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There were skaters other than Virtue & Moir? | 22 Minutes

There were skaters other than Virtue & Moir? | 22 Minutes

The biggest Canadian story to come out of
this year’s Olympics was the world’s newfound obsession with ice dancers Tessa Virtue and
Scott Moir. We were lucky enough to score an exclusive
interview with the pair so here they are…! Oh you’re not Viture and Moir… – Oh yeah,
way to rub it in. – As if we’re not reminded every day! – And you are…? – We’re Morgan and Tobbs,
we’re the other Canadian Olympic ice dancing with that crazy…you know,
sexual chemistry, you know that… – We sent other ice dancers to the Olympics? – Yeah, we skated like ten minutes before
Scott and Tessa, you must’ve seen. We had one of the wardrobe malfunctions,
– Oh yeah my pants came totally off. And uh, I got penalized for my twizzle. Ya know. – Then dropped me during a lift and I broke
my femur. – That was an accident… – I don’t recall that! – Come on my bone was sticking out through
the skin and I still finished the routine, – Yeah that was so brave Jen,
you were so brave… – I was pretty wrapped up in Virtue and Moir
to be honest… – Well, you might of been, but I have to say
if you look online and you see all the social media, there was a lot of people chattin’ and
chirpin’ about — You know like what’s up with Morgan and Tobbs? When are they gonna hook up? You know, like,
will they or won’t they? There’s all that gonig on too… – It was supposed to be Morgan and Moir but
you show up late for one practice and you get stuck with this. – *laughing* Just a sense of humour that really, you know, feeds our chemistry too, which I love — it’s
sweet… – Seriously, isn’t there anything you wanna
ask us? – You’re right I should ask you something,
um – are Scott and Tessa as captivating in real life? You know what I don’t really get it, I don’t
see it, I mean Tessa’s not really my type —
– Scott’s a friggin’ smoke-show. – Well,
– I know, and the way he looks at her, right? – Oh god,
I wish somebody would look at me that way. – Maybe somebody already does… – They just need to be together already! – I know! – Yeah, no, I agree… I think uh,
that he should just totally, just look at her, right in the eye and say; I’ve loved you from the moment we met. And I’d give up all the gold medals in the
world just to wake up next to you just once. Jenny. – *Laughing* You mean Tessa? – No, Jenny I don’t. I mean Jenny. Look at me. Look at me! – Hate to interrupt,
but do you have Scott and Tessa’s contact info, or…? – Look at me… – Okay thanks for this,
uh, not Virture and Moir everyone! – When are we ever gonna talk about this? – Never! – Jenny come on… – Oh no…


What good is that doping gonna do in fuming curling, I've done curling.. not much strength in it lmfao

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