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Hello and welcome to FridgeCam. If you eat food then this
is the show for you. Coming up in the fridge today we have a chuckle
at food that looks like Donald Trump. We have a mass debate about which
is the ultimate American food. But first… we need to cook the food to debate about,
so let’s go head-to-head-to-head for an All-American Food Battle. American classic, meatloaf, and I am more
out of my depth than a wall-building, cat-grabbing business man in a suit who built
an empire out of nothing but a million dollars. And it starts by chopping up onion and garlic
and then pretty much putting all of this in a bowl. Meatloaf is very similar to Trump, isn’t it? I mean, you look at it now and go,
how did that meal get to be one of America’s all-time
greatest and most famous dishes? Really good point. It’s not standing up to the battle. Pork mince, beef mince, oats, one cracked egg,
pecans, chopped jalapeno, marmalade, tabasco, more tabasco, tablespoon of cumin,
chilli flakes, paprika, parmesan, cinnamon. Mix, mix, mix. You know what?
Let’s do your intro for you. You step back. Something, something, something, I’m going to make
something that I’ve made a thousand times and chilli. It’s going to be spicy ‘cause I’m a lad. It starts by browning off my mince. I think it’s fair to say we all know
what the ultimate American dish is. Meatloaf!
Chilli! It’s a burger! I’m going to get my beef mince in a bowl
with some nutmeg, sriracha and a pinch of paprika. Did you say sriracha? Wow!
Oh my goodness, a sesame seed bun! Wow! Grated beef dripping in my burgers.
It’s taking my burgers to a whole new level. Mediocre. Now, we’re going for a Texan chilli
which means a couple of things. First of all, no beans. And I know, to a lot of people,
including me, that sounds slightly strange,
but no beans in this Texan chilli. Number two, no tomatoes. I know, crazy. And number three, we’re making it hot,
like, really, really hot. My mince is browning in the pan,
now that’s going to take longer than you think. 10 to 20 minutes to get some really nice
crispy bits and some good colour on it. In the meantime, I can dice an onion
and some garlic and prep my chillies. We’re going for three
different types of chillies. We’ve got habaneros, we got anchos,
and we got cascabels. I know, I’ve not heard
of them before either. Patties done and into the fridge. Now onto the next most important
thing about a burger, the bacon. I’m adding a bit more sriracha,
some honey and some paprika. Give that a mix up, spread it
over your bacon, into an oven for 12 minutes and you have
the sexiest assed bacon you’ve ever tasted. My meat mix is mixed and now I’m going
to line this baking tray with bacon. This dish has so much pork in it, you wouldn’t want to leave it alone
with David Cameron. Let’s pack meat on top of other meat. What happened to this bit of onion? What bit of onion? This now goes into an over for a certain
amount of time at a certain temperature. 200 degrees for 40 minutes. One of the last steps for this dish is to get
some beef stock and pour it into the pan and then leave it for about
two hours to simmer gently, reduce and become the ultimate
chilli and therefore the ultimate American dish
for an Ultimate American Battle. I am surprised that you’ve
gone for a burger. Why? Because I was expecting
you to go for Putin and then claim it’s somehow magically being
reformed into some sort of American dish. But instead you’ve actually
stuck to the brief. And it turns out, when you do
stick to the brief, it’s boring. You know what,
I might freestyle it. If that’s what you want from me,
I’m going to ignore the recipe and make something new up. Okay, great.
Yeah. That’ll be great. Excellent. He’s even more outside
the battle now. I’m not sure about this bit.
Kind of making it up. I’m thinking, making a burger sauce,
mix that with my lettuce leaves and my onions. I’m sure that’ll work.
Mayonnaise in. I know we told Barry to freestyle. He’s taking it to heart. Oh, he really is freestyling, isn’t he?
-Yeah. What does every burger need? Another burger. Apart from another burger. Oh, now we’re talking, bacon. No, I got that, and…
just say what I’m holding, onion rings. Onion rings. And to make onion rings
you slice rings of onion and dip them into self-raising
flour and sparkling water. Also, making a tomato sauce
to go over the top of my meatloaf. So, that’s just garlic, onions, in a pan…
they’re so strong. In with some tomato puree,
2 tablespoons of smoked tabasco, chopped tomatoes going in,
and a bit on the side. Crumble in a beef stock cube
and 200 millilitres of water. Now, I simmer that
for about 15 minutes. It looks like I know
what I’m doing. Do you want to know how to make
an amazing mustard mash? You do? Well, come over there then. Peel four baking potatoes
and quarter them. Chuck them in some cold water in a pan
and bring that up to the boil. Cook that away for 20 minutes then drain
the potatoes and pour in some milk, add some butter, give them
a nice big mash, and then throw in a dollop
of Dijon mustard. Now, we could just serve this chilli on its own
