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The Next Hoverboard Segway: Honda Uni Cub ► The Deal Guy

The Next Hoverboard Segway: Honda Uni Cub ► The Deal Guy

– Today, the next hover board, but safer, better and it’s goin’ fast. (upbeat music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
deal guy, Matt Granite. Everyday, I find huge deals right here, none of which are ever paid products. All located right under this video window. And we also give all sorts of items away to subscribers for free. Today it’s a little bit different. The item I have is not actually available on the market yet. We’re still waiting for a price, but hover boards swept across the country in terms of demand. Then after people found
deals, despite the safe ones, mass recalls, all sorts of safety hazards associated with some of them. And all sorts of rules
limiting how and where you can use them. So, Honda has come up with something that you can use while you’re seated, which works a little bit differently. Now, this device from Honda, which I’m gonna show you in a moment, is I think, a lot more
intuitive than a hover board. It does go really fast. Shane, how fast would you say this is? – [Shane] Four miles an hour. – Alright, I’m gonna
go full speed right now and it is more responsive to your body in terms of what it does. What how I can turn. Very easily. Similar to a hover board,
you’re using your body weight, but balance is not an
issue with the case is with hover boards. Hover boards you can easily fall off. This, you’re seated. To stop, you can just lean back or if you want to go in reverse. That’s actually not that
difficult to do either. So, (Shane laughs) we’ve got some issues, but I got a lot more
comfortable with a device like this over a hover board. Now, this is not a paid product. Honda is not paying me
to talk about the board. When this does hit the
market, I can assure you I’m going to be using this
to get around the studio. ‘Cause let’s be honest,
especially for my wife, she likes watching me in really alluring, seductive settings. And I’m tell you, this
is gonna get her going. It’s actually not. Nothing I do could ever be that way, but let’s go one more time. Alright, I’m gonna practice
a really fast speed now and then a stop. Fast, fast. Stop. Again, I’m not coordinated. As most of you know, I have the upper-body strength of an 11-year-old girl. And I am able to maneuver really well on something like this. Ah yeah. This is one of the chargeable batteries. It is actually very compact. You’re supposed to get around 90 minutes. We’ve had ours on for
almost two hours now, working beautifully well. We got a real expert in
here, Eric, thank you. Can you take me through what I think is another amazing feature with regards to battery life? – Absolutely. This is a color-coded system
on the On/Off switch here. If you turn this on, you’ll
see right now it is dark blue and it’s doing an internal
check within itself. Just takes a few seconds. It goes to light blue and that tells you that it is okay. It is balanced, it’s ready to
go and it’s ready to operate. That button will turn
different colors as different things affect the machine. When the battery gets
low, it’ll turn yellow. If it gets too hot, it will
turn red and it will flash. And it will flash. Will also emit a beeping noise to tell you there’s an alert, so if
the the rider who can’t see that button will know that
there is something wrong. There are a number of
different checks you can see on this machine just
by looking at the color of the On/Off switch. If you looking for more great
deals, more huge savings, other ways to see tech
before it’s released to the general public, just
click that Subscribe button. It’ll hook you up. Got many more freebies on the way. Thank you so much for being here. You absolutely rock. Aw yeah! – Hey, I’m Jeanie and
Matt says that we get a lot more subscribers
if I just stand here on the screen, so I’m
just gonna stand here. – [Matt] Just stand there, just like that. Let’s just leave this up. It’s still up. You’re still standing
there, this is amazing. The talent. – [Matt] For free stuff,
click the Subscribe button you see on your screen right now. You’ll be signed up for that and all of my biggest daily deals. To turn on your alerts,
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and every link I have for every deal is right there. There you go! You are awesome, thank
you so much for watching.


Just to clarify. When you say that they're not 'paid' products. That means that they don't pay you for the video. But they so give you their product to give an honest review?

I'm not impressed by this future toy. It looks like you can't carry anything because there is no room and you have to concentrate on balancing. Just walk.

I really liked that Uni Cub. I am very interested what the price will be. This would be something I could use instead of my wheelchair.

lol Matt your to darn funny seductive lmao I'm sure your wife doesn't find the image of you on the toilet very sexy. lol lol lol. omg thankyou I needed that.

My 11 year old daughter is a gymnast and has abs of steel. Please don't put down girls. Otherwise like you channel and watch regularly.

You should look into a tailer. It would make a huge difference in your look. I know it did with me. I'm a pretty big guy, my mid section is a large but my arms, chest and shoulders are XL. I could never find shirts that fit. Looks like you have the same problem, just the other way around. You could do a video on finding a good affordable tailor in your area. Not to mention some dress shoes and ties that are proportional to your body haha. I love your videos.

This is awesome! Would be funny to use this at work and ride this thing down the hallways. It's the lazy man's chair of the future!

Matt, you have the best job in the world! You get to try all sorts of cool stuff and make everybody's day! Thank you for being you!

That looks neat. I think it would be great with a backrest and a handlebar for people with balance issues.

That is so very cool! What a fun way to get around! Too bad you don't get exercise points for riding around on it! Lol

Well that looks way more practical than my plan to tether 50 Cheerson Nanocopters to a lawn chair. Great demo! From what I can tell, though, the wheels look smaller than what would be on a hoverboard. Not that the hoverboard is an off-road beast, but I am assuming the Honda Uni Cub is somewhat limited to flat, smooth, indoor surfaces at this time? Even still… I love the innovation and where this design can go in the future. GO HONDA!!! Thanks Matt!

OMG!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! I want one!!! Though I;m a little skeptical on the wieght maximum… You're zooming around but you're fit and trim sir….

How long did you practice on it before recording? I'm a tiny bit apprehensive about being on one of those, but they do look fun! Looking forward to the next deal!

I would like it better if you did the demo on a sidewalk or pavement and if you had turned it upside down and shown us the wheels. But thank you for the informative video. It is a neat little device that I would probably appear foolish riding around on. It would, however, be GREAT for when the dog walks me!

OMG! Who would not want one of these in the office. I would go berserk in the office having races. I am sure your upper body strength is much stronger than an 11 year old girl. LOL. The Hover Board was not one of those inventions I was crazy about because it looked like you could easily lose your balance and fall. This however, seems right up my alley. It has to be safe because I am sitting on my bottom and balancing. It seems like it may be a a good core workout too. What was the purpose behind the design? Beside to may be compete with the Hover Board.

This looks to be very interesting indeed. I have a question for you guys….. How does a person find out if they were lucky enough to to receive any of the freebies that you pass out? Keep up the good deals !

What a cool product! And I'm sure they are much more safe than hoverboards. I can't wait until these products hit the markets!

this looks like so much fun, you always make your videos entertaining-I have the same talent of just standing there-amazing!! ; )

interesting what's the weight limit I'm not like a super huge guy but I'm 250 and 6 feet tall wonder if this thing can handle me?

Hey Matt, The band OK GO did one of their videos using these. It's on You Tube. You should check it out. I've wanted one ever since I saw the video last year. Hope they are available soon! So much fun!

How fun! I was a little too afraid to try a hover board at my age but I know I would have a blast on that!

That is interesting…not sure how it would work in a household versus a office maybe? But pretty cool

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