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The Lost Sea America’s Largest Underground Lake & Electric Boat Tour

The Lost Sea America’s Largest Underground Lake & Electric Boat Tour

a little treat coming
we’re in Pigeon Forge Tennessee of course and we’re gonna be heading about
our south and west to the Lost sea the America’s largest underground lake we’re
gonna take a glass-bottom boat tour I got night vision all set up on my camera
so I’m gonna check that out that’s gonna be fun beautiful out here restrooms
see this – hi good animosity everyone my name is
Thomas I’ll be here all support out today questions comments concerns
throughout the tour don’t free to talk to me I’ll be happy to pay out the best
way I can expect for your tour today it’s going to be a three quarter mile
round trip walk first half mile that’s nice and easy gradual feet onto the lake
there we’ll have a boat ride in the Lost sea America’s largest underground lake
hence the Miss Bart pumping they’ll have a remaining quarter mile walk back up
here to the Yellowstone not gonna lie it’s a little bit of a trick it has been
compared to walking up a flight of stairs of a 14 story building Gino thank you singing already we’re
underground Wow we’re way down there so we’ll continue our main descent down
into the cage system again just watch your step
you can follow me wow isn’t this neat do you have tours like this in China a little bit again Iran makes money it’s
fine his ban may drive theaters you can imagine and someone we’ve hit off it’s
free there’s a lot of drainage along the sides so once we get down this way
they’ll drop some you get to the waterfall right here this is our next
stop this little nation is known as the veil of Tears is that thing because this
is an active generation it does grip often sometimes it looks like it’s
crying some people say this looks like the jaws
of an alligator I like that one better myself personally now this is made up of
three different types of formations along the top those are known as
stalactites as they drip down they form our stalagmites and when they grow
together form enough like you see on the left over there the new fuse together
and become one becoming a nice to lactose stalagmite or just simply a
column up north Sandoz people call these pillars but we’re in the south down here
a pillar is white you later and on it not because I maybe think with column
it’s a lot less confusing for everyone these are the most common types of
formations are going to be seen throughout the cave system this
afternoon you know I like to religious which our stalactites hang tight to the
ceiling our saliva sign is there well they might trip you that’s not all true
but again this is the middle tiers we are good to be tteyuu all just watch
your step and call me down blow away and watch out there and there’s a wire right
there yeah the leg might first to like tights shoes look it up at least we can find
them I’d like to make a house down here just haul our RV down here you know
travel trailer lock it down girl sit all right oh right I’m doing this around here this
is known as the council chambers it’s that thing because this room was used by
the Cherokee Indians as their meeting place the cave here in the lands above
it was first acquired to a Cherokee chief Craighead to the halassi or a
Cohen land treaty this was back in the 1820s a few reasons to come down here to
use this space as you can feel we’re always 58 degrees Fahrenheit regardless
of the weather and the season and top also we don’t have snakes spiders
anything like that so regardless of the time of year this is a comfortable safe
place to come hang out back in 1927 we accidents and teenagers looking around
this room they discovered some artifacts such as pottery arrowheads and jewelry
those are on display in the glass showcase in the lobby so on the way out
be sure to check it out through in these stuff put a switch some more geology now
never on the back the groups are a little quick if you look above your
heads you’ll see one of the rarest cave
formations in the world these are known as the Knights and those is a greek word
meaning flower these are also known simply as cave flowers I think ours look
more like sea urchins myself there are two main reasons these are such rare
formations one we are only one of eight caves in the entire world known to
contain a Knights and out of those eight caves we have over half of the world’s
known antha Knights here at the Lost sea they are one reason we’re a u.s.
