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The New Credit Card For Buying Ironic Junk

The New Credit Card For Buying Ironic Junk

– I know this hoverboard’s stupid, but I also think it’s funny to own it. That’s why I’m paying for
it with my Irony Card. The Irony Card is for crap
you don’t sincerely want, but you spend money on it anyway, like temporary tattoos, a
made for TV movie on DVD, and sushi from the Japan section at Epcot. The Irony Card lets the world know I’m buying this garbage with real money, but also, in a way, I’m not. The Irony Card has a crazy
high APR and 45% interest rate. I can check my balance anywhere, anytime, from any flip phone. Shots of Goldschlager
for everyone at the bar. – You know it’s gonna be
like 500 bucks, right? – Put it on here, I
don’t really want them. – What? – Like I want them, but I don’t want them. – Okay, that’s a round of golds. – Using mood ring technology,
the Irony Card can sense if you genuinely want to buy something, and if so, block the purchase. – Your card’s been declined. – Oops, cash for these. I really want the dick noodles. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yummy. For every dollar you spend,
you get one eighth of a point. Points are redeemable everywhere
that is Oh, disgusting pizza at a
pathetic theme restaurant? Put it on here. – This is ruining my life. – Don’t have a cow, man. – What? – So apply for your Irony Card today. You can speak with a representative by IMing IronyCard42069. – [Voiceover] Hey, yo, come
on out, we’re frothing. – Froth. The Irony Card, for
when you don’t want it, but you like, want it?


you just stole time from me… dont deserve SNL reference… simply because snl has no credit to be a reference for another channel… but if they did.. you dont deserve it

I bought a shirt that is literally covered with hentai ironically and I realized once it got here I spent $20 on something I will literally never be able to wear outdoors.


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