with some rice, with something like that, but no! We’re going to go in for some toppings,
we’re going to dice up a red onion, we’re going to have some sour cream,
we’re going to grate some cheese over the top, we’re going to gratinate the cheese.
And then we’ve got some green stuff to put on it as well. It’s going to be brilliant and we’re going
to serve all of it with some saltine biscuits… crackers, ‘cause we don’t have the saltine
biscuits in the UK. Saltine biscuits. So, it’s been half an hour.
I’ve got my tomato sauce and I’ve got my meatloaf
which I’ve taken out 10 minutes early. I’m now going to baste it
with this tomato sauce after I’ve blended it up and
then put it back in the oven. Oh no, I baste myself. Oh no. Why mate, a white t-shirt in a battle,
you’ve made that mistake before. The pan we were cooking
the burgers in earlier, give them a wipe down and
then back in with your bread. Give it a quick flavoursome toast. Finally, I’m going to cut
the meatloaf into slices and then I’m going to put Panko breadcrumbs
and cheddar cheese on the top. Get it back into the oven for
two minutes to gratinate. Ah, this is the mashiest
mash ever mashed. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great honour that I stand
here today and represent our nation’s ultimate dish. The national dish of the State of Texas. Far back as 1850 people would
take a chilli, they would cook it, they would dry it out and
then put it onto horseback, built into bricks and they would go and build
these fine cities that we live in right now. We all know it, we all love it,
it’s the burger. I haven’t got to say much, I think I’ll just
let these visuals do most of the talking. So, we’ll let that turn, look at that
ooze, look at that meat. Real America is diverse. It contains cultures
and flavours from around the world. Much like the pilgrims who
brought the real meatloaf, real meatloaf across from Europe
in the early days of America. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe in real meatloaf.
I believe in real America. I feel like for once we’ve absolutely nailed
the American brief with three American classics. I’m going to start here with what is probably
the most iconic family favourite. Like, good wholesome
family meal, meatloaf. And do you know what,
that meatloaf has got everything. It’s moist, it’s got loads of flavour,
it’s got loads of texture, -Yeah.
With things like the nuts in there as well. A little bit of spice in that sauce. I’m very happy about with that.
And a good creamy mash. I stand by it.
Burger time. I’m not even going to ask you
to pick it up in one go. I’m not even going to try. It’s embarrassing for yourself
and all of America. Look at that.
That’s a burger. But at the end of the day,
Mike, it is just a burger. It is just a burger. Do me a favour and just try that burger. And that is a crispy onion ring which
you just did by… I’m genuinely impressed. The thing is with burgers
is they’re so subjective. There’s only one thing missing
there for me, gherkin. And now for this one.
So, a Texan chilli chilli. Yup. Now, I’m not a Texan and I know before even putting this
in my mouth it’s going to be probably too hot for me. But, what I love is the flavour profile I’m already smelling
and the fact that it’s not just got chilli powder in, three different, three different chillies. Three different chillies
plus chilli powder. Whoa, stand back,
stand back, stand back. The first thing you get
is depth of flavour. It’s beefy, you get the cumin. And you know what… it comes back to haunt you.
I’ve never seen it served with cream crackers. Nope, me neither. Or saltines. I have to be honest.
But I like the fact that it’s different to rice or chips. Ben, your glasses are starting
to slip off your face. They’re steaming up. That is a really good chilli. While I perspire a little bit,
I need to come up with a winner. For me, a burger is too obvious,
but it is the best dish on the table, so it is going to take my vote. The burger stack gets it on this occasion, even though
that’s awesome and that’s blow-your-head-off good. All three are amazing,
burger wins it for me. However, you guys have seen them make it,
you’ve seen them debate it, and now you’ve heard what I think,
so you can have your own comment. Comment down below, I’m going to put a poll
on YouTube so you can have a vote too. Oh my God, that’s so hot. I think Baz has just pooped
through his pants. Genuinely one of the best battles
we’ve had in a long time. If you want to give those recipes a go,
then all the details are available on SORTEDfood. And remember to subscribe because
we will make you hungry. I reckon that FridgeCam had everything. It had Jamie’s audition for the next
series of House of Cards. It had some of the sexiest close-ups
you could ever imagine. And if you stick with us you’ll see
some food that looks like Trump. It’s the good bit.
Come watch this bit. Come. ‘Til next time. Bye. I’m so looking forward to this one. Can I take a seat here? Hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to
Not Food That Looks Like Donald Trump, but Donald Trump Looking Like Food.