registered Natural Landmark another reason these formations are so rare they
do have one of the longest crystal growth rates in the world that is one
cubic centimeter per 1,000 years so some of these crystals here are well over
2,000 years old just here alone now these are inactive they are not growing
but we are about to go see active in the nights they are growing
albeit very very lovely they’re much more spectacular their orange and white
in color so please watch your head hold it down this way James I got some in
tonight watch your head so um there’s a couple of reasons for that one would be
that someone has touched them with you know we’ve people bounders at the 1820s
a lot of lack of education or the waters been cut off structurally naturally and
if that’s the case think of them more like doormen as long as that water flow
returns they could become active again um once you got a good look if you guys
can head down this way make sure everyone in the back get a good look at
these these are extremely rare uptick here
well you some things of pictures worse yeah you’ll see all over the place down
here these are risking this highlighted for you here thank you all that’s
perfect right there thank you right back here everyone right there you all recall that 50 to 500 dollars to
a fine thing I was talking about these puppies are in tights they have a
special price tag on them we are probably only believe it or not however
the state of Tennessee has stiffed up they actually own our antha nights
they’re about rare I don’t know exactly how they do that it’s like a mineral
right thing but they own them for every cubic centimeter of crystal that is
broken off of an anti the fine is $5,500 I don’t say that to scare anyone of
course it’s just to reinforce their rarity the state of Tennessee takes
these formations very seriously we are very lucky to have so many here in East
Tennessee before you get moving I’m gonna say about the room about to walk
through as you can see quite a space here
this is known as the Kiel room not the kill room I promise the deal room that
spelled ke e L it’s named for the red keel clay that makes up the floor of
this room because it is reddish orange color here early Sweetwater valley
settlers used to come down here they gather some of the clay mix it with some
buttermilk but actually make a red based paint
this is how we get our classic red barn paint here at East Tennessee and it can
still be sitting on some barns today the Kiel room is the third largest
accessible chamber in the cave system this room is 600 feet long 150 feet wide
excuse me and from the tallest point from the floor to the ceiling about 35
feet tall so again quite a space here it’s a little bumpy boat so please watch
your step you can follow me this way they already didn’t you Leeson stroller smiles be comfortable down here and like this so begin with this stuff I will be
talking like this one contraction here in the middle of the pathway so make
sure you know if you look at that some tour guides are the lost seat like the
joke that this is a replica of one of the boats are gonna be getting on here
shortly lovely I’m not gonna do that y’all know
and tell you what this really is this is known as a leeching back
this is reconstructed but this type of apparatus it was used back during the
Civil War and we did have Civil War soldiers come down into the cave system
one of the world are they doing down here they were collecting the bat guano
off the cave floor does everyone know what bat guano is Matt yeah but the
energy thing about it is it does contain a large content of a special chemical
called potassium nitrate so they click the corner off the cave floor go to the
top of that here add some boiling water the water but they go through the guano
extracting or leaching out the potassium nitrate dust the nasal leaching Matt’s
done 17 create a slurry along this bottom trough known as motherís liquor
yummy that would be collected an iron pot
rockin alive you see at the end they would then boil that mixture that’s a
potash fly or some tree bark start up real good
wouldn’t begin to cool little crystals would form around the broom of the bowl
or pot those are known as shot Peter crystals those would be sent to a
refinery they’ll be refined into saltpeter and then ultimately into
gunpowder so fun fact at the afternoon everyone people in the Civil War shot
that each other yeah if there’s anything on this whole tour today here’s the one
thing coming over here in the video is when we walk into the section of the
cave we call the wall things there are two types of ride you’re gonna see down
through here there’s the black riding and then there’s the wider awnings I
like giving this black riding specifically as date you’re gonna
observe gonna walk right by 1863 this is the oldest for today in the
system you’ll notice little scratches on each smoker where samples have been
taken this has been compensated it does indeed go back to the 1860s
now all the black are you see down through here different names symbols
types of handwriting this was all put here from the torches of Confederate
soldiers this black line is you didn’t just because axle what puts us on the
civil war trailer and then unfortunately you’re losing some white Ronny and
anywhere you see this indicate here anywhere else this is just straight up
graffiti vandal is in the face of the cave walls $500 stay fun right there
you’re gonna notice this Dennis ray Belcher he was one of the teenagers back
in the 60s right before be open to the public I decided to come down here look
