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This Camera Sees Everything! | DOPE or NOPE?

This Camera Sees Everything! | DOPE or NOPE?

So you can like, Look around and spin in a chair. Get a spinny chair like this, it makes viewing VR way easier. For real. You don’t have to like, -Dances awkwardly while disco music plays.- -Intro Music.- Asahh dude. My name is Matthias. -wheeze- Welcome to another episode of DOPE or NIH-NIH-NIH-NIH-NOOOPE! Today we’re looking at a product that a company has sent me. They didn’t pay me for it. They just sent me the product. They were like we wanna know if you think this product is a DOPE or is a NOPE. They didn’t say it like that, they said it more professionally. But I’m not going to say it professionally because that’s not ENTERTAINING. So, before we begin to that, make sure to ring that bell icon so you don’t miss future uploads because on this comedy unboxing channel. Actually, I don’t even need to finish that sentence. -Bryan laughs.- Unbox. I unbox. So, the product that we’re looking today is called the Insta360 Nano 360 Degree Dual 3K lens VR Video Camera Real Time Seamless Stitching for iPhone7/7P/6S/6SP/6/6P – Silver iPhone.. Camera. It’s a spherical camera. It literally can see all around it. And capture everything. This company, is very confident about sending me this product. Because I’m honest. You guys know, I am brutally honest. I am one of the most honest reviewers on this platform bro. Am I right? (yes.) That got deep, dude. You know it’s true, dude. So what this is is a spherical camera. The resolution is is almost 4k there, 30 fps and dual degree fisheye lens. So there’s lens on either side of this thing as you can see. It plugs directly into your phone. Your Iphone. As you can see, this particular one has a lightning connector. That’s dope. I believe it has custom software on IPhone, free apps, 360, you get all the stuff here. They had a little video, here, let’s watch this. -The subtitler awkwardly waits for him to begin his mouth movement, causing noises, and other well-known things to cause a magical force called ‘talking’ which everyone has to listen to. This is a very long subtitle.- This is what’s up dude. What..? He put it on a skateboard!? It’s so tall though! Wait, I don’t understand. Did he have the phone face up on that.. No, he just had the object, so you don’t need it on a phone I believe you can get the little mount with it. And I don’t think you need it on a phone. And I think you can record without a phone. I’m assuming. We’re going to find out. I don’t need to add to cart, because they already sent me it. So, Bryan.. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!! Bryan’s all mad because he can’t slam it on the table because it’s all tech stuff now. Insta360 Nano. So this is the Nano version. Turn your iphone into 360 VR. -OH OK MOSFW- -dramatic pause noise- what did you just say I said “OKAY, WE’LL SEE.” That’s not what you said. You TRIED to say it. That’s what I tried to say. That’s not what he said. ~replay time of ‘oh ok mosfy’ A bunch more technical stuff. Made for IPhone. Not much information on the product. Let’s get into this. That’s just the technical stuff, who cares. Just some technical stuff. This is a unboxing channel alright, so if you’re new here, this is an unboxing channel for REAL people in the real world. How many people.. I’m sure a lot of you and I’ll give you that, how many people though, know the diffrence between arm processors, dual cores, quad cores.. I’m putting products through real world testing, okay? OH!!! OOOOOOO!!!! Okay, so they included Google Cardboard or what LOOKS like Google Cardboard. Designed by Insta 360. Made in China. Alright, I’m impressed the box doubles as a VR viewing gallery. I didn’t know that going in, so I’m very pleased with that. It’s smaller then what I have expected. (pff, that’s what she said) Which is good. That’s-that’s good. We have the little lens protectors, one on either side. So now the question is, does it work? Looks all fancy, but we got a lot of fancy products here that just went.. -fart- Also, from what I see from the very bottom we have a micro USB and a SB card slot right there, so if you do want to use it without a phone you can charge it up and turn it on like that. And it’ll start recording. So you don’t need a phone. We got some instructions right here. You guys know what I like to do with instructions. I’m just kidding, I’m not going to throw it. I probably need to read that. Let’s see what’s inside the package. We have some obvious USB cables here, to connect it, to the event where you want to connect it to the computer. Let’s see what happens when I put it on my IPhone. This is my IPhone. My IPhone 7+. Oh, look it has a light right here! Light turned on, so the thing powered on. App not installed! I told you, Bryan was like,”Why didn’t you install the app before hand?” And I was like,”If the product’s good, it’ll tell me I need to download the app so I can go directly to the exact application. Okay, so now I’m in the app store for this particular acsessory, these particular apps. Pariscope! Evidently, we can live stream, spherical video, directly to from Pariscope. That’s kinda cool. This is, I believe, the app that we need to get, which allows you to live stream as well. That’s what that looks like. Downloaded the app, now we’re going to open it up. Open up the app, so here’s what’s interesting. You gotta switch the entire phone AROUND. You gotta use it upside down. a LITTLE quirky. A little, little INCONVENIENT. -why