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The GREAT ULTIMATE try not to laugh challenge [HARD]

The GREAT ULTIMATE try not to laugh challenge [HARD]

A*noise* (Laughter) Aggggg oh gosh (Falls). The reason why I pay more attention to things from “hollywood” is because their videos are not as time consuming and profit is greater. if you’re reading this hi Is that called dancing hover-board these videos don’t even need captions here we go W A S T E D mmmmmm reeeee a teddy bear EW literally a faucet W A S T E D W A S T E D Oh my gooddddddd…! There’s a spider on your- OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To Be Continued *music plays* EWW WHAT IN- *spider pops out* *laughter* when you try your best but you don’t succeed.. Get out of the woods, get out of the bush, CMON!! Its amazing humans aren”t extinct…. Say “My mommy is the best.” “my mommas dead” *noise* *crash* Continued by Laughter Oh gosh.. Oh no…. *gasp* What do you say to Grams? Thank you grams! *farts* *laughter* *Hits Grass* *laughter* Uk.. Say frog! No f**k! *inaudible* *inaudible* OOOOW *laughter* Oooooooh *falls* wasted haahaaahaaaaaa lol neeeeeeeeow neeeeeeeeeeeow neeeeeeeeow lol have fun sis


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8:04 No wonder that bird tried to steal that man's hat, it looks like a freaking hat made outta bread! Lol

My sister was on one of these 'Fail' compilations a few years ago- having an accident from which she eventually died of her injuries. We begged the channel owner and YouTube to remove it, but it stayed up for months- with disgusting comments laughing it all up as a big joke. So I now automatically dislike these videos…..

1:25 ……………….If your jumping ability were such that you could jump onto the top of the trash can,……….you wouldn't need the – Fuck it!

Imagine my surprise when someone going by "cat tuber" uploads a video that isn't funny in the fucking least

Females always act so shocked when the fall down. It’s so funny. Guys just lay there like yup. I fucked up hahahahaha

Disliked because of the bear in the cage. It's 2019,not the middle ages anymore! Caged animals it's not funny, it's tragic.

This collection of clips was very weak. This compilation was as weak as genetically born women competing in a UFC fight against men that are transgender women. I felt like a white heterosexual male feels at a feminist conference I just know they spiked my drinks with anti-freeze.

Dirt Bike Girls – you were trying to be cute & all you got was looking like a dumb ass – LMAO!! Big Un at 9:12 What were you doing dumb ass?

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