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THE GOOD STUFF – How to get legendary weapons in Fortnite Save the World PVE

THE GOOD STUFF – How to get legendary weapons in Fortnite Save the World PVE

yup troops welcome back to the Litanah
army I’m Lit and this is fornite save the world pve. Now a few people have asked me how to get legendary weapons in fortnite Save the World or how to get legendary heroes in Fortnite (and the mythic stuff), so I’ve just put a quick guide together, it’s
only gonna be short hopefully and showing you all the best ways to do that
just to remind you guys before we get started there is a gleam competition
down below in the description where you can win a copy of Fortnite save the
world so I hope to see you in that as well so without further ado let’s jump
in and get started okay so the first way to get your hands
on the good stuff is to be a part of twitch prime or Amazon Prime whichever
one it is now I think a one get this managed on a video on how to link your
accounts I’ll put a link to that in the description down below and you get this
one rescue a trooper hover you also get battle royale rewards with that as well
so an easy way then to actually get some legendary is just to be a part of that
you don’t have to do anything for that just be a member and you just link your
accounts that way and you’ll get them put into you inventory okay so the most
obvious way to get legendaries and mythix and things like that is to use
the llamas you know for these you need VBox everybody wants v books don’t get
me wrong I would probably about the upgrade llamas because the you know the
chances of actually getting those is low cat come out from the epic games forums
actually said you’ve made one go to Vegas and try and you know put all your
money into there because you’ve got more chance of winning than you have to
getting them a legendary in these I’m not sure about the math behind that but
you know he’s probably he’s you know he’s definitely right in the facts of
you don’t get many from this now the best way to get it is look up for these
ones on the right-hand side when you see troll armors coming up golf for those
you definitely want to plow your VBox into them these super melia llamas not
so great but if you see the word troll in this line here definitely jump in and
throw your boots if you’re an avid PvE player I’ve done a
video on opening the super troll click llamas definitely worth going worth
check that out because you’ll see just how many you can get in there and the
other way you’ve got is this one getting firecracker tickets and getting spring
llamas dead easy to get you know there’s a reviewable quest on there at the
minute so all you do is find the fireworks that are on the map store on
pretty much every map I think around every map but there are most maps at
least and what you have to do is at least the fireworks and they will drop
three tickets when you get to 40 tickets when you’ve collected those up it’ll
give you a hundred firecracker tickets what you can spend on you spring llamas
another way to get those as well if you go into the actual quests and just do
the quest line you know from that you will get rewards so if you look they’re
got firecracker tickets and you know I’m gonna get 500 there two of those I can
open alarm up pretty much straight away if you got to play go to view event and
just work you’ll just bring your own event I’m not even finished it yet I
really should get on with that but you know if you go there look you’ve
actually got our ticket there what you can get I don’t know how many that gives
on if it’s a thousand or five hundred but it’s just another llama that you can
open to be honest if you keep working through the quest line you’ll get those
quite regularly and you’ll be opening those all the time so you know it’s a
great way to do it another great thing about this is as well in the event
you’ve got spring get on gold now I don’t if you notice when I was over here
you’ve got this book you won’t do the question you get spring it on gold also
if you go to the map most quests will give it you as well spring you’re on
gold you know I don’t know again I don’t know if it’s in every quest spring it on
gold it looks like it is but every quest airlock spring it on gold spring it on
gold and just work your way through that and obviously the harder the quest the
more spring get on gold you’re gonna get and you can actually go then to the loop
tab over there click on it man and you can buy these heroes as well so you’ve
got walk run was quite a new one at the time I’m recording this you’ve also got
a snuggle specialist Sarah from the Valentine’s Day event and you’ve also
got this legendary flux which I will explain next on how we’re going to use
that because that comes in when you’re upgrading the rarity of your heroes so
you know gold is a great way to get it so using this bring it on gold and also
getting the Firecracker tickets as well is a great way to get loot Lamas to open
it up that way okay so the other way that you can do this as well if you go
to armory and you go to transform you also get these transformation keys now
there are two types of keys this the these keys which are the permanent keys
I can use these all the time I’m not a new legendaries in here just yet but
later in the game I’m sure these are gonna be extremely valuable and then
what you do you’ve also got these keys which is the consumable keys these are
one-time use almost so once you’ve used them that’s it now if we open this
legendary hero up here why do you have to meet the quota that’s on there so for
this one it’s a thousand so by that what I mean is you click plus in there and
each hero or each item will be assigned a point now if I fire into their local
support assassin Sarah into their 500 and then I can also put in you know I’ve
put in penny into there as well catco’s dropped a penny and that’s five hundred
that’s my thousand all I would do then is hit transform and I would get a
legendary hero that way now also you know you don’t you don’t just have to
put heroes in there you know you might have legendary weapons that you don’t
want so you could put like you know some of these in there that you’re not
leveling up you know you could do it that way as long as you meet the quota
doesn’t really matter so I’ll not use any of these you know I don’t really
like the the dragon’s Fang we did a video on that as well but I could use
that and I could actually you know get that in there and I could actually get
now the legendary hero just by using those up another way that you could do
it as well if you wanted you don’t have to just put your legendaries in there
you can mix it up so you could put you know I might want to put some air
pics in from that one and then I might want to put you know survived you know
survival and from that one do you know how you want you know you could mix it
up whatever you’ve got you know whatever you’ve got in your inventory can use to
make up that thousand quota and that’s just another way that you could get a
legendary hero that way okay so going over to the heroes then you may have
seen my video on urban assault head-on which I absolutely love this hero but
I’ve only got or is an epic now what I want to do is upgrade the rarity over
there I’ve not got all the maps to do this yet you just click upgrade rarity
and all I need to do is get this hero XP up I’ve never done that already that
won’t take long and then just by the legendary flux now that is what takes
ages to get so if you can get it in the event by as much as what you can it’s a
slow process this is not a quick one you’re not gonna be thinking I’ve got an
ethic I’ll just upgrade quick you really have to put some thought into this
because it takes ages to get the actual legendary Fox I don’t know if there’s
any guides on how to get more flux but I think if you want to get five at a time
but yet so what I need to do is keep doing that and eventually once I’ve got
that up to 100 then I can actually upgrade and I can have the urban assault
ahead on a legendary version there so if I go over to the actual loop page over
there and events solo I can only buy a 5 at a time from there you know so and the
next event there might be another five there might be ten them up with 15 it
just varies but all I will do is keep buying up so I’ll probably get this
mythic hero that I want first and then after that I will go and get the
legendary flux so that I can use the you know I can use the upgrade rarity
feature and do it that way so we’re gonna call it for there guys that’s
pretty much it you know that’s pretty much all that I’ve got for you if you’ve
got something else that you want to know on there you’ve got a question let me
know in the comments make sure that you’re entering the gleam competition
that you’re next I’d love to get more players onto for tonight’s save the
world it’s an awesome game with loads of depth and it’s one of those that would
love to have you as part of the community join the discord as well and
don’t forget to subscribe and hopefully I’ll see you guys on the next video
thanks for watching guys you


I subbed and liked! Thanks. This helped me a lot. I just got save the world a few days ago and after I got some good guns thanks to this video

A guy donated me 2 active power cells. I was DinoRino23 he was Dubyd (I forgot his name.) awesome vid tho. 🙂

Once I was claiming mini llamas and accidentally bought a upgrade llama and it went gold and I got a mythic lead survivor

hi, my nephews who is 9 got scammed for his whole inventory. I recorded everything he did! scammers gt is maddog110304. someone please help!

If any of you are interested in legacy weapons head over to Fortnite legacy mans channel, he hands out loads of free legacy’s !!!

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