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The Wireless Mouse That NEVER Needs To Be Charged!!

The Wireless Mouse That NEVER Needs To Be Charged!!

So this thing here just showed up, and at first I was like what is that? Is that just a mousepad? But it turns out it’s kind of a combination scenario Now in this channel. I’ve looked at so many different mice in fact It’s a specific area of interest for me constantly upgrading from one to the next and usually that’s in the Logitech performance range All right, but it’s got all these New Age features But one of them is not extensive battery life when I looked more closely at this box right here That is an interesting concept the best of CES 2018 this is a combination scenario the pad Charges up the mouse. Am I right about that is that what’s actually going on here Razer hyper flux wireless power technology for seamless Uninterrupted power so you’ve got two gaming mouse you’re gonna Have a gaming mouse pad anyways But now you’re not tethered by any kind of cable at all because the pad itself is wirelessly Charging up and powering the mouse. That’s not really where it ends because it is a razer product So you know they’re gonna go overboard with the RGB colors powered by razer chroma 16.8 million Customizable color options, so it’s gonna glow on your desk, fit into your whole gaming aesthetic It’s got a 16,000 dpi 5g optical sensor hyper flux wireless power There is the mouse Mamba hyper flux some nice grip on it, actually quite comfortable You have your forward back button or whatever you choose to map that to, still has a microUSB port Textured scroll wheel as well something very satisfying about that there. A micro USB cable, which is braided oh cool alright? So here’s the mousepad It’s actually a pretty generous size as well. Oh Oh Very cool the way They did that so reversible so if you like the softer more classic mousepad feel that is very soft Then you have that option to lip this up and Go for the harder surface as well. If that’s more your style Quite satisfying in fact Will which which one you like better? You like the soft surface. Most gamers aren’t even dealing with wireless lack of latency lack of Potential lag and so on that could be introduced wireless. This piece here will be plugged into your PC or your laptop doesn’t really matter Perfect okay cool. I’ve got the blade system here the 17-inch the big one Let’s see what we’re working with here some yellowish green along the edge. I like it! It’s more subtle than I expected. Congratulations getting your razor Mamba hyper flux connected. Wow! That is a nice smooth mousing experience so far Expand your arsenal by doubling the number of customizable buttons with razor hyper shift technology Now the mouse has its own RGB coloring as well on a razer logo over here as well as up on The scroll wheel. LED indicator here as well when it’s on the pad, and then that goes away When you pull it away. Let me give the other surface a shot. Oh, man That’s like a soft pillow, much quieter as well. You want give it a shot Will? Oh, that’s smooth. That is it’s crazy Yeah, very smooth Give that one a shot there This one is not bad, I like this one too. Thats good Now I wonder if we should turn off some lights here to really experience the RGB effect Wow look at that glow oh my goodness Aggressive so here We’ve got the Razer synapse software and the whole goal here is to make it easy to customize your experience with your razor peripherals So we can see the Mamba hyperflex over here if I click on that we can go in here and Customize all kinds of aspects about the mouse and we can create different profiles for different devices. We can adjust the brightness Of the overall lighting, it’s at normal right now I’m gonna boost this up to bright The effects available to you are everything from spectrum cycling like it’s doing right now changing colors to breathing Reactive settings here, this mouse and mouse pad integrates really well with this particular laptop. I mean it looks good Collectively prompts the software right away. The question is for somebody like me can this Replace my current mouse setup with the MX master 2S That one actually has a couple of extra buttons that I use frequently. This idea of the mouse pad Powering the mouse so that it remains wireless is something I’m really into, I don’t think Competitive gamers are gonna be the first ones to shift over to this type of setup is a lot of them are very particular For me the thing is smooth and quick. This thing is cool And they’re gonna be really happy with the overall fit and finish and the fact that they never have to manually plug their wireless mouse in anymore I think it’s kind of cool. That’s my take. Today’s episode of Unbox Therapy is brought to you by the Vast 35 inch curved display, did you just die did you just die? Here we’re right in the middle of it, and you’re dead already This is a gaming monitor on a budget this thing is $599 on mass drop. It’s got a 3440×1440 resolution It’s got three HDMI ports and a display port. The display is a 100Hz It has an internal power supply, so there’s no power brick Also the power cable plugs in on the side here, and it has cable management at the back it Also has a headphone jack can actually go into portrait mode Obviously not the ideal scenario for video games possibly for productivity you can stack up a couple of these together Two millisecond response time you can get your Fortnite in there, and hopefully do better than Ryan has done here. He placed 78 we called on him for this one thing this one time that is not Representative of his actual skill level we were playing this this game last night. Ryan finished fourth quite impressive for a man of his stature Anyway, it’s on mass drop. The link is gonna be down in the description. I mean, that’s a budget deal You’ve been waiting you got that ugly monitor on your desk Maybe you’re gonna get a performance advantage here you see a little bit more all right You look around the corner. You catch an extra kill or two. You make it to the final five! I’ve come third! I’m gonna win a game though Tonight I’m gonna win the game!


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thx guys 👊

Ok I dont understand know what they are doing because like I know that you now dont need to charge your mouse and I like it but now you need to charge your mouse pad so I dont understand on how it's better so ohh think it's not worth buying this mouse

This is borderline fucking useless, you plug in the mouse pad. so, either way, u deal with a cord what the fuck is wrong with people. Not to mention the price is 320$ Canadian like that is fucking retarded. 300$ to "not put up with a cord"I'd rather be able to eat than pay that money.

Whats the point? Either way you need to be a certain distance from the computer and, theres a such thing as wireless mice that last for 200+ hours of gameplay from only 1 battery. You can get them for like $15.

I a Hardcore Gamer and i bought this Mouse from a Week ago and its awesome! all my Stuff is Razer and Wireless and its just much better, No Cable = Better look 🙂

Dissapointed that you choose razer mamba and not logitech g903 or g pro wireless.

if anyone wants this and doesn't mind picking up refurb check out Amazon 🙂 I bought this 4 months ago there refurb for $138 and haven't had problems with it, and I don't mind that price

“This monitor is for gaming on a budget” “$700” I bought 2 curved 30 inch asus 4k monitors for $600

"The Wireless Mouse That NEVER Needs To Be Charged!!"

Random guy : This is beyond Sciences!
Me : Welcome to the FUTURE!!!

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