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The BEST of Paris Air Show 2019

The BEST of Paris Air Show 2019

– [Sam] The 53rd edition of the Paris Airshow. The airshow will be starting at around 2 PM
in the afternoon and today is day one. What an exciting and beautiful day in Paris! So now, they are towing the Beriev 200. Welcome to the sunny Paris Air show. Now, behind me is the ATR72-600 series, which
is being delivered to Silver Airways, a US airline. The plane has not been painted in silver though
– it’s pink! Very interesting. I want to go inside and have a look and find
out why this is the world’s best selling turboprop. Look at these LED lights! And big bins. It fits two of these – I’m impressed, for
a turboprop size like this! I don’t have to duck – with a lot of props,
when I came in, I used to duck. This was the case with a lot of regional jets
as well. This one is slightly taller than me so I can
walk with a straight head. – [Woman] So, here you are enjoying an 18
inch wide seat. – 18 inches wide? – 18 inches wide, between arm rests. – What makes ATR different to all of the other
competitors? Turboprops like those from Bombardier, Saab
and all those? What’s your winning strategy here? – Well, the ATR has the largest cabin space,
the largest cross-section, which gives a greater passenger experience compared to other aircraft. – Okay, you’re saying that the cabin is wider? – Yes, the cabin is wider. We can have a wider seat and… – Oh.
– …We are… – Going to have a conversation like this. – Or we can even do it like this.
– This is great. – The ATR burns 40% less fuel and the consequence
is 40% less CO2 emissions. – 40% less fuel in the same class of aircraft? – Yes. – Compared to a jet, in terms of CO2 emissions. That’s what you mean.
– Yes. – Okay Sam, have a look out of the window. – Ah, I see. It’s a high wing aircraft. – Yeah. – It has a lot of views. – Yeah and this is what we actually call our
“native in-flight entertainment.” – Native in-flight entertainment? Yeah, this is exactly what I do on planes. I don’t really watch movies and so I look
out of the window and enjoy the views. – The beauty of the air, yeah. – Over Paris two days ago, look at this.
– Yes, this is Paris. You can see the Eiffel tower and you cannot
experience… – That’s amazing! – And this is ClearVision EDS. – Ah! – So you can see the terrain.
– Yeah. – You can see the mountains. It’s the real vision but then it’s improved
thanks to the camera inside of the aircraft nose. – Yeah. – Here, we see the natural vision. It’s very foggy outside and you cannot see
the runway. EDS, the (mumbles) vision system and the combined vision system and here you can see the mountains and you can see the runway. – Oh! Wow! This is pretty good! This is really like… Landing in a blind spot, you can’t see it
but from here, from the ClearVision system, you can see the runway when you’re coming in to land. – [All] (Greeting in foreign language) – This is the latest Air Tahiti Dreamliner. Let’s go in and have a look! Look at this – a Bora Bora painting on the
wall just after you’ve stepped in the door. This is the window size. – [Man] Yes. – Oh. Very interesting. – It’s actually more impressive that the 777,
which is the middle aeroplane…
– Yeah. – Has this big of a window. The 787 may be even bigger but it’s a composite
fuselage. – Yeah. – It can take a lot more stress. – Oh right, so the 787 has the biggest window
in commercial aeroplanes.
– Yeah. – What I like about Air Tahiti is that they
celebrate local art. So this is a famous painting by the French,
Tahitian painter Paul Gauguin. The premium economy these days in airlines
is a bit like a mini-cabin. You have your own privacy and comfort, a little
bit like a former business class seat. After premium economy, of course, is the main
cabin. The bin is just super large and when it closes,
it curves up and so it creates that good, good head room. It fells spacious inside and there’s also
windows which can be dimmed. This window, you can just press and in about
a minute it will go light. Now, the 787 which we’ve just shown you is
the biggest window actually, compared to all of the other types of aeroplane. Even though it’s dark, you can still see outside. The crew rest is right behind the cockpit
here. It goes all the way up. I’m going to show you. So, these are two bunks here – very nice. Almost like a hotel, almost like a capsule
hotel style. Within this small space, there’s also this
one extra seat here so that the pilot can do some reading or enjoy some entertainment. – Good morning, my name is Greg and I’m the
787 Boeing chief test pilot. What we have here are liquid crystal displays
– very large displays. I put in a flight plan from La Bourget which
is, as you can see, on the left and then all the way to Los Angeles International which
