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The Special Features Of The Olympic Skatepark of The Netherlands (Trainingscentrum Den Haag)

The Special Features Of The Olympic Skatepark of The Netherlands (Trainingscentrum Den Haag)

Hey everyone, today we’re at the Dutch Trainings Facility in The Hague Early 2019 we finished building this park. 1000 M2 (10.763 ft2) of concrete skatepark. With a lot of different features in the park. Hydraulic stairs, ledges in height adjustable rails. Everything has been build to optimize training for Tokyo 2020. Today i’m taking you on a tour through the park to show you all the features. Here we are at the entrance of the skatepark. We got concrete hubba’s on both sides With a rail in the middle. Now its a round bar, but you can also make it a square one Every rail is also in height adjustable We have four different heights on each rail. This is the lowest. But the rail can go up to 20cm (7.87inch). Here we are on top of the drive. This is the first hightech feature that we have. Its electronic adjustable. We have a control panel that controls all the electric features. At the base its 45cm (18 inch) and it can go al the way up to 75cm (30 inch). Completely electronic, so you can adjust it to the perfection. Here on your right side, some rails and hubba’s. In the middle a miniramp/bowl. With a hip and roll-in. And next to it, the 1.80m (6 ft) stair with hubba’s (and a rail can also be added). Here we got two different ledges. One normal ledge and one thats adjustable. At the base 25 cm (10 inch) and it can go up to 50 cm (20 inch) Next to the curbs is the big vert quarter. And over here a hip. Here we are at centre of the skatepark . Behind me you have a stair with some rails and hubba’s. And over here is the centre piece of the skatepark. One of the coolest features A stair that is adjustable in length You can make it a double set or normale stair. Because its in length adjustable, you can also put in different rails Now its a kink rail. You can put in a straight rail. A square one. A round one. Big ledges on the side. One of my favorite items in the park. Unique in this park, are these ledges and rail. Little bit lower than the rest of the park. And of course a foam pit! Yeah now we made you al hyped for this park. With al its crazy electric features, such as stairs rails and you name it. Unfortunatly its only the Dutch selection that is allowed to skate here But would you like to skate here sometime, leave a comment under this video. And maybe you win the change to skate this park with 5 of your best homies. Thanks for watching!


U gotta open this park for everyone. U gotta show that Olympic skating helps all skaters and not just the lucky, well connected few who qualify..

Dit is ook wel een dik park voor WCMX hoor! 😎het zal erg gaaf zijn om in dit park een dikke sessie te houden met aantal andere wheelchair mx rijders 😁

I skate for a long time but never have i seen something like this and my homies and i really want to shred this thing

That is so amazing! The advanced and intelligent technology is an obvious feature in countries like this one. 🙂 Hey FlatSpot fûckin’ love all your stuff.

Keep repeating myself on other comments but I feel like it’s a good idea…..Skateboarding is rising up bigtime! Thousands of boards made daily. So we need to start a fundraiser worldwide to help replant Maple Trees. Plant those beautiful trees where they were harvested rom and in a few years lots of Maple ready for our boards!! Just an idea….. Have a good day, From Canada 🙂

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