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whoa what is up chairs welcome to the
funnest channel on YouTube if you’re new here I’m Lizzy chair I’m
part of the sharafan and today I am still stuck in Thailand but I decided to
go for a little stroll in the park and I’m meeting up with my friend chickypie
so that’s exciting she told me that she knows how I can get
home so she’s gonna tell me how to get home because I’ve basically been
stranded here for about a day now and it’s been really fun but I miss Carter
and Steven and bebe million otter so I really want to get home and chickypie
says she knows exactly how I can get home so I’m meeting her in this park
check this out it’s like a nice park with like a lake and I don’t know it’s
just really fresh over here so we’re just gonna like go for a walk and stuff
and she’s gonna tell me how to get home okay so I gotta find chickypie and I
think they’re in the park somewhere so and I just somehow like what’s happening I think it’s going for
the fish guys I think the monsters going for the fish whoa whoa oh my gosh oh my
gosh sure this little monster is like so small but trying to eat a fish okay
she’s a professional monster catcher I need what my how she’s eating it oh wow this losers slowly slowly they knots
to get human nah no they’re not scared of us
careful you can listen I gotta catch one for you okay Oh no no okay careful whoa
Oh oh my gosh I have to find me two months
oh yeah this is so scary shirts this monster is not afraid of anything
yeah it just wants to eat the catfish and the catfish is so big compared to it
look at that thing everybody hungry oh my gosh okay we’re gonna let it by my
hand no scary okay I’m kind of coin now you’re gonna catch it don’t worry
don’t try to at home I’m professional he’s eating it look at it is he’s just ripping that fish apart Oh Oh
guys sistersong scarab never doe is this kind of monster before apparently they
got way bigger she’s dealt with bigger ones in the past so she needs her bag
here I’ll lure him away I’m gonna lure him away so you could get your bag he’s
really strong Oh guys do you not try this at home
she’s so strong oh my gosh oh he is not scared of me okay okay there’s a big even bigger one
over there so we’re gonna head over there she said that they’re really big
like a crocodile be she’s gonna try to catch one for me cuz she says she’s a
professional and she’s dealt with these animals before so she knows what she’s
doing um she even brought the catfish with her
oh look at the catfish yeah Naomi maybe Shh yeah Shh
everyone be quiet okay okay team rushing okay okay we’re gonna go fishing for the
monster he’s in the water somewhere oh there’s one over there guys oh do you
see that Cher’s dude we got monster it’s them no
no we could go on there and put it in the water okay okay guys so there are so
many of these in the water and chickypie says she’s gonna try catch one by
fishing so she’s going through that catfish in the water and try to catch a
big one I’m so super scared cuz I guess this park is actually like a pond
monster park just filled with monsters and I didn’t even realize that okay okay
are babies in the water now let’s see if the monster is gonna come get it yeah it
looks like a fish in there whoa did you guys hear that
I think there’s movement I think he’s gonna come for it okay guys this is so
scary home I guess it’s just a waiting game
now but there’s definitely a lot of monsters in this pond so we just have to
wait until one bites on this catfish oh I’m so scared
jeepers you don’t run off doesn’t be careful – by your feet okay my momma
okay okay okay okay so it looks like we’re getting on this boat and we’re
gonna go try to find the monster cuz I think they’re all in the water right now
and he said that we’re only allowed to put two people on so this is so hard for
me to hold the camera and steer all I’m trying to film okay I’ll just give you
guys an update when we get we find the monster okay see you guys in a bit okay
I think we spotted one he’s right there oh my gosh okay guys he’s right there
right in front of us look how big he is I don’t think you guys can see how big
he is cuz half of his body submerged under water he’s so big okay okay that’s beer that’s so crazy
okay we’re gonna find that even bigger I know that was pretty big so I don’t know
how we’re gonna find one that’s even bigger I’m so tired we’ve been paddling for so
long and we haven’t been able to find any except for that one we spotted so I
think we’re gonna get off this bow and probably go find one by foot again but
these monsters are so big and scary and I just want to show you guys how big
they are but they’re all hiding I think it’s like really hot in the Sun so I
think they’re just hiding in the water but chickypie says she’s a professional
so she knows where she can find them so she’s gonna show me one more place and
hopefully we can see one okay we are getting off this boat that was so hard
y’all did you see any no oh no okay so we couldn’t find any but we’re gonna do
one more search trying to find one so oh no I guess we’re gonna have to go look
what is that what is that thing oh I picked myself what is that where’s
Connor right now if you guys see that thing what what are these there’s so
much movement guys there’s so many monsters here this is so crazy I did not
realize this park was just filled with all these animals and monsters like no
wonder chickypie is a professional like she needs to survive here somehow oh
there’s a baby one oh so little whoa I think what they do is they climb the
trees and look for eggs and crack open the eggs and eat it look at that what is
that thing Oh even the baby ones scare me us
hey leaves I think is too like a baby Dino ho yes what if it’s a baby dinosaur
look at that thing if you see a baby yeah yeah you’re right there’s a baby
that means there has to be a mom which means the mom is probably a huge 100 guys look at that one he’s in the water
he is a big whoa wait chicken boy can you okay oh look at me he looks like a
crocodile oh my gosh guys do you think that’s the monster that’s living in our
pond like I feel like it looks exactly the same as the one in our pond I don’t
know what if it’s one of these lizards are so scary okay so actually we ended
up finding a huge one I think it’s been following me around and it’s been
sneaking around which is why we haven’t been able to see it but he can’t see us
right now but we can see him he’s right there look how big he is guys whoa Cher’s look
at it so big it’s like a huge water dinosaur he must be getting some food
under the water or something so scary whoa oh he’s in the water he’s in the
water Oh guys he’s totally submerged all you
could see is his tail and okay I really think that’s the same creature that’s in
our pond because the pond monster in our pond is amphibious so you can go in the
water and out of water and he has like a nest outside the water so no this animal
looks like it’s the perfect match I think it’s the same exact one in our
pond top I’m on leave sleep eat now so he sleeps a lot and he a lot okay so
he sleeps lying to eat sloth so I think right now he’s trying to find some food
so he’s completely under the water look do you guys see him that is so scary I
think that’s the thing that’s been in our pond
whoa his claws are so sharp I don’t know if you guys could see from here but his
claws are so sharp I definitely hurt me I don’t have that much money I’m in Canada okay yes you you have to
line a board I’ll take a bow take a bow okay so this is Thailand not the u.s. I
asked to take a boat in order to get back home yes because I don’t have that
much money yeah I think I got it I think I got it
this is exactly the map on how to go home so guys I guess I’m gonna have to
travel home okay okay shares until next time you know what to
do stay awesome and share the love peace newbee good doing backflips like Roman
Atwood sitting at the top afraid of my miss you gotta be brave to take that
risk crying I got the weightless feel land
and the water feels so unreal swimming up now just take a breath all these
thoughts here you know the rest the massive wheels always snack and I
don’t eat meals with the mr. T’s – hydro tip jumping off the jet skis what’s the
backflip now you know with a share of pros lime green lever with the underglow
hit a mill again that’s what we do