is displayed on the right. All of the information that’s depicted in
the HUD is also shown down there on my primary flight display. – I visited the Airbus cockpit and they use
the fly-by-wire which makes use of a joystick. And Boeing has this – a very rigid control
stick here. Why are Boeing continuing with this kind of
control stick? – Whether we chose to use the control column
with the yoke or a side-stick controller, they’re both fly-by-wire. The 787 is a fly-by-wire aeroplane. – Hello, welcome to Air Asia! This is our first Airbus A330-NEO. – We just got on board – this is the new
A330-NEO, for Thai Air Asia. – Yes. – Are you guys excited? You’ve got new aeroplanes to fly. – [Man] Very excited. – [Woman] Of course we’re excited! – Similar to the XL seats in front.
– [Man] Exactly.
– [Woman] Yes. – [Man] A little bit different. – Can this go fully flat?
– Yep. It’s a premium flat bed, actually. – Can I try or is..? Guys, I’m pretty privileged here. I’m the first guy sitting here!
– [Man] Very first customer! – Good stuff – low cost comfort! At the front of economy, in the bulkhead and
exit row, the seats are called “hot seats.” Not because the seats are hot but because
you get extra leg room in these seats. So, the A330 has the Airspace cabin. You see the wall is a bit curved? So this is a slight improvement over the old
version. They’re giving you a little bit extra headroom
on the A330-NEO. So on the 330-NEO, there’s also a crew rest
area. In case you don’t know where it is, I’m going
to show you. When I open up this door, you will be able
to see. And on the 330-NEO, there’s a huge rear galley. It’s like a long shape here. So that’s the new A330-NEO for Air Asia X. Let’s go to the next plane! Your 321 is a winner.
– Yes. – It’s killing the market!
– Yes. – Every airline is upsizing from 320 to 321. – Exactly, and we own 80% of the market. – Amazing, it’s such a game changer for single
aisle Airbus. Just got on board this brand new A321-NEO. It’s long range. A French company – La Compagnie – and you’re
probably familiar with this but they fly between New York and Paris. It’s single aisle and trans-Atlantic. All of the seats are business class. There are 76 seats across the whole cabin,
so even from row one, all the way down to row twenty, all of it is business class on
the A321. So I think that we will see a lot more single
aisle trans-Atlantic aeroplanes. This is the trend at the moment. Who are you? Night owl or early bird? I want to show you the cool stuff I’ve seen. All of this art on the window. It’s the first time that I’ve seen something
like this. This is also a very good idea, a very good
creation. This, perhaps, is the future of flying. So, there’s actually no pilot flying – it’s
a self-flying, almost like a drone kind of plane. It’s a test, pilot project – it’s to see whether
it makes economic sense and whether it can gain the popular acceptance of the general
public. So, Mitsubishi have re-branded their MRJ in
to M90 and the new M100. Behind me is a mock up of the M100 aircraft. – So, when you come inside, the first thing
that you notice is the shape of the bins. They’re unique and they’re different from
any other aircraft out there. So, you see this concave shape? It really opens up the cabin. – Okay. This is a concave shape. Yeah, look at this thing here. This is… – You have a blue transition compared to some
of the other… – Yeah, this is, like, first class in to economy. – Yeah, yeah. – Right, okay.
– Two, US sized roller bags. – A big suitcase, a carry on suitcase, fits
in. Interesting. I like the shape of it because it gives you
a lot of head room.
– Yeah. And if you’re sitting down, for example in
an economy class seat, in the in-board seat, you have plenty of head space. – Oh yeah. Even if this comes down on me, I don’t hit
my head, right. Good, excellent. It feels spacious. – It’s very spacious, so you have an 18.5
inch seat width. It’s actually one of the most spacious seats
available on the regional jet. – What’s the difference between the M90 and
the M100? – So, the M100’s specifically tailored for
both the US and the global market. In the United States, there’s the scope clauses. Scope clauses don’t allow us to take off an
aircraft more than 86,000 pounds in weight. So, in order to carry 76 passengers three
class, but with next generation technology, we’ve had to design this aircraft to fit within
those constraints. – Skytrax Airline of the Year 2019 – Qatar
Airways. We are…
– [All] …Going places together! Yay! – Welcome on board our Airbus A350-1000. Let me introduce you to the Q suite. So, here we have the best selling point of
our A350-1000, the pod, which has the capacity for four people – a family or friends travelling
together. So let’s see for example here; a couple will
be able to lay down and be in a flat bed while we have the children just in front, maybe
