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this is the wizard frame and im going to be talking about the
wizard frame with the seba boot and in this case with seba wheels olá YouTube tube my name is ricardo lino and a wheel
addict as a wheel addict well this was a must I didn’t get the opportunity to try
this case before but that changed so this is the wizard frame and I’m going
to be talking about the wizard frame we receivable and in this case with saber
wheels my friend Basti lives in Germany we were road tripping for a few days and
I got to try these these are the and r100 I’ve been wanting to try them for
quite awhile but I like I just said I didn’t have the opportunity so since he
had them I got to try them I didn’t really skate them outside and really
skate them like streets but I got to skate him in the park which
not that a skatepark the whole time but the reason why I wanted to try the
skates would be mainly to try slides and just cruising around so I guess I got
the real feel of it what can I say about this case first if I speak about the
boot I’ve never tried this boot before I can tell you that it was a little bit
bigger than my size was a size European 44 and I’m usually European 43 it felt
like the heel is a little bit wider than the 44 would be in a power slide skate
so I feel like I have a little bit more space in the hill and it also feels like
it’s longer than the power slide skate I don’t know how other carbon companies do
their skate so compared to a USD or to a power slide Carbon booth it feels a
little bit wider it also puts a little bit longer as a 44 support twice it
feels really good you don’t really need to tighten that much and comfort wise
yes it’s comfortable this is the SX boot the tongue is a little bit too thick in
my opinion so probably that’s one of the reasons why people have been skating
these with the intuition liners which will make the skate a lot stiffer but I
did not try them with the intuition liner now I can’t really say a lot about
the boot because I was also trying a frame so going straight to the frame
this is the newest version which is kind of like a darkish call it’s not that
that shiny aluminium look that you used to see on the wizard frame it’s the
newest version and it’s when you look at it this it’s appealing it’s just like
flat lines minimalistic there’s screws in that seat and now these ones have the
logo the ones before had no logo but what’s different it’s when you skate on
them the first time is skating we don’t really feel that natural rocker that you
heard about before you don’t you don’t you don’t feel it that crazy what do you
really feel when you first tried it is that you’re gonna fall backwards there’s
a reason for it obviously which is when you lean backwards because of the rocker
ring when you lean backwards you go more in the last two wheels and that make you
feel worse just because you’re not used to it obviously once you get used to it
it ends up working amazingly and yesterday when I just like I told you as
I wanted to try them like four slow then it felt really good but at the same
time this is not a scale I would use for downhill
mainly because I would feel there wouldn’t be obviously four wheels at the
same time touching the ground so yes it’s a little bit more stable than a
tree wheel skate but it’s at the same time super responsive but I guess that’s
why people is using them too stiff a lot when you push on this skate you actually
feel like you’re getting the push out of the skate obviously you have a carbon
boot there’s no soleplate just seventh our 7000 series aluminium correct me if
I’m saying wrong which I probably am straight to Carbon straight to your foot
in this case vastly even as like a super fit insole so there’s no power being
lost when you push with this cage the wheels the saber wheels well I’m used to
to the undercover wheels deer’s these are a little bit softer at least in
number these are 84 I didn’t really felt them like softer than 88 but we did work
great I didn’t try them with new wheels and that would be a different story
again when you try to slide with new wheels it’s completely different but
these wheels wouldn’t give me that sound that you usually like to listen on on
slides but at the same time I’m not the biggest fan about that noise I like to
slide I don’t need that noise I guess that’s it I don’t know what bearings
Muftis using what dogs are using here it’s I know that a lot of people use the
stable storm bearing the storm are supposed to be the rust proof bearings
from CIPA I do not know the bus they say that might be the titanium it’s just the
one that came stock it doesn’t really know so if someone knows maybe you write
it in the comments now frame amazing I would also be curious to try the to try
the other one I don’t know the name of it five wheelers that would be cool I
know that it’s going to be probably a little bit lower since the 90s I’ve
thought at first that he was going to be a lot longer but maybe because the 44
skate it doesn’t really feel that long I have some skates that feel like a lot
longer and there are three will skate so easy to maneuver easy to please around
you can have fun in the park it’s not a case for grinds in my opinion but it’s
fun what else what else can I say about this case I don’t think I can say a lot
more about this case I would love to try them for a longer period of time but
that’s about to happen because I might try and pair of wizards for a longer
period of time I don’t think I would use this boot I don’t think that’s the bit
for me I would rather use it like on the sways the us this way is just like I
used my try max I think it’s supportive enough and I can use a different liner
that’s it hope you guys enjoyed this little review or my opinion about the
wizard frame which a lot of people have been asking before and if you did well
let me know drop me a comment if you didn’t like it you can also drop me a
comment other than that what can I tell you if you want to see what I’m going to
review next which is going to be quite a few things because I’m in Europe and I
have access to a lot more products subscribe to the channel click on that
Bell button and you’ll get notifications every time that I upload something and
other than that just like I always say just don’t forget why we all started
skating because it’s funny


Olá Ricardo. Seus vídeos são muito informativos. Bom trabalho. Saudações da Alemanha. Your Fan Xcalibur.

I just bought the wizard nr 100 complete skate, can't wait for it to come in. I can't wait to see how they perform. I liked the video, but wish you had more time on them to give a proper review.

It would be quiet interesting if you tested these frames with other boots. As most of the time you hear about the wizard complete

Ha.. Still saving up for those, throwing spare change in a jar, I'm getting there..
I could buy them today if I really had to, but my gf has seen me spending quite a bit on skates already and wonders why I need yet MORE, NEW skates, yet again hahaha.. I try to explain they're different skates for doing different stuff, she doesn't really get it. This way, putting change in a jar, it looks different, not money you'd miss. I'm over halfway there.
To be fair, it's a pretty big expense alright. But I think it'll be worth it.
As I see it, I already have a flat setup for speed and stability, a rockered skate for tight turns and twirly stuff, big wheel skates for speed over bumps etc and extra stability, but the wizards are kinda all those in one.
Speed.. Rocker.. Big wheels..
I'll be buying the 4×100 wheel NR100 frame with the linerless SX boot, and Intuition liner put in.
I think you'd really need more time in these to get a proper feel for them, but it's cool that you did a review 👍
Btw, mushroomblading and Shop Task sell the liner-less version of the seba SX boot, it's a custom boot, made to fit the Intuition liner, it's a big difference from the stock SX boot by all accounts.
Happy rolling Lino!

Suggestion,,, Wizard NR100 with USD Eugen Enin pro .. I’ve got one in the shop for you .. Just holla.. 😂😁👌🏽🔥

Ricardo, have you ever heard of Marsblade skates? It's a hockey skate, but it has a very unique design. The frame is in 2 pieces and it flexes, giving a sort of dynamic rockering effect. Thinking about trying a pair. About $350 US with the boots, around $200 for just the frame.

Give us more videos about the feel, ride, turns, stopping, etc on the Wizards, please! The Shop Task guys do amazing things on them.

Lol you say "aluminum" the British way.
Interesting video. I see alot of people enjoying these frames but i always been biased agosnt them, mostly because I think they look kinda ugly. You know me, I love some good looking skates. But if they are good, then I'll try em one day

When we finally meet up you can try my NR90's

I Never thought they fell back on the first time using them. Just felt super fun and really responsive.

Would love to try some but with Trinity mount so I could put them on my Tau 👌🏽👌🏽

The 5×90 and 5×100 are called PR Progressive Rocker

Now, my question is. How much are those frames? I've heard they're like 400 USD. Is it worth paying that much?

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