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The Last Black Man in San Francisco | Official Trailer HD | A24

The Last Black Man in San Francisco | Official Trailer HD | A24

We built these ships. Dredged these canals. In the San Francisco
they never knew existed. This is our home. You two…stick together. I always come back to the old house. What if it’s empty? What if we just peeked inside? We could throw parties, We could put on one of your plays? We can yell Where is this house? Our old house. That’s not your old house and that’s not your neighborhood. ♪ Hey! ♪ ♪ If you’re going ♪ ♪ To San Francisco ♪ ♪ Be sure to wear ♪ ♪ Flowers in your hair ♪ Maybe he’s right. What if we shouldn’t be here? Who should be here more? Some millionaire? If you leave, it’s not your loss. It’s San Francisco’s. I don’t know how much
longer we can keep doing this. I’m not leaving. I’m the last one left. I’m with you, bro.


Seriously… it’s ok for blacks to move into Gary IN and completely destroy what was once the most beautiful city in the state but when whites try to make it nice again that’s called gentrifications and that’s bad

San Francisco used to be such a cool city. I grew up in upstate NY but would go spend my summers with my aunt & uncle in San Francisco from around ‘89-‘93. I was completely mesmerized by the place, the people, the cultures, the history. Despite its gentrification, overpriced shit, and snobby white hipster people, it will always hold a special place in my heart from that time.

went to this last night with Toussant. and Nate. When the corner brother burst out crying and the masks of cornerman bs bravado all fell, ..we wept aloud in the theatre.
This film is a masterwork.
I want it to win All The Oscars.

I cried before the 5th minute and laughed too than I grew angry recognizing many of the judgmental looks that I see everyday

I wanted to love this movie, but I only kinda liked it . Too many pieces were not believable. At all. Mostly the ending . Like he’s gonna leave his best friend in the world , and all he has left after all he’s been through?? Cmon guys …..

I still drive by my old house on Union street. Sometimes I get choked up. I drive my wife crazy. I totally understand what these two men are saying. I want to see this film.

I grew up in San Francisco in the 70s and it was a different city economically and demographically. Blacks and Chicanos were once a fabric of the city. Looks interesting. Gentrification happening everywhere, especially East LA.

Got to see this film least night at The Roxie in San Francisco. This movie tugged at emotions in soul that my body didn't know were there. Jimmie Fails & Jonathan Majors should easily be Oscar contenders got their roles in this.

Absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiring film. It made me want to throw practicality out the window and pursue crazy dreams. Moving soundtrack, stunning cinematography. The characters are authentic and unique.

Wow amazing film, Danny Glover brought me, but this trailer music lol how much does the music make this feel like a typical American commercial for some kind of credit card or insurance, I kept expecting a narrator who in between lines changes the tone and tempo of his fake and formal commercial sales pitch voice to start talking over the trailer and say – Be true to yourself, Be the you you deserve, join Be you today, and in just a few stress free minutes you will be on your way, so call us now, and we will change your forename to You, and the next time someone asks you your name, you can say You, and they can say no you, as you reply once again You, and confused, they will say, haha ok, as they walk away all fake smiling as they quietly mumble, this dudes freaking wako.

At some point African Americans need to acknowledge the negative impact of cheap labor entering the job market, I can remember growing up in Milwaukee back in 70s and 80s you would always see African American construction workers, Masonry Workers ,painters and plumbers all I see now is illegal immigrants 🗣

Its been a year since i left SF and there's not a single day i don't think about the city. I miss San Francisco

Refreshing in its cinematography, intense in its acting, sad in its premise, but kickass in its direction.

As a San Francisco native, and a Latino-American, artist and skateboarder, this trailer really hits me. So much is changing here, it's not what it used to be 10 to 20 years ago when I was a child. Even yesterday is so different than SF today. We need more art venues, and less acai bowl or yoga places. We need more neighborly integration, than rich tech segregation. We need our City to slow down and take a look back at its roots.

It doesn't look like they'll be portraying San Francisco's staggering homeless crisis at all. Nostalgia over realism.

So much for being a comedy. Looks depressing and boring as shit. Hey USA, the rest of the world called, we don't care about your stupid cities.

census, the ethnic makeup and population of San Francisco included: 390,387 Whites (48.1%), 267,915 Asians (33.3%), 48,870 African Americans (6.1%), 4,024 Native Americans (0.5%), 3,359 Pacific Islanders (0.4%), 53,021 from other races (6.6%), and 37,659

Oh another great film from oy vey productions really looking forward to this. And I hope they make a sequel to it last hook nosed man in Auschwitz.

So it's a story about black squatters stealing a house … but because it's got the liberal socialist Danny Glover who says Venezuela was a utopian Paradise now it's academy award material. You Liberals are a f**** embarrassment to human race !

If Danny Glover wasn't such a huge asshole in real life I might be able to get behind this movie. From personal experience, Danny Glover is a rude piece of shit.

In other words the demographic replacement of white people is "diversity" and should be celebrated. But the demographic replacement of people of color is a tragedy. Anyone seeing the hypocrisy in this narrative?

Historically incorrect from the 'get-go'… pushing a victim narrative except the plantation has shifted from the South to the West.

What kinda movie is this? No single negative comment. Completely blew me away..😘😘. Oh who's cutting onions

The movie looks nice but imagine the following movie:

The Last White Man in Chicago
The Last White Man in Detroit

A mundane story that drags on without much of a vision beyond creating empathy and a surface level emotional response and an attempt to cover this by the visuals, cinematography, and at times the music.

I used to live on Banks Street in Bernal Heights in San Francisco, just down from the market off Alemany. My deceased wife was born and raised there on 3rd & Palou, right around DoubleRock. In 06' Sf had a lot of black folks. I was there during the transistion when blacks started getting priced out and started heading to moving out to Oakland and Sac. i havent been to SF for years….hard to imagine no blacks would lose alot of its charm.

Can anybody tell me the name of the music that takes place between 0:00 and 0:27. I’m waiting to buy the soundtrack, but it would help if I knew the name of that particular music. It just has that epic feel to it.

I needed to cry for po boy's death just because I needed to cry for all the deaths I've survived. Tired of black men dying for no fucking reason. I love you all. Go with God and return anewed…smarter, wiser and with the ability to cry so your anger doesn't get clouded by injustice. I ❤u all!

This here, this is the edge bruh
The final frontier of manifest destiny
Man two steps further, you'd be drinking that filthy salt water
But we built these ships, dredged these canals
In the San Francisco they never knew existed
And now they come to build something new?
Whole blocks; hands in the past, hands in the future
But should you venture into their San Francisco, the one they pillaged for gold
Remember your truth in the city of facades

Wow..this movie's relatable. Lived in fillmore til the late 80's as a kid. Back then white people were spinkled in just a little bit. Now not only are there no black families there, there's barely any white children either. The city been turned into a goofy ass rich disneyland

All these big companies moving to San Francisco moving out the native peoples of San Francisco😔😔 I’m one of the ppl who left San Francisco. If you leave it’s not your fault it’s the city’s fault✌️✌️ San Francisco will always be my city

Even if the earth is destroyed, there will be no last black man. They will eat government welfare and have children. Now, all downtown san francisco is black homeless.

Interesting film, but I have some questions about the level of ignorance projected in this film by a black character.

There are tons of black people in San Francisco. Apparently this movie voids the 10's of thousands of homeless on the streets that the media and liberal politicians ignore.

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