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The Worst Gadget EVER On Unbox Therapy…

The Worst Gadget EVER On Unbox Therapy…

ah listen this product it was a Kickstarter I had my eye on it for a long time right and recently I’m browsing around Amazon and there it is sitting there it’s this thing here it’s the amp emove wearable motion charger normally the agenda is to like uncover the coolest stuff that’s out there but every so often I bump into a product and I see a terrible rating this is one of those products worst product ever and doesn’t do what it says it’s supposed to charge your phone and apparently the the phone goes down in battery life committed 61% of the reviews are one-star 61% you’d have to be training for the Olympics for this to charge your phone any significant amount are you kidding me how’s this pure scam of a product legally on sale do not buy this I saw all this and I’m like geez I got a responsibility here warn you about what to stay away from I think you guys respect me and I get the sense that this is one of those moments right now nope I’m gonna reserve my evaluation this guy says he ran a 5k practice and after plugging his iPhone 6 into this he lowered his battery by two percent the title to that review is so sad POS you know what that means Jack P dot o dot s I don’t need to say the words I don’t think I’ve ever had a product on this table with such terrible reviews on Amazon let’s first see what they’re saying we all had the same problem our phones would die before the end of the day so many people have this problem one hour of exercise equals five hours of smartphone battery life this thing claims to be able to generate power for your smartphone based on your own physical movements so you strap this to you you go about your day you exercise you do various activities and that movement translates into electricity for your smartphone sells broken most likely sir create clean energy depends how clean you are no I what am i generate up to five hours of standby smartphone battery life per day with one hour of exercise it stores a full smartphone charge apparently the battery on the inside here is around 1800 milliamp hours meet the world’s smallest wearable motion charger hold the button down and shake and you’re gonna see that blue LED it lights up is that impressive probably not on its own alright anywhere you put it only extra power source you’ll ever need make your own power no your power this is the device it’s quite heavy here we go charging it up micro USB port here if you want to charge this up the traditional way by plugging it into the wall oh the indicator is showing a little bit of battery life that’s a good thing there we go like that like that depending on how skilled you are at this particular motion your results may vary [Music] geez man this is insane I already know it’s insane I haven’t even tried to charge anything and I recognize how insane this is how do they expect you to put this on your arm there’s an armband we don’t have it in this kit here there’s an accessory kit that you buy extra to go with this okay look at that charging up so it’s functioning right now oh we’re already down to one oh now we have none whoa those two bars wink quick it’s done already that was two bars of battery what now the real question is are we gonna be able to generate some juice just by the movement of the amp II it’s charging okay the charge is gone I stopped moving the amp you come on auntie [Applause] nothing poorly okay there that’s a lot of shaking let’s see how long before it turns off there it’s gone stop charging if this is strapped to your arm or leg maybe like boom boom boom boom you get the charge icon for a few seconds I think the claim that three weeks for an active user to fully charge this thing would only hold true if you’re training for the longest marathon in the world and you can dedicate your every waking day and night to running for your life they will say your device is probably faulty and try to send you another one don’t bother just get a refund buy a real battery bank not this turd here that Jack it’s just not enough juice if you’re getting a few seconds of lightning bolt icon in exchange for minutes of shaking this thing rigorously it’s just not gonna work it’s amazing how in this case concept on its own even in the absence of execution was exciting enough to justify the manufacturing of this product you want to kind of encourage those people to go after that thing but this is not that thing it seems like this is more of a dream than an actual product I have a hard time believing anybody’s gonna pick this up and be satisfied with it I think Mosley would be disappointed and wish you saved a few bucks and got yourself the power bank alright it’s just ain’t cutting it man [Music]


Had to be honest here… save your money, avoid this thing and get a simple power bank for less. You'll be much happier.

The best way to use it is keeping along the P while you jerk off. It will the IPhone to 100% 😂😂

Hey Lou I think you should follow up episodes. Like where is this company now? Have they been sued? Did they make the product better?

Ok so first off you all arent the smartest. Say it outputs 5 watts when charging. When you exercise for an hour, you dont run run run and then stop after a minute. So if he actually exercised with it for an hour, I'm certain it would have been constantly charging at 5w.

depends on how clean you are! man that was a killer 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆 man I am crying now literally

I think I've figured it out! It says standby power.

I have a Samsung galaxy s10 now but my old iPhone 6 I could charge the night before and leave it unplugged and it would loose 1 or 2 %. So 5 hours on standby on that was literally 1%🤔 even so, it still fails since it doesnt charge at all.

FYI, my S10 looses A LOT of power overnight if not plugged in, like this morning I tried it and it was 87% I think, any idea how to stop this?

Whoever is dumber enough to buy that shit after the reviews deserves the fucking. You, however, took this opportunity of "helping" people by making this useless video and printing yourself some money. Drop the whack accent too.

The robot shit was dope and you were barely in it lol I'm trying to give a compliment but I can't. You cover shit people can't buy, shit you shouldn't buy and then shit that's one of a kind. Were watching spoiled brats accumulate more shit than they need or are we actually learning stuff here?

How can you train to the longest marathon when the marathon has a fixed distance? ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ

Phone battery goes down while plugged in to this device? Thats funny. The lg v10 discharges plugged to a brand name brick plugged into an outlet. Yay Android. Lol

Would you not need to fully charge the battery first to condition it. Then start using the Kinetic charging capability to maintain the drain/ top it up?

The point of it is to shake the whole time it’s plugged in. It probably has capacitors in it that don’t hold much charge but discharge quickly. This would be useful if it’s plugged in while you run or shake it.

I think you need to attach it to your vehicles Tyre and then drive it for an hour to get any charge out of it 😆

Bruh so u can be jacking ya dick and have that thing attached to ya hand and it will charge ya phone

Ok so I get the idea cause my engineering teacher had a soccer ball that you kick around and it charges a flashlight inside it by the motion of being shaken around and it actually worked but I don’t think it could be simplified so easily

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