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The Need for Speed – Downhill Skateboarding | Speedboarders

The Need for Speed – Downhill Skateboarding | Speedboarders

THE NEED FOR SPEED) Downhill skateboarding is a sport where we
use skateboards to go fast down mountains. And we have evolved
from traditional street skateboarding
using longer boards and reverse kingpin trucks, and focusing on bigger wheels
for stability to go pretty much as fast
as we possibly can. Downhill skateboarding, to me, is very freeing. I’m a very hyperactive person. So my mind is always going
and going and going. When I’m going fast and
I’m in a gnarly situation, everything goes silent and
I’m completely at peace and I’m where I need to be. Going down with high speed
on a skateboard, just a piece of wood
with wheels… You can do whatever you want,
so you have… You have, like… The power to do
what you want to do. Yeah, it feels really cool. Downhill skateboarding is just solely a rush in adrenaline, and also a means of expression. Going down a hill
on your skateboard is just an amazing feeling. You get the adrenaline rush
like nothing else and you just feel like an
outlaw, and I think that’s what drives
people to do it, as well. You’re focused, absolutely, on what you’re doing in that
moment. Things can happen so fast and
you need to be able to react. It’s a sport, but it’s also really just
a lifestyle. (SPEED BOARDERS)



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