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Where do you live? Like usa brunie And also be careful I dont know where you guys found those monsters they’re scary and creepy!

Lizzy be astra careful don't let it bite you just be a bit more careful about what you doing!!! 😫😫

That looks like a baby Komoto Dragon the scale color and patterns look the same so I think that it is a Komoto Dragon

I saw a bigger pond monster in the River bigger than that one you found and bigger than the one in your pond

Hi my name is Xanthia Benavides and I love your vids but I don’t like my name so ima change my name to Bella share

Actually according to Google it says that the Komodo dragon you said it's closed for a. To rip apart its own food cuz it's a mediator so it's a carnivore or b. Today Gibson Borough sewage kids sleep and I think it's nocturnal

I’m asking how do Lizzy
2 why is Liz here
3 how did Liz see the monster in the sea
4 how did she know how to get home

i didn't want to wach the vid anymore because she keeps saying "i am a profeshinal" and u chould just catch him by the NEK!

Lizzie don't touch that little baby Komodo dragon that's a Komodo dragon tell you to YouTube and friends not the touch it tell him Lizzy tell him not the touch that little baby Komodo dragon it's a baby bun

Lizzy tell your friend not to touch that Komodo dragon is poison and when they bite you can't go fast after you go a little fast that poisonous stuff to go through your body with activated and make you pass out

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmmmmmm…….
That’s a monitor lizard 🦎 🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎

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