around hang some souvenirs leave their mark he’s really smart he decided to
leave his full name down here three old times he got fined $500 a piece so
that’s 1500 bucks the cost of a new truck back in 1965 didn’t this litter
right down the road we didn’t have to go very far to find it okay so the main
point of this about here the white right you see here are unfortunately anywhere
else in the cave again if you see that just a graffiti black writing or ever
you see this down here today that’s good historic put this on a civil war trailer
we call this the wall of fame or the wall of shame that they know what you’re
looking at run and you please wonder his movies a lot rockers you can follow me
this way especially this guy like this Vinny likes this no this is
warm he’s doing we were about to make our way
in one of my favorite parts the existing service for this is known as the Hanging
Rock chamber it is steep through here please watch your step
there’s some oil over rocks watch here on the ride we’re all slowly becoming
experts so watch step one rates to the right you
can follow me into the inky drop chamber we don’t lose anything gene surprised
you’re not taking picture oh you got the cam okay watch your step they let you can hold my arm if you Oh over here welcome everyone what we thought they
rocked and if you look above their heads please see public dollars that are
raised a guitar-shaped hanging from the sea water these are
known as bedrock intents and these are only four maintains that are formed by
water so what would happen to time we just talked about there and those two
channels of water collided create a large boulder shape now I have the world
holding rodent in the surrounding bedrock anyway the stopper rock leaving
behind the slightly harder bringing our jackets as you probably can imagine it’s
not we came down in the storm that’s not the natural entrance into the game
system the reason we don’t use the natural inference for commercial use
because it doesn’t thirty two stones this and so it was too
dangerous to streamers for the general public so back in 1965 we decided to
blast through 135 feet of rock and soil create the yellow tunnel at the
beginning of the tour okay so it was curious about the color I thought maybe
she was back in 1960 but as it turns out your does serve a purpose that’s the
first color your eyes adjust to is there going in out of darkness and is the
color somewhat so suppose that the transition a little easier on her eyes
coming into the cave system as well we go back to the surface area later to
just keep in mind that Americans came down here Civil War soldiers or at least
before mileage settlers they would most definitely be using that entrance
walking where we are right now now that I know there’s large was actually
opposed to attack back in 1947 you know simply has the capital town very rigid
unfortunately for the capital town it is very difficult to nearly impossible for
people to get intoxicated down here as it turns out due to the high humidity
coupled with slightly less oxygen low temperature of the air it actually
affects the way people’s bodies metabolize alcohol usually drink about
three times the normal amount out here Danny’s still sober so angry bar patrons
thinking they’re gone so however this was a bunch of finger
hitting the tap was the way the room shake there’s an opposite chamber to the
dance or sleeve of middle-earth chamber abandoned no I’ve been there they would
later musically maybe projected up and over the dance floor’s so it sounded
like old-school surround sound and it becomes a debut now that also contains a
knighthood deep pit we call the cat chamber it gets that name from a team of
explorer back in 1940 they were from the Natural History Museum of New York they
decided to rappel down the entire it and then reach the bottom and the
bones of a child unfortunately we don’t have the bones here on this plane
however we do have a plaster cast of one of the plants that was found is huge
as well as a replica of the head also huge if the glass showcasing the lung as
well so all the way out they shrank back it’s just me but back at the chapel now
this earlier back was larger was also use the type of fallout shelter back in
the 1950s and 60s we had an air supply’s up in that room to feed 20,000 people
for two weeks that’s enough supplies to filled this
room three times over thankfully the Cold War’s they come with
you can use it at their said we try to keep it away that’s actually these
contain sixty-year-old saltine crackers these Hospital experience something
called natural darkness so I heard lots off my recipe moments it
is a quick demonstration we know when it’s like either without the light
source or going this way I want to see the Cold War suppose that was still supplies from the whore drinking
water was in this cool I can’t believe you
stood still long enough for that the state that was natural darkness I could
still see someone’s shoes have glow-in-the-dark Jean you got to wait
for us alright take a running start at the hill kind of smells like hosting the
rock I should have brought hoverboards you’re right yep how many times you get
to take a boat tour you need help seeing where you’re going
you can turn your phone no she’s about four years old
on tour just like you all are now she decided to go with over to that home
when she did she screamed bloody murder I am back in four time course he asked
her what’s wrong she said Oh little freak yeah he decided