Meatloaf doesn't need all the extra stuff. All you need it ground pork and beef + salt, pepper, and garlic and that is all. All the rest takes away from the dish. KISS, keep it simple stupid. In some dishes simple is better.

Jamies' chili while good for many people would be too spicy for me I don't like highly spiced chili I would be much happier with a medium spiced chili.

Nice Barry! Knew it was going to be banging the instant he mixed in that extra fat into the ground beef! One of the keys to great burgers is quality beef, and the care and attention to the mix of beefs in the ground and how that affects the cook of the patty.

I like all the annoyed Americans on here bitching about the food but totally forget what they do to other nations' food…. American pizza???

Just like knowing nothing about President Trump, you have absolutely no idea what American food is. 🤦‍♀️

years later I rewatch this episode … and still wonder how they do a USA Ultimate battle .. and don't have the actual food that is American … BBQ.

I'm just… a bit shocked and horrified. I'm FROM TEXAS. Born and raised in Houston. And Texan chili DOES have BEANS & TOMATO in it. When making whole meat (beanless chili) the only thing left out is the bean and it gets REPLACED by more protein. Sometimes that's ground pork, cubed poke &/or beef… some have even gone for lamb or venison if they're hunters. But I've never EVER seen the sort of "Texas Chili" that Jamie is making… and I attend the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Chili Cook-off every year for the last 10 years!!!
As for that…. "meatloaf" well… someone go buy that man a Betty Crocker cookbook STAT! It will at least give him a guideline to go by! My fathers was a whole been meatloaf with bacon one top. My own is half ground beef half ground pork, softened onion, and bell peppers, with crumbled crackers in place of bread or bread crumbs. With garlic, oregano, and parsley. Eggs plus ketchup or tomato paste then use your hands to mix gently. Put in a pan and bake. When 2/3 done top/baste with ketchup then lay bacon strips over that and cook until bacon is crisp. The only thing about his meatloaf is that it is made of MEAT and in a LOAF pan. 🙁 This is almost painful to watch. — also how is no one making fried chicken in an American food battle?!?!??!

9:50 "I like the fact it's different from rice or chips." I've noticed multiple British YouTubers eating chili with "chips" and I wonder how in the world that started. They just assume that chili and fries is a traditional pairing, and it's not.

Sorry mate but that Chili is shit. I can give you a dozen texas chili recipes that would blow that away. If you're gonna use habanero, use it fresh not dried!

Sparkling water is sooo much more readily available in the UK and EU. You may need to do a bit of looking to find it in the US.

By definition that is technically a meat loaf but thats def not an American meatloaf. Then the burger is american but then you used Thai seasoned bacon. Also who TF puts nuts in a meat loaf!!!!

I have never heard of an American meatloaf like Mike has described. If that's what they think we cook like, then it explains a lot.

Meatloaf? You have ingredients I've never heard of for a meatloaf. And I was born in the USA and have lived in four parts of this nation. I'm wondering how you researched the recipe. Best place to start for American recipes, as most Americans know them, is the Good Housekeeping Cookbook. It's dated for sure but what you get is the classics as your baseline.

I have never seen a British version of meatloaf, and now I am confused, and slightly concerned. Also, as someone born and raised in Texas, my questions for the chili are as follows; 1) where is the buttered cornbread, 2) he is missing jalapeños, we put those in everything, and what? No steak bits in the chili?

I'm from SW Virginia. No beans in my chili. No nuts or most of those other ingredients in my meatloaf. Love you guys!

These are the most British American dishes I have seen lol. Not angry at all just really confused. Who puts nuts in a meatloaf???

