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They Skate to Christmas Mass! (Vlogmas Day 5)

They Skate to Christmas Mass! (Vlogmas Day 5)

*Jaws Music* Hello, and welcome to Vlogmas day… 5?… yeah 5 I just got back from work so I am in the car I stopped at Starbucks because I’m dying of thirst I’ve been singing for like three hours straight I wanted to film this now before I forget and before I lost daylight So… what did I want to talk about today Right! Venezuela. That’s what I wanted to talk about today So! Apparently, In Venezuela There is a tradition where they roller skate to church and they block off streets so that people can have room to roller skate into church on Christmas day I thought that was interesting. So… Let’s learn more about it together! Queue edits *We Wish you a Merry Christmas song Instrumental* *Its a really cute, lively version* So that’s it for today I thought that was a cute fun tradition to talk about Um… Im like really self conscious of people watching me right now talking on my phone I thought that was a fun, interesting tradition and I wanted to share it So yeah! Thanks for watching and as always-oh… Im holding my phone so I cant do the- *Sigh* As always, One world. One people. Spread the love. bye? Was that cute? That was my one handed outro *More of the same music*

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