he should investigate as he approached the hole we heard some shuffling inside
he got a little more freaked out when he finally gained the courage the bureau in
the edge it was our maintenance man changing out the light bulb the story
goes you looking there anything nothing you’ve been good you see the make this
guy you’ve been back from erosion this goes down about 13 feet it tapers to the
size of a softball and from there we’re not sure where it goes so if everybody’s
been good yeah wait take a look at the Devil’s Hole few pike I would recommend
mold on the glasses in half hesitation means you you’re gonna look in the hole
Jean get down and so one time yes this was not makes
no serious we all right so now one of the steepest pathways resorts being
countering today so please watch your step there’s a lot of nice loose play on
top I recommend taking your feet open up shuffle your feet it can get slick there
is a metal you’re right that is there for you all
the whole lot to please go so if you need it in real to the right water step
okay here we go but the others go first oh look at that
we’re good we’re good he likes this I got him
we’re okay you hold onto the hand ring okay no no not him you could you hold
onto the railing I’m in turn him around and pull him
backwards honey railing I don’t need you falling now Gina on the other hand I got the
video camera so if he falls I got it all in table okay okay all right
yep I love this know about this but just realize you
don’t have standard what we call the baby Grand Canyon and we named that
because it was formed similarly to the real Grand Canyon to the action of water
erosion I’m gonna point out a hole in the ceiling up there later in the tour
that’s where water used to come crashing through you wrote it out the locking
play into our baby Grand Canyon and you can see these little venture cliffs and
outer side pick those out and as I pointed out to the first group you’ll
see some more Roseboro in tonight’s above you as you pass I’m gonna baby
green bean Anantha dots above yeah like the canyon oh I hear the water do you need to take
a break no those benches over here if you want to take a break so we recommend against him to be
problem solvers word problems are just asthma wait up here all these benches
for us that we just passed by you unfortunately mr. Ravi will be about a
15 to 20 minute wait I don’t ain’t I overdo it so please feel free to
wait in PD to tell my groups down is optional up is mandatory so please keep
that in mind so you go down through here now all the way down if you think you’re
gonna see you probably noticed if you listen closely here little waterfall we
name that crystal ball and that because it is so pure it’s 98% water 2% mineral
it is spring fed from the surface it’s also the only visible water source to
our lake and he’s down here on your left really beautiful trout crystal balls
down here on your right you’re gonna see one of those three moonshine stills I
meant when we discover back in 1963 he wasn’t found down here in the spring
room as we called he was found in the tavern area he’s down here for display
purposes but it’s a really cool part about when they got him set up I’m kind
of suggestion though the photos we’d like to take him on the way back up
instead of down we’re coming right back this way they
kind of used as a rest stop up the hill to catch your breath
so just suggestion alright you might need to hang out up here don’t forget I
don’t even remember this today please watch your step this is steep this is
sleep at the bottom of this hill or the lowest Rock we’re going to be
encountering today so please watch your hands
alright Oh nearly there he’s going down this way if you passed five years this
ruler would to see the world water just go Gino wait for us it looks like a goldfish right here the
shape of the rock okay you two just take it easy Wow Jean slow down Oh beautiful wow this looks like
something out of Goonies yeah honey this looks just thinking oh wow beautiful oh here’s that still I wouldn’t mind taking a drink of that
water look how clear that is c’mon you two yeah okay just want to make sure all
right thank you bunch are there no but tell me you’re shaking it this is known
as the business and paternal it was named after a 13 year old boy ain’t been
sands who way back in 1905 with just a little oil Lantern vol experienced
natural darkness but he did he came all the way down here it wasn’t drought at
that time there’s allowed him access to a tunnel that in normal conditions
should be totally submerged in water that is the tunnel we are staying in
right now we have two tons down here keeping this accessible this tunnel was
originally the width of a bicycle tire now he caught him through the toe and
you reach the other side he discovered he was in these each water but again
only that was a little lantern he didn’t quite see how far that water reach so he
follows from high off the floor he checked it as far as he could in every
direction you never hit a wall he only heard splashing so he knew it had to be
a significant body of water down here again it’s a drought he’s excited to go
home tell him funny when he discovered he
does nobody believes no you’re just a kid you’re over-exaggerating there is no
way when his dad did finally take the time to come down here and check it out
it was a couple of months later there have been a lot of lying the drought was
over this tunnel had leaked filled with water all this all with a little muddy
puddle his dad called him a liar forbade him to ever speak of the lake of you it
