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The BIGGEST Mistake People Do In Their 20s and 30s

The BIGGEST Mistake People Do In Their 20s and 30s


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Hey was geht ab 😀 max I really like you as a person and you are definitely and you've been a rolemodel of mine and you truely still are. Therefore I really buy a lie and it really pisses me off that you are trying to sell your lifestyle and depict every other lifestyle as "worthless". Wanne make sales, get it, I really see you as a "half god" lol, thats why you are judged by high standards. just want to study while getting laid in my 20tes, currently studying at a prestigious uni. Sourrounding myself with highly educated, eloquent people. Love studying why do you hate on that so much? Only bcs of you dropping out it doesnt mean it applies to the rest

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