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The Underlying Philosophy of Skateboarding | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

The Underlying Philosophy of Skateboarding | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

welcome back to the letters and this is the underlying philosophy of skateboarding which basically means absolutely nothing but it sounds good rolling from the tongue our first episode back is our 50th episode and I’m on the fiftieth episode yes yes you’ll be on the fiftieth episode and basically the episode is called the question is is what is the underlying philosophy of skateboarding to you well it’s I know it sounds so stupid and you probably want to hit me over the head with the pan but I think of skateboarding as like a karma stick if your karma is good like you’re going to have the baddest time and like have fun and it’s going to be good pick on up there it is yeah your Karma’s behead you’re gonna eat that’s fair enough yeah I know I’ve eaten a lot of you see me go down here you see me like pile we called you slam man yeah you do I don’t even know what philosophy means for real is that dinosaur what is it like what Elvis what the whole thing means or what what is your underlying philosophy of skateboarding uh there’s always something to learn and I wouldn’t want to keep trying keep keep at it that’s my underlying philosophy don’t give up what is the underlying philosophy of skateboarding philosophy the Dhamma is to have fun that’s it it’s simple drugs pure and simple it’s it’s adrenaline OD it’s scaring the out of yourself and coming back from the edge and you’re doing it on a foot a little tiny four-wheeled toy that hovers about four and a half inches off the ground you know and if you can bomb down a hill at 45 50 miles an hour and come out the other end unscathed you can and that beats any speedball I speak from experience not having fun fun not tell one doctor taught me go around so the philosophy of skateboarding it’s the art the discipline err like martial arts in any sport in skateboarding in particular there are two approaches an artistic flowing approach in which you’re trying to look very graceful and beautiful and blend with that terrain and then there’s the other situation where you want to get as radical as you can and just tear that train to pieces that’s a deep question and cuz like pain pain hey misery for real dude it’s not no snowboarding dude you hit the ground now and it hurts dude and there ain’t your girlfriend or your mom ain’t gonna help you dude cuz you’re gonna have to pay for that pain dude and I know for real dudes I paid a lot I paid 25 years of pain and when you’re gonna look me in the face and say you can get pay your dues dude you want to be in the skate army you want to be the escaped Marines skate airborne you better pay your dues dude 57 years old mark lakes can still do a Lake flip Miller flip whatever you want to call him he can still do a goddamn flip on a skateboard on vert he’s 57 years old that is Magic incarnate right it’s my escape it’s my art form you know it has it’s my lifestyle it has so many different levels but at its core like all I ever wanted to do is keep learning that’s gonna be time for Tony Hawk for his second that’s badass all I ever wanted to do is say you so that’s was my hands like you it’s you it’s just good to oh you skate you skate Burt you’re goon I’m alleged skated like that’s no longer those lines are becoming blurred and hopefully those lines will just be completely erased at some point and it’ll just be about like everybody will be grant Taylor just roll and you just do it well or you don’t whatever I’m makin sense a lot of people are going to learn what skateboarding is all about the capabilities of four wheels with the plank underneath it is unlimited and I hope and I know these guys have proved that you have to be there if you’re gonna skateboard yeah you gotta be there and pay attention be there but be absent yeah to be clear yeah like a channel yeah you can be void and skating like you can fly and like be voiding Atlantica I made that that was so sick skating is what I do for fun go skate pools I like to skate outside when it’s on a good day man that’s the best thing to me what it means to me I mean everyone’s got their own first like let the spot tell you what to do and you look at it and if it screams at you what it wants you to do on it because it’s almost like it knows what you’re capable to do on it that’s the best Fausta left leg hurts really bad don’t enter there I’ve been skateboarding for 40 years I started in 1976 so I’ve I’ve been rot rolling for 40 years and throughout that whole four years riding a skateboard what it’s meant to me is enjoyment excitement thrill challenge creativity and fun antwuan Dixon antwuan Dixon there’s some underlying philosophy of skateboarding the main reason that you want to ride for I think is just to have fun and can’t really explain the feeling that you get from it it’s just something in its own class just something that you do every day it just begins to become a part of your lifestyle you I’m gonna do what I want when I want where I want to do it and how I want to do it and and I you know what I might not even do it now cuz you that’s why times us ain’t balls not skating times us and balls not skating you gotta find your people so whole things about friends and happen I just like skateboarding it’s fun it’s a fun thing to do but it’s all up to individuals and that’s why I think skateboarding is such a neat sport it gives people a chance to express themselves in their own way and it’s an individual’s type of sport skateboarding it all circles back around to surfing it really does everything for us was about that and I think growing up in Venice in the 80s or what style was important like if you did a stinkbug frontside air it was just you know people were like laughing it’s so you know it’s about having your knee tucked and kind of grabbing around your knee so style was definitely something yeah it was important I want you to watch this clip that we’re about to show you and I want you to feel this clip and then I’m going to introduce you to our next guests on our 50th episode of the love letters yeah how low see people that’s what gene that’s what it’s all about right there what does what is the underlying philosophy of skateboarding to you the underlying philosophy of skateboarding dude blindside me with a deep question off the bat all right um philosophy of Skaguay I would just say charge that’s it you know give it a go you ain’t gonna have fun if you don’t take some rides give it a go charge you never master it so it’s something that you eat is ever ever for me you got to be able to learn how to fail if you know if you’re if you’re afraid to fail then you’ll never try anything I kind of realized it’s escape with your friends is like the best part of skateboarding and we’re eventually and then also traveling and making new friends at spots and stuff like that’s my favorite thing about skateboarding that’s the common thread that’s the common thing that binds everybody together is like grind sound cool and therein lies the underlying philosophy of skateboarding does that make sense episode 50 huh you’re still watching this damn Thanks there’s been another episode of the letters right go skateboard get the out what are you still the underlying philosophy of skateboarding well if you still having fun you doing something right yes nice thank you Steve Olsen thanks for watching Jeff love letters historian hey like Heath’s a bad um Ben cron Q man q man’s die hard you know like he’s still down under the bridge and and shaggy and all those those Builder dudes those guys are Ross man right anybody who’s affiliated to skatetopia I guess on some level gets a pat on the back right cuz there’s you know they’re following their ideal of utopia it’s a weird idea of utopia but it’s their ideal he was over it before I even went for it and in between was art public that quote er with Jay Adams James is a bad right he didn’t give a we all work for the van Doorn rubber company click here to see love letters to skateboarding