wasn’t until the 1960s we had a team of geologists down here to survey the cave
what will they have fish over the lake at that time hey Matt got
fur lining what they did your say around town in Sweetwater about finding Santa’s
back in 1905 move an apparently already discovered the lake so they decided to
track him down there were successful that question been since one of the
things he mentioned to them is what I mentioned to you all the grant
understands knew now this is the only granite in the entire cave system so for
him to be able to see this he had to be all the way down here he passed their
test with flying colors we got a little more grainy desert he was also given our
first honorary boom run we open to the public back in 1965 more an attaboy for
him there he still holds the biggest I told you so in all Aussie history now
this tunnel in our yellow tunnel are the only two spots that have it all by man
the entire case is abuses and remarks here there last month
so just to mine all these other Ruby character walking through with the
exemption more pathways that is all mother nature up there we hadn’t touched
back what I would do is to make our way into the lake room calling to imagine
what it was like reading sands back in 1905 with just a little oil lantern we
all walk in this huge room here be really hard to mention walk your hands
right up here the more hit there’s massive up here we’re gonna go to this
cross the walkers hip we are back on the boat wells now for the code is follow me
this way right it blasted right there you can see
the blast marks move uh TMT a bridge like genius in this like Goonies I should have brought my mic on oh this is
cool focus just rubber so people can walk seventy there was too much snow it came down
here at such a rate it overloaded our pumps to the point the trough had walked
in through to get into the lake room filled up with water it became
inaccessible the boats rose hit the ceiling cracked the original glass
bottom boats and people got too afraid to get on them and so we had to get
these dingy strips of glass yeah bon voyage treat for my viewers electric vehicle
tour underground first off all the fish you’ll see they
are all rainbow trout we’ll get a good look at them at the fitti however they are not natural to the lake
we originally stocked the fish back in 1967 it was a type of scientific
experiment rainbow trout are a stream River type fish they like the cold water
got chance to touch once we get out of the dock area it’s 56 degrees and we
thought we’d tag the fish with our name phone number address and release them
down here hope you know maybe take a Conaway out of here well they never did
there’s two theories behind that either it was too dark or too narrow for them
to find the way they actually have similar vision to humans or we fed them
and gave them no reason to go anywhere but we do have to restock the lake every
three to four years and we do that now for our guests enjoyment their conical
heads down but ultimately it’s because they cannot reproduce on their own down
here that’s due to this soft clay bottom that makes up the lake floor it’s just
too soft for their eggs to stick to in their natural habitat rainbow trout have
a hard rocky bottom the eggs and stick well as well as a swift current that
helps with the fertilization unfortunately out not
in more detail about the fish once we’re getting a good look at him good you guys
ready get going oh we got a question yes ah right here it’s about 10 to 15 feet
deep the deepest is 70 feet now pointed out once we get back there all right so
blue side watch your shoulders arms back elbows I’m gonna try not to play bumper
boats you never know though from here on out you can refer to me as either
captain Admiral Commodore you know we’re going
it’s a no-wake zone down here yeah you are clear the dock area feel free again
it’s a constant chilly 56 degrees not quite swimming temperature in my opinion
you may notice a beautiful blue-green color to the water down here almost kind
of glows that’s due to the minerals being dissolved out from the surrounding
limestone walls if you do choose to touch the water when your hands dry off
you’ll notice that they’re nice and soft that’s because these same minerals that
give it the beautiful blue-green color they actually act like a natural
moisturizer I did not believe it at first but it does work it’s pretty cool
some people say it’s the fish poop but nah I don’t believe it it’s the minerals
well you are now sailing on the Lost sea America’s largest underground lake we
made it I did mention on the pier over there but this is the largest accessible
chamber in the cave system but there is indeed a larger one down here believe it
or not back in the 1970s a team of divers were down here exploring the lake
they discovered a tunnel living off of the lake room along the wall we’re
passing by here it’s about 30 to 35 feet below the surface five feet from the
lake bottom now the divers followed that tunnel back
800 feet the entire length of this line so they sit on the sonar pulse and they
discovered an entirely submerged chamber down underneath that wall to put it to
perspective for you all what they found back there what
see this is about four and a half acres of water this is pretty big right
however the chamber they discovered during that wall holds at least nine
acres of water so our secondary lake room is at least double the size of this
one unfortunately we don’t know much more about it though as the divers were
