my hands and the controls like I said of slightly
different than when you’re playing on the phone but like I put so many hours
in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater they’re like I just instinctively start using
the circle on face buttons and everything I’ve had to try to do trick
so it’s it’s hard to like convince myself to just keep using the thumb
sticks there you go that’s right that’s how you beat the cop anyways Apple
arcade they put this game on there it’s part of their free to play so to speak
$4.99 subscription service where you pay $4.99 and you’ve got unlimited access to
all these Apple arcade games me personally having played this now I do
think this game alone would be worth $4.99 so it’s very interesting that this
type of thing is being promoted by Apple because Apple themselves are helping
funding for some of these indie creators to create games like this I really do
think this was it’s an actually a worthwhile game I’m actually kind of
surprised yeah they put the the skate series on hiatus unfortunately Tony
Hawk’s Pro Skater we had 20 how expose skater 5 we came out it was absolutely
abysmal in every sense of the word so that was kind of a downside so really in
all reality this is the only game we have available for skateboarding and
skateboarding fans personally I really enjoy it having me a skateboarder for
over 20 years myself it’s very true to life it’s challenging the controls are
very intuitive and kind of mimics skateboarding as a whole that’s artistic
life style basically I think that really did
I bet that’s the jump on this so I highly recommend you check this game out
if there’s any other games on the Apple arcade that you played that you think I
should check out let me know in the comments down below because I’m very
curious to check those out I’ve got two free months of Apple arcade that I’m
gonna be using so I’m liking liking what I’ve seen so far and I really want to
see some other cool games and I really want to play some other cool games so
let me know about those if you knew this channel make sure you subscribe hit that
notification bell see be the first to know every time I post new content and
as always thanks for checking this video out guys


Let me know your thoughts below on the Apple Arcade games as well as the newly announced Google Play Pass. Do you think these mobile gaming subscription services are a good deal? Let me know in the comments below!

Lol the cop sprinting is hilarious. Kind of reminds me of skate or die when you skate through the mall dropping off packages and the mall cop chases you.

I wanted to like this game, but for me the biggest problem is the poor quality of the animation. There's no fluidity, the tricks don't feel good to do, and they're not emphasised enough. I feel as if a stronger animator would have lifted this game a lot more.

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