American living in Texas here.
Not Texan Chilli (still looks yummy tho). NOT American meatloaf (WAT). Barry did great. Very American, looks like a delicious heart attack. He wins.
Still love y'all!

3 years later….That meatloaf was not American, not sure what it was. The chili was presented like a strange casserole. The burger was most American. (Again the man with the red tie won) The debate was funny. Mike's speech about his food was not. Not all of us hate our president.

Mike… what the fuck was that? that was not meatloaf. The only reason that is meatloaf is because it has meat in the form of a loaf. Jesus. GOOGLE SOME SHIT.

As a Brit I'm sitting here like, I might actually eat that meatloaf. No interest in the traditional one which appeals about as much as our traditional Sheppard's pie would ie; not at all.

As a Texan, I'd say one of the best things to do with chili is put Fritos and onions on top. Adds texture and amazing taste. A full-on Frito pie is when you mix Fritos into all the chili and cover it in cheese. So good.

Why so much beef stock used on the Meatloaf? It's already beef and the onions + beef plus ketchup on top really need no improving. I'm confused by the use of so much beef stock. Seems like it would be overpoweringly salty on meatloaf.

Texas invented chili. Beans were not put in it until a chef in Ohio used beans because they didn't have enough meat to make chili.

Mike: “Making a tomato sauce to go over my meatloaf”

lol when my mom made meatloaf our tomato sauce was ketchup 😂 what’s more American than that!

I’m a Texan, and saltines are actually a staple companion to chili. Also, a dollop of sour cream on top helps dampen the heat, and some shredded cheddar cheese and scallions or diced onions are also typical toppings. Chili is an art form, and I really think that Jamie did a phenomenal job of capturing the essence of my home state’s signature dish.

Meatloaf is not one of America's all time famous recipes. Meatloaf is for trashy white garbage. Totes rudes dudes. Oh yeah, and FUCK TRUMP.

I'm so confused by Mike's meatloaf. It looks delicious, but that sure as hell isn't an American meatloaf. The chili isn't much better, tbh.
Barry knocked it out of the park, though lmao

I am an American and I can assure you NO ONE makes a meatloaf like that! LOL. This is the most UK-infused meatloaf I have ever seen. Marmalade?!

Chili with rice??😳 maybe some tortilla chips and cheese and some onion on top saltines if you don’t have chips (Or crisps as they call them) but rice???? That’s gumbo

I don't know why I pain myself with watching this content. It always makes me super hungry but I can't afford to get anything as tasty as this.

Love Mikey to death.. but as an American, I'm not sure WTF that was. At all. And um…Nutmeg in a hamburger??! Sorted, WTF??? (lol!!) I'm also going to ignore Jamie's chili, because that is just..something else.

you guys really dont understand do you? im sorry you guys think thats what we have barry was the closest to making us proud.

YouTube recommended this video to me after the scrambled eggs video just now. I'm dying 😂💀 It must have noticed all the comments there referring back to this video 😂😂😂

I liked all three of the dishes. I think they are each a classic American dish in their own way, but I would have given the win to the chili. Chili recipes are as diverse as America is, every region has something unique they bring to their chili. You can travel to all 50 states and get a different chili in every state. I would not eat chili with saltines, I would have served it with cornbread or rice so it could absorb the excess juice from the chili.

Burgers are uniform pretty much all across the nation with individual restaurants making their own spin on it. They are what many people probably think of when they imagine American food. It was not a bad choice for winner but I think it lacks the creativity and history that chili has.

Meatloaf is a distant third of these choices. It isn't as common as chili or burgers are but it does have a great deal of regional variation. I just don't see meatloaf being the most American dish of the three. Even if it was covered in bacon.

As an American I’m not offended. Every region has their own spins on each of these within the US. I just feel like they took the main things from multiple and added their own twist too!

Now that you've been travelling around the US a lot more recently I think it's time for a redo! Maybe even specific US city challenges. Also I'd love to see more about typical British food!

I know this is from a year ago but if this what they call meatloaf or Texas chili they don’t know American food. I may have to unsubscribe.

And here I thought I already had enough reasons to avoid Texas like the plaugue… Making chili like that is a crime!

And hamburgers are from Germany….

American food? With not a single deep-fryer in sight???
You don't America much, do you? 😀
(Edit: 5:04 I guess I spoke too soon . . . but still . . . )

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