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hey what’s up you guys it’s Travis and
welcome to the third video of Trav-mas I’ve been super excited about today’s
video, because today we’re possibly featuring the biggest giveaway in Trav-mas history, because this video is gonna be sponsored by Modo Hoverboard. Modo is this really cool company that sells hoverboards so if you’ll excuse me
I’m gonna go Vanna White that thing for you guys right about now Modo hoverboards are unique in the each
board comes bluetooth compatible their safety conscious running on samsung
batteries as well as a UL certified charger Finally each board comes with a color
changing LED display that’s sure to turn heads anywhere you go All this could be yours
if the price is right Alright. what the f*ck am I saying?? This ain’t no damn game show. Like
this video and subscribe and we’ll see about getting you that board. Thank you Vanna White Travis. For this video Modo has agreed to give a hundred dollar discount if you guys go to their
website at and use discount code Trav-mas You can get a hundred dollars off
your very own hoverboard but apart from the really awesome
discount the company’s also offered to give one of their very own hoverboards
for this video of Trav-mas However, because this is such an awesome giveaway this contest is only going to go into effect if this video gets three
thousand Likes so be sure to get this video a Like. As far as the contest goes I’m going to hide three Santa emojis in this video. They’re only
going to pop up for a split second but if you can leave a comment below and let
me know what times the Santa’s pop up I’m going to be picking one of you guys
to win your very own Modo hoverboard. Now I’m going to need a little bit of
help filming this video so that’s why today I decided to bring in Arielle Scarcella Hi! Hey what’s up? Welcome. – Oh, all the way from New York. All the way from New Yorkers! -That was a rough trip right there. Oh look at you. You’re so tiny in the frame. – I’m going to sit on your lap. Today, Arielle and I are going to be doing the hoverboard challenge where basically we’re going to show you some tricks that we know how to do on the
hoverboard We’ve never actually ridden a hoverboard before in our entire lives so what can possibly go wrong So for the first trick all we’re going
to do is stand on the hoverboard and – Spin around. just spin around can you see the lights? Alright so for the next trick we’re
going to be doing an obstacle course we just have to weave around these three
cups So this is Arielle’s test run. This is to
show the difference of how well she does things and then we’re going to see how I do it You wanna do a little Scooby-Do thing? – Yeah what do you want to do? Is this still recording? – Yeah I don’t think I shaved. Don’t show this part No, this would be an entirely different video. Alright you guys, so that’s it for this video,
but thank you so much for watching and thank you to Arielle. You guys can go check out
her channel. I’ll put the links in the description section below I was just talking to him over lunch and I
said that he would be my type if I was a gay boy That’s a compliment – I’m into the dark features with like the
scruff I love it I think so hot. – You can play with it if you want. Thank you again to Modo for making this
video possible. Remember you guys can use discount code Trav-mas at
there you can get a hundred dollars off your very own hoverboard so yeah. – I mean do it. – I mean right?!? Thank you guys so much for watching thank you to Arielle and I guess we’ll see you next time. bye guys – bye! Today something happened that I wasn’t
entirely prepared to deal with I woke up like any other day everything
seemed just fine but then I went on Twitter and I saw a tweet that said that


2:49, 4:41 and 5:10
i really hope i win cuz ive never won a giveaway and i really want a hoverboard but my parents cant afford it for my bday and i barely get presents

I saw this on my phone, so the first santa showed up 2:49 and the second one 4:42 and at last split-second-famous santa was shown 5:10 ☺️👍🏽

I hope im not too late I wasn't able to watch your last videos because my family and I went on a tech free vaca.

Hey Travis I love you so much I'm gay as well js saying I would totally date you your so cute but anyway I got
I really want this and I love you so much

Travis I hate to break it to ya but your still at1k likes 😥😭 so there's probably gonna be no giveaway forever

Hey Travis!! I really like your videos and I'm happy to say that your one of the people who has inspired me on creating my own youtube channel! I hope my channel can thrive like yours 🙂


Cant wait to see more videos!!

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