am i capitalizing this- But, it may be worth it. Let’s allow all these stuff.. HELLO, PLEASE ACTIVATE YOUR INSTA 360. aCTIVATE! i dunno what that means, but i activated it bby Click and turn the tri-axial jirascope stabilization function which can reduce video shaking. Improve image quality and improve viewing experience. .. click and turn the tri-axial jirascope stabilization function… I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t know what that means. -wheeze- So, y’know.. whatever that means.. we’re gonna figure that out though. I understand.. I don’t. So here we go, as you can see, there is my desk. -wow, amazing, a desk- If I wanted to turn that around and show you the camera that’s actually recording it, right there. Boom. Oh, actually, wait what’s that, oh this is the full frame that’s recording that. See this little image right here? If you can see that image right here, -you’re colorblind! jk jk- that is the full frame that is recording. And right here is the spherical part, in which I could kinda show you everything around here. whoa, that’s trippy.. tHAAT’S TRIPPY. wHEEEEEE. that’s very cool. This is decent quality. Not great, but what can you expect, y’know? You’re not really gonna see high-quality images from a spherical camera, like, super high quality, like, what you’re used to seeing in HD, right? You’re not going to really see that, unless you got like, 6k, 8k cameras. And that’s not something that your phone can power. (wow this took a while) So this, pretty cool. What I’m going to do is I’m going to go into video mode here, and I’m going to record something, okay? By the way, what I record is going to have it’s own spherical video down in the description below. There’s a link, so you can click it, and watch it in the VR experience, all by yourself! but I’m also gonna show you what it looks like in this video, but you won’t be able to see it like we see it. -this was by erin the muffin so far- but I’m also going to show you what it
looks like in this video but it won’t be you won’t be able to see it like we see
it so make sure you click that link in the description below if you want to see
what this looks like ready here we go just recorded a video
zero problems with this device very smooth smoothest device I’ve ever used
as far as getting 360 video for sure and I’ve used a bunch like maybe six or
seven yeah there’s kodak ones we’ve used
nikons one Nikon ones we’ve used Ricoh theta there’s a some Samsung 360 not
great none of them were this good this did it did heat up my phone a little bit
but not not so hot that I couldn’t touch it or anything like that so that’s
pretty cool so right here if I click over here
I believe that’s live function Facebook life no no no YouTube live oh no YouTube
YouTube live well that’s cool that is actually cool if I authorize my YouTube
account and then I can create an event and go live in 360 do this is cool I’m
buying one for sure are you really really on video for Brian this is a
complete dope already and I’m not even done we haven’t even watched the video
back what if the video is crappy I just base not really on you till around I
think telezart doing some tests right so maybe
some 360 team edge videos 360 live videos okay so what I do want to see is I want
to go into the camera roll and see our video right here look at this see what I
mean I’m going to turn the volume down because you’ve already heard me but look
I can literally go through and look at everything everything in the entire
office like I said this video if you want to see the video in full with the
office tour go check it out link in the description below watch it is instant
stitching instant stitching literally instant I had the gear 360 and it took
my computer like 10 minutes to an hour to stitch depending on how long the
video was 360 of em so up until I’ve used this camera has been a pain in the
butt to use that’s three three and a half minutes I’m gonna take a long time
that would take a long time you see you see yeah and that’s and that’s decent
quality too look at that dude that is definitely watchable quality I was not
expecting it to be like so smooth I’m not going to be buggin ya which is just
to clarify usually when we use products we cut out all the buggy nests because
it’s not entertaining but we didn’t encounter any bugs this entire recording
I was expecting it to take forever to record this and stitch it and stitch it
and then like be waiting and stuff so that’s pretty cool now to watch it with
the headset included headset so we go over here we click turn on VR it’ll use
the accelerometer and gyroscope to actually move around based on where you
look so we throw this in there click play before we start boom
wow that is cool moves around with me that is awesome so if you guys are
familiar with Google cardboard you can actually get these for really really
cheap like sub 5 bucks and watch all your videos on YouTube all the VR videos
on YouTube in spherical so you can like look around and spin in a chair get a
spinny chair like this it makes viewing VR way easier for real you don’t have to
like okay dude I’m a Mathias is impressed no
knocking here man I’m gonna have to say that the NC 360 right here is a dope you
got the Mathias a seal of approval we use nothing but still if you want to
watch that spherical video click right there the office tour in 360 spherical
and also if you like dope or no maybe you want to check out a 10 foot tall
giant flamingo or I let you know whether it is dope or no so we’ll see you over
there guys high five