This is good! I love the intellectual side of skateboarding its just longhand for "have fun with your fucking friends".

i woud like to see more interviews of the guys from the 70's and 80's and what are they doing now. word on cherry hill and apple park of the 80's other old parks.

Just want to personally thank the dudes at Six Stair and Grosso for taking the time to make all these episodes. Skateboarding is something you can't describe with one word. It's a feeling, way of life, and something that can change your mood from depressed to on top of the world. Been watching the show for a while now and I'm really grateful that these dudes dig for hours for these clips of Phillips, photos of bowman, Tex Gibson and all the dudes that made it their own. I'm especially grateful cause I didn't get to live through this time. In my opinion the best times of skateboarding. And I'm 21. But skateboarding is so rad and it's an international language. Everyone has their own language in skating and we all get stoked when we see someone who speaks our language. And if you're wondering if people even get stoked when they watch your show…they do. Pretty much the second each episode finishes I'm grabbing my board and flying down the street. Thanks again. Skate tough or go home.

The underlying philosophy of skateboarding???
For some probably holding onto a younger version of themselves, other folk just like to roll…. and then there are big companies with the sole philosophy of making money. Who are you asking this and why, because its all in the eyes of the beholder.
A chef might see an underlying philosophy in a meal he made for a customer, but the customer might not and vice versa.