dining together, just watching a video. So this is very convertible – in the beginning
it’s actually four individual Q suites and then we are putting all of the barriers down. Here, these are open but we always have the
ability to close them and re-open them, so there are multiple options – we can make it
three, we can make it two. And let me show you over there. The main purpose of the Q suite is to share
a meal. So this is our snack platter – it is a signature
from the Q suite. So it’s really the best example of dining
in the air, like in a proper restaurant but actually going to your favourite destination. – Q Suite by Qatar Airways – so this is new,
right? – Yes, it’s new. – I need an update – I haven’t flown Qatar
in a while! – We use less plastic, we are trying to cut
down even more on that and the portions are about 25% bigger than they used to be. – Okay, so bigger meals.
– Yes. – And more environmentally friendly stuff. – That’s correct. – Beautiful economy class. Look at all of these screens! Isn’t it fabulous? – The 350-1000 flight deck. There are six big screens on the flight deck. All of them can be changed. For example, if I want this information in
the middle, it’s very easy. Another thing is that it’s digital – we don’t
have any paper at all. If we fly at 41,000 feet, as a passenger,
you will feel like you are at 6000 and so you will be less tired after a long flight. – There’s one French aeroplane maker that
I have to see here and that’s the Dassault, Dassault Aviation. Today, Dassault is launching the 6X mock up
cabin of their super new, super mid-sized, long range private jet. So, with me is Jim and Jim is going to show
us the interior of the 6X. – First time ever in a corporate jet… We wanted to find a way to make the galley
area of the plane a little bit more friendly, a little bit better lit. – We might even see the Northern Lights flying through!
– Yeah, the Northern Lights! – Amazing! Look at this. Marble and stone on the walkway on the aeroplane. This is upscale – this is wide and very spacious. Big windows as well, I mean; winners. – How about this? 104 inches wide, 6 feet, 6 inches tall. It’s the largest cross section of a jet in
business aviation history and you really get the sense… – Say that again, it’s the biggest… – It is the largest cross section of a fuselage
in aviation, in business jet history. Dassault does a wonderful job of playing up
the lounge area with the windows. The second section of the aeroplane is this
beautiful dining area and I want to show you something unique if you, maybe take one of
those seats. One of the nice things about having the big
fuselage is that now I can sit very comfortably with you at the dining table and now just
going from four people eating dinner or having a conference or playing cards, whatever it
might be, they’re 3900 feet. – 3900 feet? Cabin altitude, wow. I always love planes, first of all, wide and
also I like planes wide and long and far. The 6X is fitting exactly in to everything
that I like. How fast does the 6X go? – We fly as fast as Mach 90. – Mach 90. Wow. Nine tenths of the speed of sound. It’s fast. – Yeah, that’s exactly right. – In the aft compartment here, it seems like
a little state room. – Nice. – And you’ll find that the… – I like this. – … The beds will come together. This one will make a queen sized bed. – Queen sized bed, so they can join together. – They can join together, it’s very comfortable
for sleeping. – What’s the price tag of such luxury on this
super mid-sized jet here? – Well, we’re very lucky to offer the Falcon
6X for an introductory price of $47 million in today’s dollars. – Hopefully, one day, Air Sam Chui, this idea
is not that far away. Maybe we can own one Dassault 6X. – When you make a big cross section for the
people who fly in the back, you’d better do it for the pilots because it’s also a big
cross section. So we’re going to make the chairs so that
they can recline. – It’s nice to think about the crew as well. Here’s a quick summary of the 53rd Paris Air
Show. Airbus have so far launched the A321 extra
long range. Now, on the Boeing side, the 777X engine has
been identified as having a weird problem on the front compressor and so the engine
needs to be redesigned and this will delay the 777X. Boeing came out as saying that the new 797
or the NMA, the new middle ranged aeroplane, is still under assessment. There will be no decision made this year on
that. The focus and the energy will be on fixing
the 737 Max issue. The CEO of Boeing Commerical, Kevin Mcallister,
is quoted as saying: “Any lessons from the 737 Max crisis will be applied to the 777X
and to any future aircraft programme as well and that this is a lesson learned from the
Boeing side.” Well I hope that you enjoyed the Paris Air
Show and all of the beautiful flying displays. Thank you very much for watching it!


