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The Bluetooth Speaker Fidget Spinner

The Bluetooth Speaker Fidget Spinner

Yo, you know [bleep] She blocked me on snapchat, because I said do you want to fidget spin and chill Hey what’s up guys, Keaton here. So if you thought no more spinner videos were happening, you thought wrong I got some more weird and crazy fidget spinners. I got one that legit goes on your car keys, that’s crazy. One That’s a screwdriver I don’t even know whats happening, and this insane speaker one that’s actually really loud and super cheap, so… let’s get Spinning! Alright you know what, stop it with the jokes, stop it. So yeah guys By now, if you’re new, links down below as always, if you guys want to pick these up. This first one’s so weird It’s this car key, clip, spinner, toy? Let me know in the comments if this is a fidget toy, or a fidget spinner I’m gonna say spinner, because it spins You guys tell what you’re calling it. So, I checked out this other kind of car key like one in the stupid fidget tinner, can’t even say right, in the stupid fidget tinners spinners [mumbles] You can talk Keaton, you’re good, you’re a big boy. So I made this video on stupid fidget spinner toys I said it right there, and I don’t like this one, it looks like some car key rings, this wanna be fidget spinner It’s not cool. So hopefully this one’s cooler comes in a bunch of colors I just got it in blue here, so to attach it, all you do is put it on your key ring I bet it’s a lot easier if you’re not looking through two fidget spinners, but I don’t usually think before I do things. Alright We’re good in theory it’s supposed to go on a lot faster But I’m super special and I take like 5 minutes extra to do everything like drink this water There’s going to be a vape spinner, I’m telling you, there’s gonna be a vape spinner So now that it’s all on This is actually really cool when I first got this I thought what am I supposed to spin my keys? That would work, but I got really big hands, and I can’t imagine what Shaquille Oneal’s trying to do over here So this is sweet, the spinner actually Detaches from the clip, so you always have a spinner at the go and at the ready, and this thing’s awesome because it spins actually [sound effect]. I I wasn’t expecting that chill out there alright, chill out in the comments. This thing actually spins super fast This is one of the best spinners I’ve ever checked out, no joke and when you’re done You clip it in on either sides, bam, just like that got spinners On the go [sound effect]. Alright guys So this next one is actually really useful and what I’m realizing with these spinners right now is people are making spinners for like Actually cool things like a screwdriver So this looks like Marvel’s Daredevil that show I don’t know if you guys have seen it on Hulu I Freaking love it And it looks exactly like it, that’s why I was tripping when I picked this up because I Didn’t know it looks like a show that’s a two for one right there And I don’t why I’m holding up four fingers. You get a bunch of drill bits I, did I lose one already How like I swear I thought I had a full one, I thought I had one here I don’t know where it went. Alright, so that one actually comes empty. Don’t worry about that You’re chillin. You get all these drill bits here Which is great someone should actually make an electric drill fidget spinner How great would that be like these things can get so useful and it’s actually a spinner? Oh, that’s a nice spinner, and Also, what I’m realizing is these spinners are getting handy as I said before I got this carabiner clip one I don’t know if you guys have seen the video This is a clip so you can clip it on kind of like that car key one that I showed you this is awesome So I’m going to show you this actually works, I’ll pull out this bit I don’t know what any of these are called Did you guys think I would, I, I don’t know I’m tech-dumb over here, spinner dumb, let’s be real here So you just put this bit into either end Well that’s actually pretty secure, you just jam it in there and If you ever need an emergency bit like those credit card tools that you guys have probably seen before, you have some here, and you can go Fix your car, and watch it on Hulu. This next one here I don’t even know I just checked out this screwdriver one and now I’m starting to believe Home Depot Is making fidget spinners, legit. This circle right here there’s gonna be shapes, like I swear There’s gonna be shapes and this just kind of looks like one of those long rulers you find in construction So if you guys find any weird crazy fidget spinners that your boy hasn’t already seen like guys I’ve been looking at them like crazy And I need your help, so if you guys find any, just tweet me at Techsmartt, and if I pick it up I’ll put you guys in the video as a shout out. These things are crazy They feel legit like something you’d find at Home Depot. Like at this rate This is just going to help me with construction if I ever do that like I just am not, I’m not good with like I probably am gonna struggle in drawing this triangle anyways Alright, well that doesn’t look like a triangle and honestly this looks like Zelda triforce But what I’m realizing is Zelda for a guy, like that’s just a terrible name like it should be like Josh or Peter or Bruce like what were they thinking? This last one has to be my favourite. It’s this speaker fidget spinner thing it works off bluetooth, and it’s super cheap I think I found it for like five dollars or less, so definitely check that out. These things are crazy fidget spinners They’re crazy. They’re everywhere, I’m not going to say it again. They’re crazy. They’re everywhere I got one on my face that lights up. I even got a pair of sunglasses like them This one’s actually useful and it has a speaker built-in which is pretty cool. So they have some light-up ones I just got the speaker one here, I want to get the cheapest for you guys. So to turn it on you Just flip the switch, just kidding it lights up Gotcha Like just gives me a nice little jingle. I love it and actually to charge this thing, it’s micro USB right there Everyone’s got a micro USB cable, so you’re covered, don’t believe me. This is Billy, okay. Billy is our living Micro USB cable he’s just one big thing he’s got a lot of parts to him. Everyone’s got one of these cables So I’m just going to show you guys that this speaker actually works It’s a fidget spinner and a speaker like I can’t wait to see what’s next! There’s going to be a vape spinner I’m telling you, there’s going to be a vape spinner. Alright It’s pretty loud [Music Plays] Like that’s pretty loud, it’s at max volume right now [Music Plays] We’re jamming out to a fidget spinner, like what is going on? [Music Plays] I think by moving my head it’s actually keeping them spinning longer and for all you guys that say I move too much This one’s for you I don’t even know the rap. I used to know the rap. I don’t even know the rap anymore. This is actually really loud What’s crazy is, I want to know the science behind this if I spin this does it work like will it make it louder because I’m spinning it? I don’t know. So yeah guys, that’s pretty much it for this awesome fidget video Thank you so much Jacob-daa and faze hunter for being This video’s notification shoutout I don’t even know I’m fidget spinner-in over here, if you guys want a notification shoutout, turn them on and Let me know in the comments Subscribe if you’re new for more awesome videos like this and tweet me at techsmartt if you guys find any other weird gadgets I’m going to be spinning in the car now. Bye We got the bags packed Heading to New York And [mumbling] somewhere, I don’t really know


Did he legit say zelda was a name for a guy!? Zelda is the princess Link is the "guy" / main character / protagonists name

My aunt gave me a Bluetooth fidget spinner speaker couple days ago!What’s your favorite music? Who’s your favorite musician?I like country music. My favorite musician is Florida Georgia Line!

Lol i get not playing video games but im still suprised u didnt know links name. Only cause its plastered everywhere

He was techdumb but his he still techdumb I don’t know. The way he is now he doesn’t seem like he is

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