NOOOO that's not it GOD DAMMIT

And then like a bolt of lightning to the head…… there it is…. so simple…… didnt have a lot of MONEY for FUN so was not ACCEPTED.

So I started skateboarding because it was NOT about MONEY or ACCEPTANCE…. just FUN.


Grosso one of my all time favs best boards graphics with JJ on SC. Gonz legend. Angry skate dude with super cali blonde surfer curls….where else but skateboarding

grosso you make total sense. but i am a case. no-fuck that -the world is a case. the world is mongo-we are the masters. grosso -loveletter to you dude! thanks for the letters!

this video changed the way i see life on my board i used to be scared to bust my ass but what pat said about paying my dues made me realize to shred the gnar i must be the gnar and constantly try things above my ability until i finally ride away

my philosophy of skateboarding is to have fun challenge those around you to push them and your self to new hights and skating isnt the same if youre not with friends

I wonder if Jeff Grosso knows who Ben Raybourne is? I feel like he would ducking love the shot out of watching Raybourne skate and be completely complacent with everything he does. Because I feel like Ben Raybourne just saying fuck you to everyone and that he's gonna do whatever the fuck is fun to him and he doesn't give a shit about anything else would completely go along with grossos rationale about skateboarding.

Yes Jeff, we are still watching. I use to go to Skatercross in Reseda, Marina & Del Mar too, but the RTD didn't go to Marina or Del Mar (I don't think) so growing up, skating in The Valley, I love to see all the people you have on. All us old farts that never grew up and still love the same stuff we loved when we were 13, ya know. Your commentary is harsh at times, but usually right on the money and funny. How can we take ourselves too seriously if we call ourselves skateboarders. We are the roots of this thing. It's up to us to share our story, and show these kids that there's more than one version of this. I don't want to drop any names (Rob Dcough cough) but some people want to act like it's all about getting paid and doing the "hardest trick" whatever that is, is what counts the most. It's great that some people can make a living at it now, but it's not a sport that's going to get you a scholarship. It's should be about having fun, with your friends hopefully, first. All that other stuff, like sponsorships and contests with big prize money are just icing on the cake. IMO no one should get into skating because they think they will make good money at it, or even a living. You can achieve that but it shouldn't be your only goal. Then again it should be whatever you want it to be. But fun needs to be in the mix or why bother. And your show reminds us of all the fun it can be. Now I need to limp to the bathroom because I herniated myself riding. Ok, it's fun and painful.

"Progression is Art-Art is FUN"…)…OR-that you just need a Board and an asphalt spot,its not like Snowboarding,where you must have to have a lot of Money,to go ALL the way to the Mountains,and Money for xtra gear-or surfing where you have to depend on the weather and Waves…)…ITS JUST YOU AND YOUR BOARD,NO MATTER WHAT YOU SKATE+THAT IT ISN'T ATTACHED TO YOUR FEET-VERY NICE->:—)))

I think it's save the say I hate q man "this ain't no snowboarding" yeah you fuckin right cuz with a snowboard those dude go bigger and faster what he's never snowboarded those dude ride down the steepest mountains and granted I do both and they're both rad I just can't get over how how he's comparing the so retarded butyou know what they say some people's kids right

"Present to me a world in which money, material gain, and vanity reign supreme, and I'll dedicate my entire existence to skateboarding, as to remind me why those things mean nothing".

I would have to agree on pain being the underlining philosophy as even when your in the zone and tearing spots up you will always be hurting and your bones will constantly be aching and your muscles will be wanting to give out

grind sounds cool… it sounds terrifying, I'm across the park and I hear wooooshhhh and a crack I instantly become terrified for the guy on that coping.

Thankfully the radness outlived the artistic approach, but after all those great years we still have to fight to keep it that way we love it.