Thank you so much for the viewing interest. I was crazily busy the past week walking about 10km per day in the air show to visit all the aircraft and filming contents. My camera man Kido-san from Japan and myself lost probably gallons of water due to sweat but the result was great. Hope you enjoyed it! Drone footage was provided by ASDS media bank.

Perhaps Boing should have told their pilots to hold back on all the pitch and roll maneuvers for this years air show.

L0l Jf-17 is a pretty cheap plane, good for engagements with other trash 3rd world nations I guess. 1 f-22 raptor can probably shoot down an entire squadron of jf-17s, like a hawk hunting pigeons. These planes are absolutely useless against the stealth fighters of EU/US. You can't shoot down a plane if no radar systems can actually target it. IDK why pakistanis are so excited about a plane that was relevant maybe 30 years ago. Then again the U.S government did spend more than 1.6 trillion on the f-22 and new f-35 stealth fighters, so maybe its kind of overkill against the trash tech other nations currently have, and we as taxpayers hold the burden of paying for it, which works out to just over $5000 out of the pocket of every U.S citizen.

Из-за 5 секунд пролета Пакистанского самолёта в ролике, сотни комментариев, видимо это большое достижение для этой страны

04:55 is not T129 ATAK, it’s NH90 from German Military. and

Those scarebuses just could NOT match the take offs of the BOEING 787 !!!!!! A hot rod in the sky !!! !

Oh my days, All of the comments are of JF-17 Pride of pakistan please for Sake of Lord stop saying it. It's just a 4 Gen Fighter plane. So please please stop being so much excited about it the world have 5-6 Gen Fighter planes and if you're so much happy for it that it blew Mig-21 then do some research Mig-21 and SU are older then JF-17, it depends on pilots not on plane so please stop with these comments and don't be so cheap " Pride of Pakistan " there are a lot more things which would look a lot more good as pride of Pakistan not a Chinese made 4 Gen Fighter plane.

Mach 90? I doubt that a jet like that can go that super sonic, look at what happened when Boeing tried to make the 2707 hit Mach 5

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JF 17 the killer of two Indian Jets MIG-21 & SU-30. proud to be a Pakistani 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰💕
Btw the tea ☕️ is fantastic 👌

2:46 Air Tahiti Nui has the best airline livery and 4:31 A330 Neo is a badass plane. 4:43 nice footage of cross wind landing
Also congrats to ATR and Silver Airways, what a nice plane.
Great job Sam. thanks to Kido-san too

The Dassault Falcon 6X does not fly @ Mach 90 (impossible), but Mach 0.90~. Because the seller has the habit to talk in decimal Mach, which is confusing. Sam Chui understood this straight away!

The Boeing 737 MAX had a surprise winning vote of confidence from the carriers at the Paris Air show. The parent company of British Airways has revealed to purchase/buy 200 737 MAX aircraft additionally, International Airlines Group announced a deal depite safety fears after two 737 MAX crashes.This is a big win for the 737 MAX and Boeing!

Всё что может представить Россия это Бе 200.Каждый раз с этим самолётом мы приезжаем туда.Стыдно.На фоне этих новых,технологичных самолётов,наш смотрится как из 70-х годов прошлого века,тогда наверное он и был спроектирован…Если бы прогресс застал Россию,был бы уже Бе -500.И другие уже пассажирские самолёты.Но нет,мы будем позориться с технологиями прошлого века,придуманными даже не современными инженерами…Пздц..

Felicidades Francia! en especial a las autoridades y a las empresas privadas, por el compromiso con la sociedad, al compartir los logros, avances, retos, así como toda la experiencia de la aviación en éste SHOW AÉREO 2019. Que vergüenza que el expresidente de México, Enrique Peña Nieto, adquirió, con dinero del país, un Boing Dreamliner 787-8 avión de 218.7 millones de dólares, y nunca le interesó presentarlo en público. Que pena.

El expresidente de México y el traidor ENRIQUE PEÑA NIETO:
Compró, con dinero de la nación, un Boing Dreamliner 787-8, y a estra lacra de persona ratero y abusivo expresidente, nunca le interesó presentarlo en público. Que bueno que ya se recuperó la aeronave, se venderá, y se devolverá lo robado al pueblo de México.

To be honest the Turkish TFX 5th gen fighter jet was a huge surprise and is defenitely worth showing. (even tho in western media they like to hate on these countries…)

all plane is beautifull ▪ best. but
jf * 17 really * thunder ))
china ❤*💖 Pak friend ship
zinda Abad .

JF-17 Is Better Than All Fighter Jets In About Price Tag
And 6X In The Commercial (Private) Jets About Look

Appeal To President Xi Jinping In Ordering Criminal Investigation

JF17 my love, you make us proud. You making us ahead. You strengthen our belief that we can achieve every possibilities if we are committed as nation. Go JF17 Go. Make those MIGs into Fireballs again and again like you did on FEB27, Go JF17 you are born for real action to Burn down their MIGs with their Dreams. Pakistan Zindabad, PAF Zindabab, Pak ARMY/ISI. and let Pray for TEJUS. may it open his eyes and take breath.

It is not BEST OF PARIS AIR SHOW while JF 17 is not written any where in the video. You have missed top Machine in the show to fully mention. This is smewhat ignorance or lack of intrest or lack of knowledge or not willing to mention it properly or in worst case scnario professional DISHONESTY.

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