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Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Thermos Where should I put it? Put what, Tom Thomas? Oh! It’s you! My ice-cream. Are you joking? Eat it! I can’t. Tom Thomas, are you alright? I’m fine. It’s just that it’s a present for my mom. Today is Mother’s Day. Then you need to go give it to her! I can’t. Dad and I are going to
congratulate her together. What’s your dad is going to give her? I don’t know. But when he gets back home, the ice-cream will have melted! Then put it in the freezer! And what if Mom looks in there? And finds it? The surprise will be ruined. So where won’t she find it? I’ll tell you where. Inside of your dad’s office. I don’t see any place to hide it here. There’s no freezer or anything! Why don’t you take a look inside the box. Here’s a thermos. But what good is it to me? Thermoses are for keeping things hot. The ice-cream will melt in there! It will not. A thermos is made by putting
one bottle inside of another. Between the bottles is an empty space.
And that’s the secret of a thermos. That space stops heat
from getting out or in. So if there’s hot tea inside, the empty space doesn’t let the heat
from the tea get out. And if there’s ice-cream in the thermos, the space stops the heat
that’s outside from getting in. And that’s how a thermos keeps
hot things hot and cold things cold. That’s it! I’ll go and play for a little while. He didn’t even say thank you. Did he, Nolik? Where are you? Nolik? I’m here! Where? In the thermos! What are you doing in there? I wanted to see that vacuum
you talked about. Just don’t touch anything! And don’t even think of licking the foil! The ice-cream’s so cold,
your tongue will stick to the metal! What did you say? Already stuck? Uh-huh. Try to unstick it. Well? Is it working? And what if you breath onto the foil? Hang on, Nolik! I’ll go and get Tom Thomas! Winter is a wonderful time of year! Holidays, presents, snowballs, skates, sleds… But the cold is also something serious
that you shouldn’t fool around with. The most important thing
is to dress warmly: cover your head with a hat,
and your throat with a scarf. Then there’s less chance
you’ll catch a cold or get a sore throat. And to keep you hands from getting chapped, don’t forget to wear gloves. And never walk around
in wet shoes in the winter! That’s a sure way to get yourself sick. And there’s one more thing I want to tell you. It’s great to have fun in the cold,
but use your head! Don’t eat snow or stick your tongue
on metal fences, poles or doorknobs. Your tongue can get stuck
so strongly to the metal that it will be very hard to get off. I wish you all a glorious winter! Tom Thomas! Nolik’s tongue got stuck! Where? In the thermos! Hurry! I’ll explain everything later. Dad, you’re already home? Dad, why are you taking my present? What do you mean your present? I mean this one. Since when did it become yours? Oh, hi there! What’s the fuss all about? Oh, it’s nothing at all. I have a surprise for you. I want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. A thermos! How wonderful! Thanks so much! Is there something in here? I don’t think so. Inside there’s a present from me! Vanilla ice-cream! My favorite! And how did that end up in there? Thank you so much, my sweeties! Nolik, you got me so scared! Thank goodness you thought of
turning into a screw inside of there. Does your tongue hurt? Do you think you can talk again? I can talk. That’s good. We better hurry. We still need to go and wish
our mother a happy Mother’s Day. And you should too! Many people wrongly assume
that the only way Fixies could live is by stealing food off of humans’ tables. Or worse yet – by stealing it from their refrigerators! That’s just a lie. It’s not true at all. Fixies don’t eat any kind of human food. So then where in the world do the Fixies
get their energy you’re wondering? It’s very simple. A Fixie’s entire life is connected with devices. Fixies not only live inside of devices but they take care of them and help them live longer. And in return for their help, these devices
share part of their energy with the Fixies. So there you go! The Fixies help devices
and devices help the Fxies. Yes, we Fixies and machines
have a symbiotic relationship. So we don’t eat leftovers like cockroaches! Because we’re Fixies! When your TV has broken,
When your cellphone has croaked, Your laptop’s barely working,
The kettle’s had a stroke, Don’t ask us where we’re going,
For it’s known far and wide That any kind of problem
Is clearer from inside. One, two, three – Tideesh!
Inside we’ll be – Tideesh! To fix what’s wrong – Tideesh!
Till it runs strong! One, two, three – Tideesh!
Inside we’ll be – Tideesh! To fix what’s wrong – Tideesh!