returning the bubbles from their masks rose to the surface of that small tunnel
I mentioned that caused a slight pressure change and a small rock fall
occurred that stirred up the sediment and clay to the point the divers had to
actually feel their way back out the entire eight hundred feet or the entire
length of this room right so needless to say it was deemed too dangerous to
return so unfortunately we had nothing back to our secondary lake room since
1973 however to my knowledge that tunnel is below this location along the wall
again it’s about 30 and 35 feet below the surface five feet from the lake
bottom and that secondary lake room does make a total known acreage of the Lost
sea thirteen and a half acres of water but it could go well beyond that we just
don’t know if that chamber leads off to others not for sure
now I’m optimistic we’ll get some more divers down here with some like
rebreather technology and that way you don’t have the bubble hazard but being
privately-owned as we are like I mentioned earlier it’s a huge liability
thing so that’s probably not gonna have any time soon unfortunately I keep
waiting for that geo to give us a call or something but all right we are begin
to approach the feeding area some esti keep your hands and fingers in the boat
please I have never seen our fish body anybody but they do have teeth if you
don’t believe me check out the biggest fish we pulled out from down here he’s
on display in the lobby you probably saw him earlier
we call him Trevor the trout sixteen pounds seven ounces 33 inches long he’s
just over three feet long he’s got some gnarly teamed up there too now the fish
know what’s up in the boat shows up Roxy just a minute we are going to be doing
some loops so please stay seated I’ll make sure it’s I can get a good look
there is no natural food source for the fish down here they would start without
us we feed them every boat ride a high-protein beef liver pellet aka
Purina trout chow oh this is not great value brainer I’m
beginning the good stuff alright so as you can see the fish though most of here
the coat shows up please they see we’re gonna do some loops
we’ll see if we got any hungry guys this afternoon yeah yeah we kind of trained
it yeah we kind of have them trained now and we’ll see if we get them on both
sides but we’ll do some loops okay sometimes are a little fickle and they
stay away from the line but either way you’ll get a look at him up here they
come while we’re looking at them contrary to popular belief the fish are
not blind they do have eyes we leave our perimeter
lots to see learn the laws of Lake on for about 12 hours of the day our dock
lights over there they do stay on for 24 hours of the day so the fish have only
lost about 20% of their vision you may notice that they’re not they have lost
about 70 to 75% of their coloration the other idea behind this is that you use
their colors to attract mates in the wild and when you can’t see each other
that good why waste energy on am i riding my rock is just not worth it what
makes you feel better about the fish and not being able to reproduce on their own
down here is that they do live longer down here and in their natural habitat
in their natural habitat rainbow trout usually live an average of 4 to 6 years
however down here having no natural predators to speak of as you can see we
have some of the largest rainbow trout that are living in North America hours
of an average of 6 to 8 years it’s that big on alhabi he’s about 7 or 8
now back in 1999 there was a woman down Carolyn George just like you all morning
which workout was feeding the fish I’m doing however back in 1999 the fish it
did get a little too excited its side jump out of the water into this woman’s
lap well she decided to beat it to death with her handbag now unfortunately for
the fish she succeeded it is the only fish we’ve ever had died down here not
of natural causes and she thought it would be a wonderful idea
take the dead fish with her all the way back up made up a tour through the
yellow tunnel she slapped it on the front desk asked if she could take it
home with her never having this happen before a little too afraid to tell her
no the front desk staff said sure take it home with you used as a trophy
whatever well she called back the next day to complain and she complained that
it tasted bad as it turns out when you feed fish a high-protein beef liver pill
it that’s what they taste like unseasoned beef liver or dog food see I
would recommend these fish Oh a bass why should be just like you all righty a
couple over here we’ll get a few more sitting in hello look at all this
low-hanging Rock right back there but eat that rock that is the approximate
deepest part of the lake it is about 70 feet deep there to put that into
perspective for you how deep that truly is you can fit a six story building
beneath that rock and it would not be sticking out of the water very deep
there and this is the full extent of the lake room here as you can see the
ceiling narrows significantly back up in there so we don’t need the boats back
that far the bar in the middle is liable to get stuck I don’t think any of us
look that especially how far away grande Abhiyan one swimmy not you all
see if it gets on a few more fish while we’re making our way back I know over
here something so we can find sometimes they hang out over through here so keep
an eye on now what’s this morality now you’ll notice these jagged rock shapes
are passing by here from this location all the way down to the light to the end
