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The Incredible HULK CLASH! Ninja Kidz TV vs SuperHeroKids

The Incredible HULK CLASH! Ninja Kidz TV vs SuperHeroKids

I love my Hulk toy! He’s my best friend in the whole wide world. I could totally turn into Hulk if I tried. No you couldn’t Noah. Oh, yeah watch me Just believe! Hey Paxton, you need to come practice your karate form. Let’s go! No, I’m playing with my best friend Hulk. We don’t have time for this. You know what, we don’t have time for this! It’s coming! Hey! I did it! My Hulk toy! Calm down We will go get it! Chill out! He’s my new best friend now, uh Okay, let’s just go back to the room. They’re leaving with the Hulk. We need a whole rescue mission They are leaving with the Hulk! We need a Hulk rescue mission! Okay, as long as they get my Hulk toy back. It’s such a cool Hulk toy! Look at it! Look there’s Paxton’s Hulk toy. I got this. I’m Hulk, watch me tap dance. You two go onto the balcony! How are we supposed to climb the balcony? You’re a ninja! Figure it out! Good point, let’s go! Who are those kids? Hey! That’s mine! That’s his! Noah! Split up, you go this way and I’ll go that way. Look! There he is! Give me my Hulk toy back! What? Your Hulk toy? Hope! Catch! Where did they go? That way! Where did he go? See ya Noah! Sweet! Was that Noah? I’ve got to get this to Paxton! I’ve got to hurry before he catches me! I have to get that Hulk toy back! Stop! Why did you steal our Hulk toy? Why did you steal our Hulk toy? It fell out of the sky right in front of us. Yeah, it’s ours! It only fell from the sky because my brother threw it over the hedge! Yay! You got Paxton’s toy back! Oh that’s why it fell out of the sky. So you’re not trying to steal it! We thought you guys were trying to steal it! How about nobody steals it and we give it back to Paxton? Yeah, sounds good! I’m coming to help guys! We’ve got to get the Hulk back! I’m coming! Watch out! Is everyone okay? What happened to Hulk? Hi guys did you get my Hulk toy back? Uh oh, it’s Paxton. And he’s mad! You popped him! Paxton Smash! Hi guys! Thanks so much for watching par one of our collab with ninja kids! Make sure to check out part 2 on our channel! Hit that subscribe button right now and we’ll see you again in part 2

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