Till it runs strong! In gadgets and devices
Our work will never end, Appliances are fickle,
They need a loyal friend. At morning, noon, and midnight
Of every single day When there is an emergency
You know we’re on our way! One, two, three –
Inside we’ll be! All day and night
We fix things right! One, two, three –
Inside we’ll be! All day and night
We fix things right! We live to keep on working,
And work for us is fun. So we’ll just keep on working
Cause our work’s never done. And deep inside of gadgets
If you look when it’s dark You might just see us race around
Like multi-colored sparks. One, two, three – Tideesh!
Inside we’ll be – Tideesh! To fix what’s wrong – Tideesh!
Till it runs strong! One, two, three – Tideesh!
Inside we’ll be – Tideesh! All day and night
We fix things right! We talk into microphones
and listen through headphones. But both of these devices
use a special membrane to do their job. The membrane inside of a microphone
is used to capture sound that is then sent through wires as an electrical signal. And inside a pair of headphones, a membrane helps
turn that electrical signal back into sound. So it turns out that a microphone and headphones
are built in a very similar way even though they are used quite differently. Fixies have a special sign
I happened to discover. They hold three fingers in the air
And flash it to each other. They send their greetings to you,
They sing them and they shout. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Catapult What was that? Ah? Hm, strange. Tom Thomas isn’t here. There’s no way these toy soldiers
could have shot it themselves! Now that was a good shot! It wasn’t real long. And not high either. And off target. It was pretty awful! It was good but awful. I got it. So, what do we do? We need to raise it up a little higher. Hey, Fire! Nolik! Why in the world would you shoot at a Fxie?! Fixies? They supposed to be in school right now. Actually, I’m on my way to school. How about you, Fire? Why aren’t you in class? Because there it’s totally boring! But here, look at what a cool shooter we found! Huh! What did you call it? You’ve got no idea what this is! It’s called a catapult, guys! A cat with gold eyes? It isn’t a cat with gold eyes! It’s a catapult, guys! Catapults are ancient propulsion machines. They were used to shoot stones,
heavy arrows, or barrels with burning tar. The main part of a catapult is a special piece of rope. It is twisted very very tightly, like a spring! The rope is then wrapped around a big spoon. And then, if you pull this spoon back,
put a stone in it and let it go, the catapult fires a shot! And the stone flies far, far away! Alright, so here we go. Came up short! What do you mean short? What are you aiming at? You’ll see. The spoon needs to go further back. Just a little. Guys, you’re gonna break the glass! Nolik! Now push! Alright. Yes!! Right on target! Now let’s fly out into space. Wait, what space? What kind of flying? Who’s gonna fly? I’m gonna fly! Right out the window! Right up to the Moon! First Fixonaut in the world Nolik! Are you ready for your flight into space? Yes, Sir! Nolik, get out of the spoon now! I’ll be the first Fixie on the Moon! Yeah! Nolik, enough of this! What kind of joke is this? It’s not a joke at all! He’s gonna fly into space! And how come it’s not you? Because he’s lighter. Hold on! Humans didn’t go straight into space themselves,
they sent dogs out there first! Neh. Chewsocka’s not gonna fit in here. Simka, why don’t you go and let us finish. Fine, I will go. But only after Nolik finds himself a helmet. You’re right about that! I’ll go find a helmet! The catapult was invented in ancient times, but people still use them today. Only now instead of launching stones, catapults are used to launch jet airplanes. You see, the runway on an aircraft carrier is quite short, so catapults are used to help the planes
move fast enough to take off. Catapults can also be used to save the life of a pilot. When an airplane has an accident,
a catapult activates in the cabin. The pilot is shot into the sky and comes back
to the ground with a parachute. A plain old slingshot is also a kind of catapult,
it’s just a very little one. But be careful with this toy! It can be dangerous to others and to you too. As for us Fixies, the only time that we use catapults
is on a peaceful mission. Papus! Hurry! Our Nolik’s getting shot to the moon with a catapult! What?! And if I meet new Fixies up there? What should I say to them? “Hi there!” And you can ask them to launch you back. So? Let’s do it! Fire, launch it! Stop! Don’t! Simka! Nolik! I’m not getting out! We’re alive. Hurrah! He flew all the way! Who flew away? To the moon? Nope. Just a bit short. It’s not our fault. You’re just heavier than Nolik
and that’s why you came up short. Papus, maybe we can try it one more time? What?!

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