of a dock ahead this is the location of our most recent major rock fall now in
this fill this consisted of three chunks of rock each weighing about nine tons
now don’t worry this did not happen last week this was about 2,000 years ago now
how in the world do we know that right I sure want to know that well we know that
because of the drapery we’re gonna be passing by here’s the same formation
that we saw up at the Cascades and that iron oxide pure rust cave bake and take
your pick whichever you like better we took a sample of this we isotope dated
it and we got a date of 2,000 years old since this type of formation drapery
does not begin to grow unless there is a clean rock face we can deduce if our
sample told us that this drapery specifically began to grow 2,000 years
ago then that must mean this rock originally fell at that same time
leaving the clean face you can see here so these are two thousand years old he’s
nice he’s my favorite as anyone from Florida and this
grapevine chance no fears are upside down Florida just like their football
team and here’s our most active stalactite in
the cave system this is Bessie the milking cow now she
drinks about 39 times per minute remember if you do get dripped on it’s
still not a bad thing it’s called a cave kiss let’s bring you good luck
we’re not underneath the restaurant I’m Lois surface roughly underneath the
gravel parking lot near the road up top so if you’re you might be parked out
there right now actually but if you’re in front of the main enterance building
you’re heading back towards 68th make your left see that big gravel parking
lot you can think I wrote a boat under there as weird as that is another
formation we can check out our way back to the dock along the ceiling over here
you’ll notice our soda straw stalactites like their name implies these are hollow
like a straw and we geo sign as part of these simply as tubular stalactites got
a few here as well yeah tubular million but an interesting
fact about these little dudes all stalactites every single one of them
they all begin just like this they’re all hollow it’s not until their tips get
clogged with minerals they begin to grow solid cores like Bessie over there and
like I showed you all in the upper cave system such as the veil of Tears so I
clean these as our babies to laptops now you could technically go up there break
one off try to use like a straw it is hollow only it’s not gonna last very
long it’s gonna taste like rust and be about a $500 for awesome I’d also be way
more impressed with you if you get up there to begin with you know feel free
to touch the water again if you’d like we are clear the feeding area maybe some
quick moisturizing action before you go we are America’s largest underground
lake were the second largest in the entire world
the first largest is known as the Dragon’s Breath that’s in Namibia in
southern Africa and it was only discovered in 1986 lunar it gets its
name the dragon’s breath because the interests of the cave is also a hole in
the ceiling of the cave water vapor comes up and out of that and it looks
like dragon’s breath really cool however cool the dragon’s breath may look I
cannot imagine a can smell very good it is used for sulfur money so if you like
the rotten egg smell 4:7 it might be a cool place hanging out
but it is also not open to the public River world’s largest commercial
underground lake now we’re only 1/4 to 1/2 of an acre smaller than the dragon’s
breath but the wringer is they only count the
visible four and a half acres not the nine underneath that wall so in all
reality we are by far larger than the dragon’s breath it just didn’t count all
the way up I’m gonna ask you to please block the shoulders back elbows put your
hands back in the boat please stay seated I will let you know where to set
up an exit about do I have a question back here I think I saw a hand raised
yes that’s a good question it’s a really good question
no Tim’s down here that’s because this type of rock this limestone it often
does not have gemstones like that and arguably though we do have to come a
little bit of some precious metal down here we have some coppers actually
around the waterfall up there you might have notice that kind of Statue of
Liberty looking green around it and that’s where it’s some copper oxides not
enough to break even by any means but still so no gemstones though
unfortunately I can place I seen it all what you don’t have to examine exit the
boat I have another question yes just hungry tourists no ma’am is owned by a single family I don’t really know who they are
but yes a wooden family name like that


Quite similar to what I've seen in Fermanagh (Northern Ireland). Obviously for health reasons, they ferry people along on electric boats with what I guess was a 48v system.

Wow GREAT JOB, I had never heard of this place. I thought I’ve been all over this and many other countries but I now have this on my bucket list. Been waiting 4 months for my X and take delivery Thursday and this place is on the list of road trips. Thank u Kman your videos have made the wait for my X go by faster 👍

Nice. I must get there sometime.
I've only been to three caves, all (arguably) in our area…
Crystal Cave (Spring Valley).
Crystal Lake Cave (Dubuque, IA).
Maquoketa Caves (Maquoketa, IA).

There's a lot more caves, in our area, that I must get to as well.

Might be the largest but not deepest underground lake… thats in bonne terre missouri in a salt mine… jacque cousteu did a film there even..

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