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I actually can see a cool function of it. I've seen those RC aircraft with a camera inside of them, and they can shoot copper BB's. Imagine having one of these cameras hooked up with a basic reflector sight and be able to have a VR headset on to look around in flight while going after your opponent.

It actually sucks because when your watching the video, after you move it around, the video stops and there is no animation. 🙁

I hate those things they give me a headache that is really all I hate, and I do use them at meh school :p best days with bad things (idk)

how 3:15 Matthias asks "' how many people know the difference between a ARM Processor, Dual core, Quad core…"" well a ARM processors is a family of 32-bit microprocessors developed by Advanced RISK  (reduced instruction set computer) Machines, LTD. in the 1980s. Today ARM processors power a wide variety of electronic devices, including mobile phones, tablets, multimedia players and more. now the multi-cores is a bit more default. there are a ton of variables that go into it, mainly being its cores and processing speed. to put it in a simple analogy think of each core as a lane to a highway with the cars being the data. more lanes or more cores the more data can flow though it. HOWEVER the processing speed is more important, the processing speed in the analogy could be seen as the speed limit. so a 3.6Ghz Dual ore will still out perform a 2.5Ghz Quad core. it may be able to let more data though simultaneously however the data is "moving faster" or to put it in the terms of the analogy for the people who are confused, its essentially like a 70mhp Dual (2) lane high way vs. a 40 mph Quad (4) lane highway. due to the higher speed the Dual core would give you more. but still that's not the only factors there are a ton of them, what your using it for, cooling system, desktop vs. laptop (makes major difference) and so on. Please like so Mathias can see.

Does he ever do videos that aren't gadget unboxings? I admit they're funny… but kinda gets old being the exact same thing time after time.

It sounds like Matthias is the one that doesn't know the difference between an arm processor and a regular computer processor. :0

You should do another cash it or trash it but it should be called lit or kick and if it's lit then you should dance and if its kick then you have to kick the product into the trash 2 likes then you make it

Joke of the year

Yesterday I was walking down the street suddenly someone threw a Coke can at my head luckily I was not hurt because is was a soft drink.

omg you look so young tf lmao compared to now haha love the new layout to your new vids but still find theese ones entertaining

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