Its so awesome that the lines between Mullen style street and vert/park has been finally blurred. I notice that a small few of the 'strictly street' guys are havin a hard time catching on…and catching up. Some are still stuck in that stupid CLICKY mode of just street…. It only took 15 or so years to snap out of it.. These letters have helped so much too.

the sounds that skateboards produce is enchanting. i havent skated for 20 years, but hearing all these sounds surely calls me back…..its the true voice of the skateboard. i started skating in 1978 to 1998, 20 years…someone lit my truck on fire that had my new skate and that was it. i still have one indy truck that was in the fire, melted with bearings on the axle….half of it looks like it began to drip as it melted….the other truck melted thru the floorboard of my truck and onto the asphalt below. its been 20 years since i have been on a skateboard, but here i am as it is still in my blood. my knee will surely go to shit if i start skating again, but its worth it. i miss skating a lot. one of my old roommates owns a skateboard company, yet i dont want to ask for the hook up. i am stuck trying to figure out what board to buy, how wide, etc etc. i know i want spitfire wheels and i did measure my molten indy truck that i saved from the fire….its a 129mm…seems kinda small since i always rolled with 159's back in the early days. i feel like i am being called out once again by the skate gods to teach my 6 year old son how to skate.

kINDA bummed GONZ called skateboarding a "sport" he doesn't lose cool points, just thought that would never come out his mouth

Self gratification. The more you do it, the smoother and easier the tricks will come, and the better you will feel about yourself.

Wow, two minutes into the episode and I really like Tony Hawk's answer, man… It was at the tip of his tongue, and he's absolutely right about not only that, but a lot of stuff. Inspiring to see someone into his 50's talking that confidently about that. This series is fucking good, I have been sleeping on it for not watching before. Thank you for putting Grosso as the host, he brings raw honesty out of people.

I think the underlying philosophy of skateboarding is to "find your bliss," as Joseph Campbell used to say. Everyone has their own different path to what makes them happiest and fulfilled. Unfortunately, many of us never find it because we become too caught up living up to the expectations of our parents, our teachers, our community, our society, and trying to become financially secure.

Some people tend to focus less on those demands and try to follow what actually makes them happy. I think people who skate tend to be these types of people. These types of people may also be surfers or artists or musicians, etc. That is to say, following one's bliss is not unique to skateboarding –but it tends to be a common denominator among skaters.

That's my 2¢

The Underlying Philosophy of Skateboarding is the SURF FEELING, standing sideways and the varied sensations this gives in turning right and left. The sense of freedom, being carried forward, floating over the elements. But much easier accessible than surfing or snowboarding. The tricks and risk-taking is secondary, but is not really the soul of skateboarding; although it may lead to increased sense of freedom, if you master big airs for instance.

Jay Adams was closest to the true Philosophy of Skateboarding. He did it for the feeling, style, and pleasure of it. In pools he grinded and carved, and spontaneously took to airs, sometimes making it, sometimes not; but it didn't matter, because the value was in exploring and playing around, and having a good time.

He was eaten by the system, because he was not competitive, not really interested in winning over others. Eaten by those who count everything by numbers, and measure all in money: at its core by the despicable international (((money mongers))), the (((bankers))), who control and corrupt Western society. The skateboarders who ruined skateboarding, were all of you COMPETITIVE bastards, and really, you are only willing pawns in the hands of that (((financial elite))), you who always had to compare and prove that you were BETTER than everyone else. And there are a lot of you. Your odious PROFESSIONAL mentality has spread and contaminated everything today. You measure with ruler what is the highest, the fastest, and compare in quantity. That's where all focus is. The only skater who counts by these materialistic standards, is the one singled out who collects the highest score numbers. You can take all of your G*DD*MNED ego kick-flips and other piled up PERFORMING tricks, and shove them!! Because that is not what skateboarding essentially is about.

Philosphy of skating? I never thought about it, as I'm just doing this til my professional "Yo-Yo-ing while riding a stunt pogo stick" career takes off…

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